GOP Virginia Senate candidate Corey Stewart defends President Trump’s comments blaming both sides of the protest in Charlottesville for violence.

Corey has humiliated Prince William County with his behavior.  His tough guy persona is simply rude, crude and socially unattractive.     His bad manners on TV are an embarrassment.  His convoluted logic has turned him into a mental midget rather than the chairman of the 2nd most populated county in the State of Virginia.

I am uncomfortable with any politician who is in such denial that even he or she cannot see their own lies.  Apparently Corey missed seeing that torch walk that went on for almost a mile.  Apparently he didn’t hear the aggression used by young men sporting swastika arm bands.  Apparently he didn’t hear the anti-semitic remarks being made and by-standers being called “faggots.” Apparently he didn’t see torch fuel being thrown on college students.  He must not have seen the students circling the statue of Mr. Jefferson being surrounded by Nazis and beaten with torches and clubs.

I saw these things.  Corey, educate yourself.  I will send you the information.  Look outside yourself and what you want to be true for your own political gain.

Corey has 2 fine young sons who are rapidly growing up.  I feel almost positive he would be horrified if his sons joined any white nationalist group.  I was horrified to see how young the boys/men were in the torch procession.

Yes, there are violent groups out there who are not White Nationalists, Nazis, or KKK.  There are militia groups and Antifa.  Here is the difference, Corey:  Redneck Revolt, Antifa and BLM have not killed millions of people, or even thousands.  The Nazis and KKK have.  That fact alone ends the discussion.

His behavior with Chris Cuamo was no better:

What was so difficult about Corey answering a few simple questions?

Corey is obsessed with Antifa. Why does he think they are taking over the Democrats? That is totally stupid. Why can’t he see the difference being a street thug and belonging to an organization that is known world-wide for mass killing of others?

It seems simple to the rest of us.

4 Thoughts to “Chairman Stewart has difficulty with moral equivalence and manners”

  1. Richard Hurtz

    Have to kinda agree with you here Moon. As someone that has voted for Corey I’m not digging Corey2.0 so far. Having said that I find Cuamo insufferable… he is just as rude to his guests as anyone has been to him.

    1. I don’t care if Cuamo is rude or not. Corey represents Prince William County and he comes on every show balls to the wall and combative. He is an embarrassment. Furthermore, why embrace the Klan and the Nazis and blame “the left” for that horrible situation in cville?

      It really isn’t about left and right either. Most of us abhor that kind of violence and most of us abhor Nazis and KKK. When I say ‘most of us” I mean Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

      BTW, the Nazi groups are all saying Fields wasn’t part of their organization. Funny thing about that—he identified with the same evil crap they do. He just took it a little further–jumped in his car —and plowed into a street full of protesters.

      That’s what hate can do to you. I understand that. I hated what I saw for about 45 minutes on film on Friday night. A long line of torches about a mile long, snaking their way through the university chanting “You will not replace us” and “Jews will not replace us.” They also called bystanders faggots and other unattractive names. They were hostile, aggressive and violent. They attacked students encircled around Mr. Jefferson’s statue.

      Had I been there in person, I might have wanted to run over them. I wouldn’t have done it but I might have thought about it for a brief second.

  2. Richard Hurtz

    Off topic a bit but the City of Manassas has canceled Civil War Weekend (8/25-8/27). They released a statement via their twitter account.

  3. Robin Hood

    Meanwhile, infrastructure needs to be rebuilt but politicians and reporters want to fight about social issues. (Yawn!)

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