This video speaks for itself. Perhaps Elle should get an emmy for her bravery to associate with people who think and act like these folks do.

I am still in shock by the evil that has been displayed here.

Watch at your own peril. You won’t be able to un-hear or un-see the content.

3 Thoughts to “Bone-chilling White supremacy”

  1. Robin Hood

    I graduated from UVA and disavow these animals.

  2. El Guapo

    I would like to applaud that brave young reporter from Vice News. I’ve seen Vice News reporters getting shot at in Aleppo and in Mindanao, but at least they were on the other side of the road. This young woman was right up face to face with pure evil.

  3. Richard Hurtz

    This kind of stuff makes my stomach turn… gross for anyone to act like this.

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