Most people who know me know that I will rise up on my haunches over people I feel have been wronged or who have been mischaracterized.  Such was the case with Betty Dean, upcoming president of the local Chamber of Commerce.  The ad hominem attack on her on the Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince William County needed to be answered, so up on my haunches I stood.

This morning I attempted to make a comment regarding Betty Dean over some strong character assassinations by the folks over at the Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince William County.  Oddly enough, my comment was not posted, (as of 4 pm) even though other comments have been posted since.   Perhaps it’s because unlike most of the contributors there, I signed it “Moon-Howler.”  I would have signed it Betsie but no one would have known who made the comment.  Perhaps if I had hidden behind “Anonymous” it would have been posted.

I have no choice but to surmise my comment was not welcome there.  I think it was an important comment so I will post it here.  I consider Ms. Dean a friend and friends don’t let others talk smack about their friends.   Here was what I attempted to post:

I believe the Sheriff takes quite a bit on himself assuming he knows how Ms. Dean feels about the litany of groups you have attached to her name.

Did you contact Ms. Dean and interview her for this “article” or did you just

I consider Betty Dean a personal friend. I have never heard her mention most of the organizations you say she is an ardent supporter of. Hell, I only support 2 of them–Planned Parenthood and Emily’s list. I would say that Ms. Dean probably leans more towards local organizations that help other people or at least that has been my experience with her.

If I were going to censor someone, it wouldn’t be someone who buys “ink” by the barrel.

UPDATE:  I was notified that the Sheriff has now included  this entire post on his blog.   I thanked him.

3 Thoughts to “Moon-Howler censored by SoN?”

  1. IVAN

    So, the question is, if the PWC Chamber is irrelevant, why waste the time and ink trashing them. Perhaps it’s just a slow news day, or week, or year.

    1. IVAN,

      Some folks just like to trash other people.

  2. I was notified that the Sheriff has now posted this entire post on his blog. I went and thanked him. He said he can’t find my original comment. I guess Elena and I both just have bad luck there. At any rate, Betty Dean should not have been trashed nor should she have been erroneously attached to various liberal groups.

    Apparently the squeaking wheel gets the oil.

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