Guest contributor, Solon.  Solon has made some keen observations and formed some rather  interesting opinions.


Musing from under the tent
Its Virginia.
Another year, another election.
On to 2018 for better or worse.
If one is honest, they did not see the blue wave coming.
No pol, no poll, no candidate anticipated it.
The wave was strong enough to lift even weak Democratic candidate to victory.
Now, can they stay there?
Their hard work is just beginning.
Some learning and winners/losers:
Learning #1: The politics of negativity and meanness don’t pay off.
Yes, we are looking to you Scott Lingamfelter and you, Russ Harrison.
Learning #2: Hard work and dogged determination can pay off.
Congratulations Delegate Donte Tanner!
Loser #1: Barbara Comstock. Babs, that bulls-eye on your back just got a whole lot bigger.
Loser #2: Marc Aveni. Your time has come.
Loser #3: Corey Stewart. How are the politics of hate looking now?
Loser #4: Ruth Anderson. They are coming to get ya!
Winner #1: Harry Wiggins. A very nice victory lap for the often maligned (and sometimes deservedly so) PWC Demo Chair.
Winner# 2: Tim Kaine.
Winner #3: Redistricting reform. The Dems need to continue to be the adults in the room.
Winner #4: Terry McAuliffe. Terry vs Donny in 2020?
On to 2018!!!!!!