Open Thread…………………………….October, 2017

October is absolutely my favorite month.  The air is crisp and clean.  It nips our cheeks and noses in the morning.

October is beautiful–nature’s color palette that continually changes.  Head to the mountains to drink it all in.  If you start in Front Royal,the tree scape will look totally different by the time you get to Big Meadows.

October has wonderful smells.  A burning campfire, fallen leaves, fruits and spices all send our olfactory senses on a month long high.  Our autumn expert, North of Nokesville, aka North, really paints fall with his words. North has brought fall to the blog and I thank him.

Was it an act of “pure evil?”

Was the mass murder in Las Vegas an act of “pure evil” as stated by Donald Trump or was it something else? Is mental illness “pure evil” or some chemical imbalance in people’s brains? I do believe there is evil. Don’t get me wrong. But I am very uncomfortable branding all bad things evil.

At some point I think we as a society need to start taking a long, hard look at our own contributions to these unspeakable acts. Is it easier to control mental illness or whether citizens and residents get their hands on inordinate amount of weapons with little or no background checks as to stability and temperament to own such weapons?

I don’t necessarily want to go round up everyone’s weapons. I have been clear on that in the past. I want certain weapons to be available to most of us. Simple guns, pistols, rifles that the average citizen can use for personal protection should be available for purchase and ownership for most of the population. However….

Weapons like those used in the Vegas massacre should not be owned by everyone. Now, should certain individuals be allowed to purchase such weapons after presenting themselves for intense vetting? Yes, probably. Gun ownership of those types of semi automatic weapons should not be the default.

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