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Jeanine Lawson plays it smart on supervisor endorsements

April 26th, 2015 No comments

Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson was there to lend her support to her fellow Republicans. Lawson said she had endorsed Sheriff Glen Hill as well as current County Clerk of the Court Michele McQuigg who is running against Republican challenger Austin Haynes.

“They both did an excellent job in their positions. I think they deserve to be reelected,” Lawson said.

However, when it came to the Chairman’s race, Lawson said she has decided as a supervisor to not issue an endorsement either way.

I do NOT think Michele McQuigg has done an excellent job.  However, Ms. Lawson may think what she wants.  That’s her right.  Jeanine Lawson did the mature, professional  thing, however, by not issuing an endorsement for either Republican supervisor being challenged.

Let’s face it, she has to work with both Stewart and Nohe as long as she and they are in office.  Ms. Lawson apparently is capable of looking down the road and this decision clearly indicates that she is willing to build coalitions rather than using a daisy cutter on every issue and governing with conflict.

Pete Candland needs to take a page out of Ms. Lawson’s handbook.  Open support for a candidate opposing one of his colleagues just isn’t the smart thing to do.  Four years is a long time.    Pssssst!  Pete–start thinking for yourself.  Turn off that thundering voice stage-whispering in your ear.


The very bad no-good Republican firehouse caucus

April 25th, 2015 8 comments

I have nothing to say.  However, I was accused of becoming a blog I distained so I think I will just go for it, rather than be hung as a wolf.  I just won’t make fun of people, tempting though it is.

I decided I was not going to subject myself to that kind of scrutiny over voting.  I am an American.  I had been warned by a couple Republican friends who were in the know that I would probably not be allowed to vote.  I had voted in the 2013 Democratic primary for Lt. Governor.  I had also voted in a Republican one but who’s counting.


I had plans to vote but after last week’s mailers, I decided that it really wasn’t worth my time.  I really want Michele McQuigg out of there.  More on that next week.  I had planned on supporting Corey.  I was pretending he wasn’t running his mouth about immigration.  Then came the pro-life letter.

That letter hit the mailbox on Thursday.  It was a deal breaker.  I don’t usually get involved in reproductive issues at the supervisor level.  There is plenty of that to go around at the state level.  Other than zoning issues, it really isn’t all that important if a supervisor is pro-choice and to date, that has only come up over some silly letter once with the BOCS.

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Petraeus sentenced to probation and fined

April 24th, 2015 19 comments

New York Times:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A federal judge on Thursday sentenced David H. Petraeus, a former C.I.A. director and the highest-profile general from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to two years’ probation for providing classified information to a woman with whom he was having an affair.

Mr. Petraeus was also fined $100,000, more than double the amount the Justice Department had requested.

The sentencing was a disappointing one for F.B.I. officials, who believed that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. had given Mr. Petraeus preferential treatment by allowing him to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and recommending that he receive probation instead of prison time. Federal judges are not bound by such recommendations, but they almost always follow them.

Although the judge overseeing the case, David C. Keesler of United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina, agreed to the probation sentence, he added $60,000 to the government’s suggested fine of $40,000. Judge Keesler did not give an extensive explanation for why he raised the fine, saying it was necessary because of “the seriousness of the offense.”

This case brings about many questions.  Had he not been the rising star, would he have even been prosecuted?  He breached security with those emails he carelessly let his lady friend have access to.  Should he have been tried for more serious crimes involving national security?

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Water line to nowhere

April 23rd, 2015 17 comments

A water line to nowhere.  What a great line and one which  pretty much describes the $1.5 million dollar expense to construct a water line from somewhere to Long Park.  The annual operation costs are estimated to be $166,000.

There must be something I am missing.  The county says the water to the fields tests negative for nasty microbes.  The little library is closing in the fall.  The county also reports that digging another well is a far cheaper expenditure and that it will solve the problem.  So why is a water line going in?

