Open Thread…………………November/December, 2017


The ginkgo trees at the Virginia Arboretum over in Clark County off its 50/17 are a sight to behold.  There is a grove of these yellow beauties.  The ginkgo is the oldest tree in North America.  The leaves are smaller than I thought.  I hope the leaves survive this patch of rainy weather because I certainly plan on going back.

If you have never been to the Arboretum, it is worth the trip.  There are car/pedestrian trails, picnic tables, and horse trails.   The trees aren’t too shabby either.

Moonhowlings endorses Danica Roem for the 13th


Election day 2017.  Moonhowlings is endorsing Danica Roem, hands down.  Danica has plans. Her opponent has very few that don’t involve denying women their reproductive rights.

I first realized what a dynamic candidate Danica was when she nocked on my door last summer, before the primary. I went out, sat down, and an hour later, as she stood up to go, I realized how knowledgeable she was about our community.   Truthfully, I had thought western PWC might not be ready for identity politics.  Well, I was dead wrong.  Identity has little to do with Danica’s campaign.

Danica stopped by last night again.  She was exhausted after 10 hours of door knocking.   We chatted,  we gave her a bottle of water and she was on her way–2 more doors to knock on.  I have been very impressed with her dedication to winning, her tireless approach and her knowledge base.  Those attributes are what we need in Richmond.

Danica, may the force be with you as you win the 13th today.