Where will you be when the great eclipse of 2017 happens?  Will you go to the path of totality or sit it out here in boring old Prince William  County?  I am probably headed for splash down in my air-conditioned car.  I won’t be taking pictures.

I have my glasses though.  Several batches of them.  I have some I can’t verify.  Grrrrr.  Mind you, I ordered glasses 2 months ago.  So cast your politics aside and enjoy a good eclipse.  Oh, and pray for no rain!

Anyone named Moon-Howler has to love a good eclipse!!!

A word of caution——————————–>


7 Thoughts to “Eclipse !!!!!!!”

  1. An eclipse shout- out to Kelly who is positioned for viewing totality in an undisclosed location on the east coast!!!

  2. Steve Thomas

    I reached back into my elementary school repertoire, and constructed a pin-hole projector out of a few odds & ends. Worked great, except for the 5 minutes of clouds that coincided with peak eclipse. It was fun to watch. My ladies were down South, in a much better viewing location, and had the proper equipment to view directly. I was just thankful that for one day (at least for a few hours), the biggest story didn’t involve protesters, counter protesters, statues, cries of racism, income inequality, boycotting sporting events, calls for signing a mediocre athlete/activist nuclear Armageddon, possible Russian election meddling, or radical Islamic terror. It was nice, but alas all good things must come to an end.

    1. Excellent point, Steve. Today is back to normal.

      Meanwhile, I am a woman without a country. Everyone hates a moderate.

      1. Steve Thomas


        I long for the days when the debate centered around taxes and trade policy, and every 20 years or so, whether or not we should involve ourselves in this or that foreign dust-up. You remember, don’t you?

        Debate? There is no debate today. There’s shouts and attempts to silence, and when that is ineffective, there’s violence. Study a bit of Western Civ, and you will see a similar pattern preceding cataclysmic societal upheaval. The US Civil War. The Russian Revolution. The collapse of the Wiemar Republic, and on and on.

      2. We are still in a foreign dust up.

        I would like to hear a debate. The one in Cville was sort of a debate, for a while.

      3. Steve Thomas


        Yes. Not sure where I stand on the “new” Afghanistan policy. Sounds an awful lot like the old Afghanistan policy. At least this is something we can debate rationally, that doesn’t involve “safe spaces”, “Privilege”, or cries of “racism”.

      4. I probably hate those 3 words as much as you do, Steve.

        I am not sure where I stand either. I guess we will just be there forever, like South Korea.

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