Ryan Sawyers, the county’s At-large School Board Chairman, a Democrat who is now seeking a seat in Congress, issued a rallying cry to supporters calling for the name changes after this past weekend’s violent white nationalist protests in Charlottesville where three people died.

“When we name a school after someone we honor and celebrate that person. These schools were named in a time when Brown v. Board of Education, integration, and the Civil Rights Act were being implemented across our country. Under the false rhetoric of ‘heritage,’ these schools were, in fact, named after a Confederate icon as a “thumb in the eye” to Federal actions ending their continued racial segregation of public schools,” Sawyers stated.

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was a Confederate general and is regarded by historians as one of the most gifted military commanders in U.S. history. Jackson fought at the 1st and 2nd battles of Manassas during the Civil War and later died at age 39 after a battle in Chancellorsville outside Fredericksburg.

Stonewall Middle School, located at 10100 Lomond Drive near Manassas opened in 1964 and is home to 1,140 students. Stonewall Jackson Senior High School, located at 8820 Rixlew Lane near Manassas, opened in 1973, is home to 2,400 students, and the county’s International Baccalaureate Program.

Sawyers has no clue why the school was named Stonewall Jackson High School.  He isn’t from around here.  My guess is that the school was named for Stonewall Jackson because Thomas Jonathan Jackson got his nickname, “Stonewall,”  2 miles away at Manassas Battlefield.  To suggest that the school was named to stick a “thumb in the eye”  of federal actions is incorrect and frankly, stupid.

I am going to suggest that Sawyers is opportunistic and using tragedy to satisfy his own greedy political ambitions.  Leave the name alone.  Literally thousands of graduates demand that the name not be changed.

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  1. Lafayette

    Sign this petition, and share!

    This Stonewall Sabre and Raider can’t even get started on this subject. I do NOT need to have another stroke.

    I hope all are well.

    1. Lafayette,

      Thanks for the petition, Lafayette.

      I can’t believe he is sneaking this in his own personal agenda in the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy.

      There stands Jackson like a stonewall. Rally behind the Virginians.

      1. Lafayette

        I question the legality of his gofundme account.

        Feel free to snag my FB cover/banner photo. I’ve not had one person complain and/or be offended by it.

      2. I also question the legality of that gofundme move. It seems almost incestuous to me. Gofundme for public funding by a politician during an election season? Something stinks to high heaven.

        Of course, so does firing a principal with whom you have a personal beef. Again, something is rotten in the state of Prince William.
        Have the 4 horsemen returned in the form of a horse’s ass?

      3. Lafayette

        Could be a come back in the making. Of course, he’s a newcomer and probably has no idea of that part of our local/county history.


      4. Judging from his remarks, I believe you are right.
        He probably thinks Henry Hill is an ice cream stand or BBQ pit.

  2. NorthofNokesville

    Moon – Our SB Chair is a substance-free opportunist and goon. His progress on issues directly benefiting students, teachers, or parents has been minimal (or zero but I might be missing some small thing). His ham-fisted handling of the bathroom issue – clearly aimed at raising Sawyer’s profile instead of being handled prudently by letting pending litigation unfold – was a sideshow, and a moronically executed sideshow at that. Never mind the collateral damage his ineptness creates.

    Now he’s doing the same thing, unable to actually drive material change so he goes for the headline. And, of course, it will create another opportunity for him to exercise his famous restraint and respect when it comes to citizen comments at KLC.

    At this point, I’m think PWC elections should be held by random number drawing.

    1. We might be far better off. I am sorry to admit I voted for him. He was certainly a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I admit I made a horrible mistake.

      Opportunist at best!

  3. Robin Hood

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like that this is happening, but it’s fair to say that Corey Stewart will exploit this as well. So while the bond proposal to catch up classroom construction takes a back seat to the P-Nats and this new round of foolishness it’s students, parents, teachers and the community who continue to suffer the consequences.

    Wake up people! These rabble rousers are trying to use you for their own agendas and that is why I refuse to sign this petition. I wouldn’t donate my parking meter change to any of these clowns!

    1. NorthofNokesville

      Robin Hood,


      “Corey Stewart’s doing it too” is a pretty lame defense of anything, particularly now. And Mr. Sawyers has more levers to pull than just asking for more money. I know it’s not your official job to play mop up to Sawyers’ public messes, but the deflection is weak.

      As for supporting a recall, I’m not sure any available alternative would be much better. Maybe leaving the blustering Moron-In-Place (bMIP) is our sordid equilibrium.

      1. Corey’s doing it too certainly establishes a low bar. I am not defending either of them.

      2. Robin Hood


        I thought I made it clear that I am not either.

      3. Robin Hood


        Try paying attention to what you read. I am pretty sure I made it clear that I don’t like either side.

