Building blocks of thought and degrees

Bill Maher is back for another season. Friday night he parted with the video seen above.  I agree with him.   The #MeToo movement is off the mark–not in intent but because it fails to recognize degrees of inappropriateness.

Bill Maher returned tonight with a new season of Real Time on HBO and delivered his closing monologue on the “#MeToo movement” and how it may be going too far. He said ‘The Nothing Is Funny People’ is trying to take over the world and we can’t let them.

Maher started off by talking about the controversial image showing him mirroring the infamous photo of Al Franken grabbing a sleeping Leeann Tweeden’s breasts. He called it a “joke about a joke.” He said if something like that is too rough for you, don’t watch.

Maher ripped Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York for turning #MeToo into ‘#MeCarthyism’ for refusing to differentiate sexual harassment and sexual assault while declaring a line needs to be drawn that “none of it is okay.” He complained that she is going “unchallenged” while laying out how there are different degrees of sexual misconduct, likening it to different degrees of a burn.

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