Where is the money coming from?  If I heard correctly, it is coming from Gainesville proffers?  What about all the other parks?  Is their fair share being siphoned off?  How about Silver Lake?  It’s still crappy.  You sure can’t get potable water there.

Ben Lomond soccer fields also do not have water.  Splash Down might, since it is an aquatic center but the soccer fields do not have fountains.  Parents and kids bring their own.  It’s been that way for years.  Apparently toting your own water to not good enough for those using Long Park athletic fields.  Big Government should be providing “the chosen” with water.  Deer Park just isn’t good enough.

Dig a new well for the sports fields.  Give the little library bottled water until the new library opens up in a different location.  Hmmmm….did I say new library?  Gainesville Magisterial District now will have 3 libraries.

So how does the proffer money work?  Do individual supervisors get to keep the money within the district and spend it on their pet projects?   Aren’t proffers legally attached to specific rezonings?   How can you take park money  specifically proffered to the Braemar development rezoning dedicating to creating Catharpin Park and give it to Long Park?   Some proffer money is general.  Isn’t the money supposed to be shared among all parks and open space?

These are some of the questions PWC residents need to be asking.  It sounds like they are being fleeced and they are getting a water line to no where.

BOCS adopts 3.88% increase for FY16

April 22nd, 2015 15 comments

In a rare turn of events, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors adopted the advertised tax rate. They also adopted the FY16 budget.

By a 6-2 vote, supervisors approved the residential real estate tax rate of 1.122 percent for every $100 of assessed value, or a 3.88 percent increase from the FY15’s residential tax rate.

Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson (R) and Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland (R) voted against the tax-rate as they would have preferred only a 2.5 percent tax increase.

The crowd at the  McCoart  building was in a jovial mood.  Supervisors joked, citizens lavished praise on the supervisors and in the end, people cheered.  It almost made you think you had crossed the county line.

Usually, the BOCS advertises at one rate and then drops the rate considerably.  Such was not the case last night.

At least one local blog made fun of the supervisors who voted for the budget.  They were also called names.  This childish behavior reeked of poor sportsmanship It was a pathetic, last minute retreat  mainsteam thinking since  most of us thought this years exercise turned out to be a good budget session.

Too bad Lawson and Candland didn’t  vote for most of the initiatives they instigated.  If you don’t vote for something, you can’t own it.  I never trust people who cannot compromise and find common ground.



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Moonhowlings endorses Marty Nohe for supervisor

April 21st, 2015 39 comments

I will not be voting for Marty Nohe this Saturday. I cannot.  I do not live in his district.  Perhaps it is for this reason that this blog provides an endorsement.

Marty is just a decent guy.  He tries to help any resident of Prince William County without regard to party or ideology.    In fact, Marty seems to be driven by decency and doing the right thing more than any ideology.  It was Marty who put a voice of reason on the immigration wars right here in Prince William County.  It was the right thing to do.

Marty has helped my family out several times over issues.  He and his wife didn’t have to spend hours on the phone with me giving me some much needed information and sought after advice, but they did.  They are givers, not takers.

He has helped out the Sudley community when boundary lines split up neighborhoods when the last magisterial districts were drawn.  I was sorry I didn’t end up in his district.  I am even more sorry now.   He provides park activities for neighborhoods and especially pays close attention to those neighborhoods where families  might not have quite as much.  Marty is keenly aware of such things.

Marty is very much a family man.  He walks the walk in that regard.  Just a glance at his Facebook page shows his level of involvement with his own kids.  He also tries to provide opportunities for other folks’ children.

Marty has also turned the other cheek from some of the viciousness and disrespect shown to him by some of the local blogs.  That takes a big man to do that.  Very few of us could withstand some of the  vitriol that has been thrown his way with the dignity and good humor shown by Supervisor Nohe.

Go Marty go!  May the force be with you.

