President Trump attacked Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) in a sexually suggestive tweet Tuesday morning that implied Gillibrand would do just about anything for money, prompting a swift and immediate backlash.

“Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Charles E. Schumer and someone who would come to my office ‘begging’ for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump,” the president wrote. “Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!”

Gillibrand’s response:

“You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness and shame you have brought to the Oval Office.

Gillibrand hit the nail on the head.  That any sitting president would demean the office of the presidency by suggesting that a senator “would do anything for them”  (campaign contributions) simply makes him unfit for the office that he serves.

Trump needs to resign before he is removed from office.

Meanwhile, Kathy Kay weighed in:

Katty Kay, an anchor for BCC World News America, also took to social media to respond to the president’s missive against Gillibrand, casting it in tweets as “clearly sexual” and “demeaning to women.”

“What is so maddening about the Gillibrand tweet is that women can be smart, work hard, become Senator and STILL get sexual c**p thrown at us,” she wrote. “Enough.”


A growing list of women are filing complaint against Trump’s past alleged sexual misbehavior.  Additionally, Gillibrand  joined Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in calling for Trump’s resignation.

Where will this all end?  Trump’s behavior is despicable.


17 Thoughts to “Trump attacks Senator Gillibrand in sexually suggestive tweet”

  1. I just saw the Chairman’s tweet from Roy Moore’s campaign in Alabama.

    Am I to assume that the Chairman of our BOCS supports a pedophile?

    Corey has young sons. How would he like his boys to be treated like Roy Moore has treated people’s daughters?

  2. NorthofNokesville

    “Will work for undersecretary of commerce position”

    1. Corey is not going to be able to win his own seat after supporting Roy Moore.

  3. Richard Hertz

    I’ve commented here since Trump was a candidate that I didn’t care for his use of social media. It is not helpful and only distracts from anything that him or the GOP are trying to get accomplished. It’s sophomoric, insulting and idiotic; period.

    Having said that, I think that it’s a bit of a stretch to claim he “attacked Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) in a sexually suggestive tweet”. While it was a moronic tweet from the President I didn’t view it as ‘sexual’.

    However, The President did have a point in that Gillibrand praised and applauded the Clinton machine when it was politically beneficial to her. Once it became clear that the Clinton political dynasty was dead and gone she jumped on the Bill is a sexual predator and should have resigned over the Lewinski scandal train because it was no longer politically and monetarily advantageous. Keep in mind, she also gladly accepted political donations from Harvey Weinstein when it was an ‘open secret’ he was a sexual predator.

    She claims that she cannot be silenced but she can, if the price is right. She gladly accepted campaign and political capital from people she knew were sexual predators for years. When those figures were of no use to her financially or politically any longer is when she became ‘brave’ enough to call them out.

    She is no different than most politicians I suppose but it should be pointed out that she was silent while accepting Bill’s help politically and Harvey’s cash.

    1. Steve Thomas

      Richard Hertz,

      Not to mention the fact that a review of previous tweets would show that Trump has used similar language when attacking men, both Democrat and Republican. “Begging” is an oft-used term for Trump.

      1. It wasn’t the “begging” what people are finding so offensive. It was the “she would do anything” that will hang him. That pretty much is a sexual innuendo, dating back to at least during my time when I was growing up. Response: ANYTHING?????

        He absolutely should not have said it. He needs to give his cell phone to someone and not touch it before he continues to erode the dignity of the Office of the President.

    2. It was sexual. Old expression. Harvey Weinstein being a sexuaL predator wasn’t that well known. You assume a lot.

      Before you praise Trump you might want to remember that Gillibrand took Hillary’s senate position. Bill wasn’t in office. Finally. Bill Clinton has nothing to do with the current state of affairs. That was then, this is now. The fact that there is a sexual predator, by his own admission, sitting in the White House right now should be of great concern.

      Why do you Republicans always try to offset dealing with the sins of your party by throwing out the bright shiny object of someone else’s bad behavior? That makes no sense. I laugh at you.

      Accept that you have a predator in the White House and a predator almost won a senate seat. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to let it destroy your party?

