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Pete Candland Attempts to Retread the Immigration Issue

October 14th, 2014 33 comments

Dear Pete,

I would never have guessed that you too would have fallen so quickly into using children to propel you into the “immigration” spotlight.  I realize that you were probably not paying attention back in 2007 when this now, recycled tactic, was originally used and abused.

So allow me to take this public opportunity to educate you.  Back in 2007 John Stirrup, along with Corey, focused much of their attention on the “invasion” of children from South America into our public schools system.  They also wanted reimbursement for the supposed “free” education.  Only here is the problem, it wasn’t free (if you live in the county, in a house or apartment)there is a real estate tax being paid on that dwelling.  In case you weren’t aware, THAT is what pays for our schools.

Also, now pay attention, this is another critical piece of information, there is this pesky Supreme Court ruling, Plyler v Doe.  We HAVE to educate all children, I know, so irritating, but hey, I guess we could live in Afghanistan where no one has to be educated.

HHS is providing funds to house and educate these kids while we determine if sending them back home is a death sentence.  It may be, ultimately, this is the critical difference between you and me, you see, I see them as refugees.

You can’t claim “compassion” for children and yet have your actions be self-serving while possibly inciting another chapter of Help Save Manassas.

You are going down a dangerous moral path,  my friend, and I sincerely hope you rethink this journey you have chosen to embark upon.


Michael Stafford: A Christian perspective to the Central American refugee crisis

July 25th, 2014 31 comments

Since we have been  discussing how a religious person reconciles a humanitarian crisis witinh our immigration system, I thought this article would be some food for thought.  So far as I can determine, the good folks of PWC have chosen to their better angels and NOT fallen into the ranks of hateful public protests.

Strangers at Our Door:  Refugees, a Crisis of Conscience for American Christians

Michael Stafford ABC Religion and Ethics 25 Jul 2014

In the words of Pope Francis, America is experiencing a “humanitarian emergency.” Fleeing instability and violence in Central America, a human tide of thousands of refugees, many of them unaccompanied children, has been flooding across our southern border.

As children often travelling alone, these refugees are uniquely vulnerable. And yet their arrival has been met, in many instances, with ugly scenes including displays of rank nativism, cruelty and hatred. Instead of finding sanctuary and protection, they are the targets of abuse. As CNN has reported regarding one shameful incident in Murrieta, California, “busloads of babies in their mothers’ laps, teens, ‘tweens and toddlers … were met by screaming protesters waving and wearing American flags and bearing signs that read such things as ‘Return to Sender.'” These reactions communicate a brutally simple message: you are not welcome here.

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Unapologetic Police Commissioner Calls the President of the United State the N word

May 18th, 2014 105 comments

Wolfeboro Police Commissioner Robert Copeland acknowledged using the slur in an email to fellow police commissioners this week.

“I believe I did use the ‘N’ word in reference to the current occupant of the Whitehouse,” Copeland said in the email. “For this, I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.”


I thought racism didn’t exist anymore?  Isn’t that why we can roll back voting rights protections? I guess this guy didn’t get the memo.

The real story is not that Mitt Romney has publicly condemned him, any decent American would respond in like.  The real story is that maybe this country still has racism running through its veins.  Sometimes its blatant, and sometimes it’s just so ingrained we can’t see it.

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Donald Sterling is an Embarrassment to all Jews

April 28th, 2014 27 comments

On this very special day, Holocaust remembrance Day, I simply had to speak out regarding the Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.  Having listened to his entire exchange with his girlfriend, I was even more horrified.

When confronted with his blatant hypocrisy of the hatred towards Jews in Nazi Germany, of the overt prejudice Jews have suffered, this moron was till blind to his own hatred, his own inaction stemming from a  fear of being ridiculed by his supposed “friends”.

Not only is he racist, even worse, he is a coward. He does not represent me or any Jewish person I know.

Every major Jewish organization, including the Anti Defamation League, should come out strongly condemning this bigot.  In fact, I have left a message with their DC office and hope for a response today.

So for me, on this Holocaust Remembrance Day, I honor my grandmothers family from Poland, whom all but one cousin perished at the hands of the Nazi’s simply for being Jewish, I honor them by standing up to bigotry, no matter where it originates.



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Loudon BOCS Demonstrating Cohones!

January 10th, 2014 8 comments

Much to my surprise, apparently, many on Loudon’s BOCS are standing strong against a massive housing rezoning effort by Developers.   You know, those who are frothing at the mouth of the possibility of a bi county parkway opening up rural and transitional areas.  You can read the full article here.

Members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors frowned Wednesday night at a developer’s request to more than triple the number of houses it could build on land west of Dulles Airport, a potentially ominous sign for home builders hoping to reenter the suburban market.

Under existing zoning, Cor­belis Development NoVa LLC of Ashburn can build 245 single-family detached homes on 737 acres it owns south of Route 50, part of a more than 4,000-acre community it is building called the Greens at Willowsford on what is now rolling farmland.

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Public Overwhelmingly Supports Preserving Rural Area!

December 2nd, 2013 11 comments

Many folks, including myself,  had strong reservations regarding the Rural Preservation “Study”.   I was concerned the underlying  premise behind the study was nefarious, intended to dismantle the Rural Crescent.  The results are in, and, by an overwhelming number of respondents, residents in Prince William County support the preservation of the Rural Crescent.  Click here to read the results for yourself.

