Nat Turner to be honored on statue in Richmond

RICHMOND — A state commission planning an anti-slavery monument in downtown Richmond voted Wednesday to include Nat Turner, the leader of a bloody 1831 slave uprising in Southampton County, among a group of 10 African-American figures who will be honored on the statue’s base.

The work on the new statue being done by the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Commission has thus far avoided controversy, but the decision to include Turner — seen as a freedom fighter by many and a mass murderer by others — is likely to bring a new level of attention to the planning process for the monument meant to celebrate the Emancipation Proclamation and the end of slavery.

Turner was by far the most hotly debated name Wednesday as a panel of state lawmakers and historians tried to select 10 honorees from a list of 30 finalists.

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Ken Burns and Lynn Novick: The Vietnam War

Has everyone gotten their initial Ken Burns fix? The first episode was 90 minutes last night and just excellent. Most of what I saw was new to me. I expect to learn so much from this series.  Last night did not disappoint.  I had no idea that the beginning  issues went back to 1858.

Like much that happened post WWII, we sure misread that one, and of course, sacrificed another generation of young men as a result.  57,000 names on a wall is just too many names–too many names for something we shouldn’t have been involved in.

Start looking for parallels.  How long will we be involved in our current wars?  Is there an end in sight?   Bush, Obama and Trump have all been swallowed up by our current wars.

When will we ever learn?

Meanwhile, enjoy a fine documentary.  I look forward to seeing all sides.  Each show is 90 minutes and it runs for 2 weeks.  For those who miss an episode, there are lots of opportunities the next day to catch a missed show.  The last few episodes appear to be 120 minutes each.  The series runs 18 hours in all.

Recall takes on a life of its own

As the current chairman of the PWC school board continues to assert his supposed authority, the public becomes more and more dissatisfied.  This truck (see left) was seen in the Haymarket Parade today.

I have been told that the recall group had a booth also.

If half of what I read about this chairman is true, it’s just time for him to settle down.

He cannot go around intimidating employees, colleagues, or others.  He is not the school board “boss” like he thinks he is.  All board members are equal, despite what Sawyers thinks.

I have lived in PWC a long time.  I remember the “4 Horsemen.”  We thought that was the nadir of poor school boards.  Now I am not so sure.

Surely Ryan Sawyers does not think he can run successfully for Congress.  I would sure hate to vote for Rob Wittman but I surely will if those two are my only choices.  I cannot tell you how painful that would be for me.


Trevor Noah on Antifa

Let me first say that I see no moral equivalence between the KKK, Nazi, and any antifa groups. This loosely knit organization has been around a long time and I don’t think anyone has every heard their spokesperson talk about killing any group of people. We cannot say the same for Nazis or for the KKK.

I  do not condone the behavior of this group. This is 2017. We should be able to settle our difference politically and otherwise without brawling, especially with the intent to harm or maim others. I also don’t approve of property damage. Would I put this group on the terrorist list? Yes, probably. I just wouldn’t equate them with Nazis or with the KKK.

That was a critical mistake on the part of Donald J. Trump.  There is no “Alt-Left.”  I don’t believe that anyone in the Democratic party mainstream claims this group or feels that it speaks for the Democrats.  That assignment has been handed forth by the “Alt-right” and it is based on a false premise.

Meanwhile, lets continue to condemn the KKK and the Neo-Nazis for their repugnant ideology.  Both organizations, whether original or “neo” have horrible, un-Americans beliefs.

Let’s condemn the behavior of groups like Antifa who act like street thugs, while agreeing that there IS a significant difference.

Much ado about nothing…?

The protestors from Charlottesville  just entered Prince William County.  All seemed peaceful.  I saw no covered faces or all-black attire.   The small band were exuberant–they chanted and shouted their cause (mainly to get rid of Trump).  Other than that, the horror stories that preceded them were exactly that–stories.

If Antifa was there, I sure didn’t see them.  Everyone just seemed to be visibly shouting out what they thought was right.

I was impressed with the heavy police presence.  The officers were courteous and vigilant.  Traffic was backed up pretty far.  I cut through and got turned around without having to get in the long line of traffic that had backed up.

Word to the wise–Protestors–don’t mess with commuters on Tuesday.  They will not have sympathy with any cause if they are inconvenienced.   That’s just how Northern Virginia commuters are.