      1. Steve Thomas


        “Finally. Bill Clinton has nothing to do with the current state of affairs. That was then, this is now.”

        I’m sorry….WHAT?!!!! Are you referring to the time-frame the “alleged” behavior occurred, or the time-frame in which it was first addressed? Is there a hard and fast date, or even a year, before which previous behavior is no longer germane to the discussion?

        “Why do you Republicans always try to offset dealing with the sins of your party by throwing out the bright shiny object of someone else’s bad behavior? That makes no sense. I laugh at you.”

        Why is it that liberals can hold two completely contradictory positions on an issue, and don’t see that this makes no sense, either?

        Look, I am a bit relieved that Moore didn’t win. Had he won, the Democrats and the Media would have been on the GOP like a Norwegian on a baby harp seal. No Moore. No club. Jones will get rolled in a couple of years by Mo Brooks, or someone else, just like Scott Brown did when he won Teddy’s old seat. (You remember Ted, right? The guy who left his mistress to drown, to cover up their affair?).

        If you could actually listen to what Trump said on the now infamous “Grab’em” tape, he didn’t admit to doing anything. He said when you have money and power, you can do anything you want with women.

        This is the truth, at it’s most hideous. Do you think if Wienstein didn’t have money, power, and influence, he’d have even been in a position to assault these starlets, let alone have them keep quiet for all these years, so as to protect their careers? Do you think Trump would have managed to marry 3 beautiful women, if he mixed paint at Home Depot? No. Neither is particularly attractive, physically, or even personality wise.

        This issue of men using power, money, and influence to at best, attract and at worse, exploit women, has existed throughout the entirety of human history. If a guy is with a beautiful woman, and he’s not equally attractive physically, you can bet either the woman has self-esteem issues, or he does quite well financially.

        Bill….Bill…The hypocrisy is legion on the left. Throughout my voting lifetime, when a Republican was accused of some sexual wrongdoing, they became persona non grata , and were either expelled, pressured to resign, or left to die during their next reelection. The Democrats…they circle the wagons. They destroy the accusers. They give the perps standing ovations (Gerry Studs anyone?). Bill has just as much to do with the hear and now, as does Roy Moore. Their “alleged” transgressions both took place way back then…

        What about Senator Menendez? He’s on trial for quid-pro-quo influence peddling. No mention of the underaged Columbian prostitutes he’s “alleged” to have had sex with. Wonder why that is?

        If anyone who ever supported these “alleged” predators is forever unsuitable to serve, well let the threshing begin. I don’t recall a large segment of the Democrats saying they wouldn’t support Bill, because of what he’d been accused of doing, but a very large chunk of the GOP refused to support Moore. And Trump? The only thing we can say with certainty, is he has a big, foul mouth, or talks like a New Yorker.

        Oh the desperation to terminate the Trump presidency. What thin gruel Trump-haters are willing to sip, all in the hopes of reversing an election. Got news for you friend. The only way back, is the hard way. Local and State. Control them during the next census. Resdistrict. Win the House. Take back the Senate. Stop his agenda there. Maybe win in 2020. That’s the only way. Just ask Obama. In the meantime, accept the fact that Trump will roll-back what he can administratively, and he will pack the judiciary. All this other stuff is pure Kabuki-theater.

      2. The difference is, Bill Clinton isn’t in office and isn’t running for office. Every time there is a misbehaving Republicans, the answer always goes back to …well look at so and so. No, let’s talk about the issue at hand.

        I am a Trump hater. I want him removed from office and I will gladly take Pence for the next 3 years. While I disagree with him on almost everything policy wise, I don’t feel like he is a morally reprehensible human being like I think Trump is. I also don’t think Pence is driven by ignorance and ego.

        Trump lies continually, is ignorant about how government works, and has no art of foreign diplomacy. I fear for the country and I am sad over the disgrace he has brought to the office of the presidency. I don’t care what political stripe he is. He is a horrible human being who should not be occupying the White House.

        If what I just said fits into the mold of what you just said about those who oppose Trump, then I am certainly guilty and without apology.

