Better late than never.  Happy New Year to all.  Things are slow in my blog world.  The bad behavior of the president is so deplorable and so frequent that it just serves no purpose to elaborate on it.


6 Thoughts to “Open Thread………………January/February 2018”

  1. I enjoyed a rainy 5-day cruise to The Bahamas for my wife’s birthday and was elected as the newest Corresponding Secretary for the PWCDC, so I’m ready to put in some work.

    1. Congratulations!!

      Sorry that your cruise was drippy. At least you didn’t get Norovirus.

  2. NorthofNokesville

    Glad you’re back in circulation, Moon. I’ve been on a blog “fast” of sorts myself as some of your competitive venues have gotten toxic and weird. I’m trying not to let the scummy surface obscure good things happening largely outside notice. And after a concentrated period surrounded by skyscrapers and concrete, I’m glad to have a lot of sky around me.

    1. Hi North! I am just enjoying a thaw. My robins are back eating the unfrozen berries on this tree that to date, remains nameless. A few cedar waxwings have joined them. Unfortunately, a starling or two wants to get in some very action also.

      I will try to do better here. I feel like I have been surrounded by so much of the Trump ugliness, I just can’t address it. It’s overpowering and redundant. For instance, why even comment on how wrong it is to support someone accused of seducing teenage girls? I don’t even care about Stormy. That’s so normal compared to everything else.

  3. NorthofNokesville

    There’s a lot of ugliness, to be sure, and at so many levels. I’m trying not to be too distracted, and to focus on where I can build and grow thing versus having to fight. National and local politics are uber-toxic right now, but there may be some fruitful things at the state level.

    We’re into the part of winter is dislike, now. The winter sun is brutal and seems to make the bare trees and dead grass appear even deader. Then there’s the dissonance between days getting longer but nights still getting cold. And of course the thaws tease a spring that we know is still a few freezes and snows away.

    BTW, I have been pleasantly surprised by Delegate Roem’s performance. She even won grudging praise from the Sheriff (though the oafishness and rudeness that have taken over that blog’s comments remain as virulent as ever when aimed at her). So some good news 🙂

    1. I also am pleased with Del. Roem’s performance. Once she gets immersed in it all, I expect her to dog after common sense issues. I think we will find her an independent thinker.

      Once we get past Feb 2, I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as winter is concerned. That is the half way point between solstice and the equinox. Those pagans were sure on to something. Funny that Imbolc and Ground Hog Day are right about the same time. I think I actually look more forward to Daylight Saving Time. I feel like we have been cast under the shadow of some artificial pall of darkness.

      I think I hate wind more than cold.

      You are also right, the nation is toxic.

      We did go to Wolfgap last week on one of the pretty days. The forest road that is usually closed was open so we took that way home. Now I love winter in the mountains, especially that day. I had never been back there when all the leaves were off the trees and I saw a whole new world. It was really beautiful. One of my favorite photography subjects is dead or leafless trees. I do want to go back and soon. My recommendation to all (my self especially) is to go during the week. It gets crowded up there.

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