It is clear to me, residents  not only appreciate  the geographic diversity in the County, they want to actively preserve it!

The weak link in the study, from all that I read, was the somewhat nebulous support for sewer in the Rural Crescent.  Why is that the weak link?  Because for 15 years, no matter who sat on the BOCS,  no matter who was in the pocket of the Developers, approving  high density development within the Rural Crescent was precluded by lack of available public sewer.

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Girl Scout Cookies Turn Children into Lesbians? Latest Preacher Rant!

October 22nd, 2013 32 comments


One has to wonder sometimes, when the lunacy will end.   Pastor Kevin Swanson tells his radio flock not to buy girl scout cookies as they lead to lesbianism, abortion, and communism.

I don’t wanna promote a wicked organization that, according to its own website, doesn’t promote godly womanhood. It just doesn’t! I don’t see anything that promotes godly womanhood! The vision of the Girl Scouts of America is antithetical to a Biblical vision for womanhood, friends. [...]

Really, “ungodly womanhood”.  What IS that anyway?

I wonder what denomination this Pastor espouses.

Holy Cow, all that from a thin mint!  Its hard not to laugh.  Seriously, you have to listen for yourself.





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Affordable Health Care, Self Fulfilling Failure in Virginia, Thank You Republicans

September 26th, 2013 26 comments

So recently a friend of mine, who sells different types of insurance, was sharing the abysmal failure of the Affordable Care Act in Virginia.  Well, this just in, our Republican leadership chose NOT to create our own state exchange.  What are the ramifications?  Well, that is the million dollar question isn’t it.

Here is a comprehensive article in the Washington Post.

It’s a Web site designed to make it easy for people to find health coverage. Each state will have one. The District and 16 states, including Maryland, are running their own exchanges. The rests are either partnering with the federal government or, as in Virginia’s case, relying on the federal government to operate their exchanges. To find the correct site, go to

When the sky doesn’t fall, what will the Republicans do?  I was just talking to a very conservative friend of mine who is perfectly thrilled with the changes thus far.  Their adult child has insurance and that is a huge relief for them.

Is the legislation perfect?  No, so what, is anything perfect when it is first designed?   But now is the time, as John McCain said, to move forward, fix the bumps, and there will be bumps, but it is time to accept this as our new reality and make it the best it can be.

I know, for me, as a very healthy woman in her mid twenties, I never could have imagined that I would be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  But guess what, I was, and from that moment on, without employer healthcare, I was simply uninsurable.  Luckily, even when I no longer worked for that employer, he kept me on his insurance, out of the kindness of his heart and no other reason.  Even though I raised the rates for everyone, he kept me on. 

The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, but dammit, it’s better than the what we had before…….NOTHING!

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Ted Cruz, Citizenship Crisis!

August 20th, 2013 42 comments

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. I wonder when the TEA party will cannibalize their favored son because he isn’t a real American!  Right?

I mean, his mom is American, but he was BORN in Canada, he has, OMG, automatic duel Canadian citizenship.  He IS a socialist for sure.  It simply cannot be denied.  Look, the facts cannot be ignored.

Surely, if President Obama is not an American in a “Birthers” eye, Ted Cruz is even more of an imposter!   Obama was born to an American mother but Kenyan father in Hawaii.  O.K., so he didn’t have dual Kenyan citizenship, but hey, does that really  matter?  Standards are standards right!

From the Dallas News

WASHINGTON — Born in Canada to an American mother, Ted Cruz became an instant U.S. citizen. But under Canadian law, he also became a citizen of that country the moment he was born.



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Virginia Needs to Get A Hold on Ethics!

August 8th, 2013 5 comments


Virginia just can’t seem to stay out of the national news.  From “Governor Ultrasound” to all the current ethic violations by the Govenor.  Maybe Virginia needs to revisit our love or rule of law?  And Cuccinelli?  Oy Vay.  Between his obsession with the reproduction of women, sodomy, and his own ethics issues, it isn’t looking for a future “Governor” Cuccinelli!

IN THE midst of Virginia’s most toxic ethics scandal in years, isn’t it curious that almost no one in Richmond — not the governor, not Democratic lawmakers, not Republican lawmakers — wants a special legislative session to clean up the state’s laughably lax ethics laws? Why is it that the only prominent official who has called for a special session is Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II, the Republican candidate for governor, who has his own ethics problems?

Among elected officials in Virginia, there has been something approaching a conspiracy of silence on the subject of Gov. Robert F. McDonnell’s unholy involvement with Jonnie R. Williams Sr., the favor-seeking businessman who plied Mr. McDonnell, his wife, Maureen, and their daughters with tens of thousands of dollars in cash, gifts, loans and stays at vacation homes.

One need not go as far as State level to see the influence of money in elections and local issues though!

Mr. McDonnell, who has apologized for embarrassing the state, repaid the loans to Mr. Williams, with interest, and says he will return the cash “gifts” as well. Mr. Cuccinelli has refused to do the same, asserting feebly that “there are some bells you can’t unring.”

In fact, Mr. Cuccinelli is trying hard to unring that bell, albeit in political rather than monetary terms. Instead of doing the honorable thing by returning money to the favor-currying Mr. Williams, Mr. Cuccinelli has tried to distance himself from the scandal by calling for a special legislative session to put some muscle in Virginia’s anemic ethics laws.

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