        His sexual exploitation of women is almost secondary. All those other things seem to jump in front. Basically, he just continually acts like trash. I do agree with you about men in power. Your words could have come you of my mouth actually. Its also the human condition since the beginning of time.

        As men must change their patterns, so must women, but that is a cause for another day.

        If everyone had said no to Trump and Weinstein, then there would not be a problem. Basic extinction of bad behavior. We know why a beautiful woman like Melania is with Trump. $$$$$ and power.

      3. Kelly_3406

        Steve Thomas,

        I enjoy your posts. You take the time to write many of the things that I am thinking.

      4. Steve Thomas


        Since there’s no “Like Button”, please let my “Thank You” suffice.

      5. Richard Hertz


        If you read my post I didn’t ‘praise’ Trump; quite the opposite actually:

        “I didn’t care for his use of social media. It is not helpful and only distracts from anything that him or the GOP are trying to get accomplished. It’s sophomoric, insulting and idiotic, period.”

        The only difference between the way the ‘left’ views Bill vs the way the ‘right’ views Trump is that the left has deemed Bill a ‘sacred cow‘ even knowing of his sexual predatory behavior.

      6. I said Bill was a sacred cow on this blog about 5 years ago. I am not “the left.”

        I don’t want this blog used as a base for a Bill attack. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

        Currently, I would rather deal with people in office or active in public life.

      7. Richard Hertz


        Fair enough Moon 🙂
        This thread is about Gillibrand so lets talk about her…

        Senator Gillibrand wrote a glowing article praising Linda Sarsour as co-founder of the women’s march saying she a suffragists of our time. She has gone on record praising her as a great feminist leader multiple times.

        Yesterday top NY Democrat leader Dov Hikind is asking for a criminal investigation of Sarsour for enabling and covering up sexual assault and harassment. Asmi Fathelbab worked for Sarsour at the Arab American Association where Sarsour was executive director. Asmi filed a sexual assault complaint against a male coworker. What did this great example of today’s feminist (according to Gillibrand) do about it complaints of graphic sexual assault?

        Sarsour dismissed the complaints, called Asmi a liar and told Asmi that she was too fat and ugly to be sexually harassed. Asmi ran the youth program and the offender, Majed Seif, would come up behind her and press and rub his full erection up against her (sometimes in front of children). Other times he would pin her up against a wall and forcefully grope her and rub his crotch on her.

        After continuing to be sexually assaulted at the place of work that Sansour ran she went above Sansour’s head and complained directly to the board of directors. They dismissed her complaint saying her abuser was a good Muslim and wouldn’t do something like that. Sansour was incensed that Asmi would go over her head and told her she would never work in NY City again.

        Sansour kept her word and had Asmi fired from any new job she got as soon as Sansour would find out where she was working for nearly 10 years.

        Senator Gillibrand claims she cannot be silenced… BS, she sure is silent now on Sansour. She is a complete and total opportunistic hypocrite.

      8. Actually, the article is more about Trump than it is about Gillibrand. I don’t care what Gillibrand has done or hasn’t done. The facts are that the President of the United States basically accused her of being a whore.

        You seem to be on a real attack (every once in a while) about Sansour. She is nothing to me. I would ask you for Gillibrand’s article but truthfully, I am not interested enough in Sansour to even read it.

        Trump is a pig and needs to watch that unpresidential, disrespectful mouth of his. He should have never said what he said.

        I don’t know how to stress enough that the article is in defense of any woman, not just Gillibrand. I am not real happy with her myself over something. Nevertheless, no sitting president should speak that way about any woman.

  4. Mom

    For those keeping score, add Bobby Scott (currently in office Moon) to the left side of the “misbehaving” ledger. I presume that you will now flay him?

    At this point there is little difference between the allegations regarding him and those regarding Roy Moore so I am expecting fair and equal treatment/punishment/disdain.

    1. Roy Moore was easy pickings. Low hanging fruit. I haven’t seen anything about Bobby Scott. Feel free to post links. If the spirit moves me, I will respond. If it involves kids, I probably will feel my spirit move me.

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