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Al Alborn hits a homerun out of the ball park

April 20th, 2015 26 comments

sad elephant

Today’s MUST READ is from fellow blogger, Al Alborn, entitled “Supervisor Candland, you are no Corey Stewart.”  In his opinion piece, Alborn  explains the growth of Chairman Corey Stewart as a seasoned, political conservative who, despite some ideological bumps in the road, has landed on his feet and has guided the county through rough times politically and financially.  Alborn points out that Stewart is likeable and listens to everyone regardless of district.  Al is right.  Corey has become the face of Prince William County.

So why did Alborn attempt to compare and contrast Candland, a 1 term (thus far) supervisor from the Gainesville District to a 2 term chairman?  Why not.  Candland has made saber-rattling chairman noises since he first came into office, either directly or through his anonymous support blog that mysteriously sprung to life shortly after Pete was inaugurated.

The central theme of Alborn’s piece is that Candland is only 1 of 7–he represents only one District, the elite well-heeled Gainesville District, yet he expects the rest of the county to conform to Pete’s “my way or the highway” modus operandi.

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Is there a little Tim McVeigh in us?

April 19th, 2015 23 comments

oklahoma city

At 9:02 a.m., a rental truck packed with explosives detonated in front of the nine-story Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. The powerful explosion blew off the building’s north wall. Emergency crews raced to Oklahoma from across the country, and when the rescue effort finally ended two weeks later the death toll stood at 168 people, including 19 young children who were in the building’s day care center at the time of the blast. More than 650 other people were injured in the bombing, which damaged or destroyed more than 300 buildings in the immediate area.

A massive hunt for the bombing suspects ensued, and on April 21 an eyewitness description led authorities to charge Timothy McVeigh (1968-2001), a former U.S. Army soldier, in the case. As it turned out, McVeigh was already in jail, having been stopped a little more than an hour after the bombing for a traffic violation and then arrested for unlawfully carrying a handgun. Shortly before he was scheduled to be released from jail, he was identified as a prime suspect in the bombing and charged. That same day, Terry Nichols (1955-), an associate of McVeigh’s, surrendered in Herington, Kansas. Both men were found to be members of a radical right-wing survivalist group based in Michigan.

On August 8, Michael Fortier, who knew of McVeigh’s plan to bomb the federal building, agreed to testify against McVeigh and Nichols in exchange for a reduced sentence. Two days later, McVeigh and Nichols were indicted on charges of murder and unlawful use of explosives.

What makes a person turn into a domestic terrorist?  In the case of Timothy McVeigh, he joined the military, found his niche and then something happened.  According to the McVeigh tapes, he got very disgusted and disillusioned over the wanton killing committed by his country.

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Is climate change destroying our health?

April 18th, 2015 9 comments

Richmond Times Dispatch:

Springtime blooms mark the arrival of pollen season in Virginia, and for allergy sufferers the misery seems to be getting worse every year. In fact, it actually is. Doctors across the U.S. are confirming what climate scientists, who have the tools to study atmospheric and oceanic changes, have concluded — climate change is “unequivocal” and it is already affecting our health.

The real questions are now: How is climate change affecting human health? Who is most vulnerable, and what can be done to stop it? To shed light on these questions, a Virginia research center joined  three major medical societies of allergists, lung specialists, primary care and other specialists to assess their experiences regarding climate and health. Nearly 2,300 physicians responded and 375 were from Southeastern states. These surveys revealed notable findings about how climate change is affecting the nation and the state of Virginia.

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Open Thread………………………………….Tuesday, March 31

April 16th, 2015 61 comments

daffodils2015 blog

Finally!  Real spring.  Ignore any snow and sleet you might see.  It is an optical illusion.  Last year I had daffodils in February.  This year, not so much.  Finally, this week they are blooming.

My winter pansies met with ill fate in some of the pots.  About half survived.  I have never lost quite as many as this past year.

It was a rough winter.  I would take one like that every year just to get a summer like last summer.

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