      4. NorthofNokesville

        Robin Hood,

        Basic rule: what comes before “but” is merely hortatory or setup. And Sawyer’s actions are just “happening” while Stewart’s sins are somehow directly attributable and more material. Rhetorically it’s a nice reframing and shifting of who is active vs. passive.

        Maybe we need to get some bracelets made up: WWCD …. what would Corey do?

      5. Robin Hood


        I majored in English and you didn’t make the rules. The context of the “but ” was to remind readers that there’s a gang of goons on the other side of the issue. You don’t get to put words in my mouth or twist them to serve your own purposes.

      6. NorthofNokesville

        Robin Hood,

        Of course not. I’m just referring to the word choice and conspicuous imbalance. As an English major, I’m sure you know the importance and delight of interpretation, as well as it’s unavoidability.

        What I’m ultimately deconstructing and critiquing is the “They do it, too” defense. It’s too easy an excuse to be uncritical (even just relatively) of allies and sanctimonious when opponents engage in materially similar behavior. Over time, the best outcome is cynicism or hypocrisy, while the worst is a slide into tribal reasoning. And maybe that’s all we have, like Socrates taming but not shaming Thrasymachus, for he knows no shame.

        LOL on “you didn’t make the rules.” Of course I didn’t, nor is rule perhaps the best word. Maxim or truism might have been a better choice. The wisdom in it is largely the same.

      7. Robin Hood


        I know what I wrote, Do you?

        Apparently you skipped right past my original opening passage. It said: “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like that this is happening. But it’s fair to say that Corey Stewart will exploit this as well.” How that morphed into “Corey Stewart is doing it too” is a mystery to me. Since we’re talking about grammar, you aren’t supposed to put something in quotes unless those exact words were used. On top of that you got me wrong after I asked you not to.

        Since you may not have read the whole thing before reacting, let me repeat the end of it: “Wake up people. These rabble rousers are trying to use you for their own agendas and that is why I refuse to sign this petition.” Then I said I wouldn’t donate to any of them.

        I still tutor kids with reading comprehension issues, so here’s what that means. “These rabble rousers” are Sawyers, Stewart and the petition drive. Sawyers and Stewart are running for higher office and making a name for themselves. The petition is another kind of publicity stunt. It goes to a judge and the grounds for removal are problems such as insanity, committing crimes or not coming to meetings. Being disliked doesn’t meet that burden of proof.

      8. Robin Hood, you must admit that Mr. Sawyers hasn’t really done much for this county other than cause strife. I tried to stay out of it for a while but this is getting personal. Thousands of people of all races have graduated from that school. Most want the school to keep its identity.

      9. Robin Hood


        What’s up with the stereotyping? I disagreed with him on his methods of renaming schools and dealing with the BOCS.

        I agree with his support of teacher raises and regulation amendments.

        We live in a real world where sometimes we agree and other times we don’t. We still have that right, don’t we?

        The petition could be a scam to build a mailing list. I am very suspicious of their motives.

      10. What are the regulation amendments?
        I certainly support teacher raises (and step increases)

      11. Robin Hood


        Teachers who can show that their bad evaluations come from policy or personal differences can appeal to the superintendent for a chance to transfer.

        The other was the LBGTQ amendment, which was the right thing done the wrong way.

      12. That is good concerning the evaluations. I used to see teachers stuck. bad eval so they couldn’t move. Well, the outcome for some of them was predictable. I think everyone should have a chance to perform under a different evaluator.

      13. Robin Hood


        And under Pool the School Milt there were no consecutive step increases after the recession. That’s changed since the last school board elections.

      14. I dont recall there being a lot of raises either. However, had the county not prioritized its immigration resolution, we would have had a lot more money. Basically, the school board gets what the BOCS gives them.

        Sawyers gets no kudos from me. He came in going to war. He beat people over the head rather than selling his ideas.

        Would teachers have gotten steps anyway? I expect so.

        Bottom line, I am just really glad I no longer have to give a damn what the school board does, personally. I can laugh all the way to the bank now. However, I do have grandchildren involved with both schools and 4 graduates from SJHS.

      15. Robin Hood


        This school board put their money on step increases and the BOCS couldn’t stop them.

        The longer people waste time on Confederate generals, the longer we will have overcrowded classrooms.

      16. I hope that Mr. Sawyers realizes that.

  4. Robin Hood

    After checking on the Sheriff’s blog I have to admit that I never expected that they would understand my comments better than here. It helps to read what’s posted without stereotyping the poster.

    1. Robin Hood,

      Sigh, I guess I must go over and read.

      1. Robin Hood


        Somebody said that for once he or she agreed with me, which is really rare there.

      2. That must have shocked you!!!

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