As the current chairman of the PWC school board continues to assert his supposed authority, the public becomes more and more dissatisfied.  This truck (see left) was seen in the Haymarket Parade today.

I have been told that the recall group had a booth also.

If half of what I read about this chairman is true, it’s just time for him to settle down.

He cannot go around intimidating employees, colleagues, or others.  He is not the school board “boss” like he thinks he is.  All board members are equal, despite what Sawyers thinks.

I have lived in PWC a long time.  I remember the “4 Horsemen.”  We thought that was the nadir of poor school boards.  Now I am not so sure.

Surely Ryan Sawyers does not think he can run successfully for Congress.  I would sure hate to vote for Rob Wittman but I surely will if those two are my only choices.  I cannot tell you how painful that would be for me.


2 Thoughts to “Recall takes on a life of its own”

  1. NorthofNokesville

    I hear you Moon. I’ve voted “across the aisle” before on grounds of affinity or competence (in local and state elections in particular that sometimes makes sense, and the aisle means less than hyper-partisans would like), and these grounds seem even starker, almost a question of mental stability. I know a lot of open-minded but strong-blue types who are in the same boat you are. He’s an embarrassment to the blue team, and frankly an excuse for the red team that, shall we say, leave something to be desired.

    1. Rob Wittman would not be my person of choice. He is very conservative by my standards. However, I do believe he is a person of integrity and I do believe he is not such an ideologue that he doesn’t put America first. I remember when he voted to not shut the govt down.

      I can’t say that about Sawyers. I see a certain narcissism that reminds me more more of Trump than it should. I feel like the best interests of PWC Schools have been shrouded in Sawyers’ own political advancement.

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