To kill or not to kill

I went to grab some lunch at a nearby restaurant mid afternoon on Monday.  I unfortunately selected a table next to a woman who was telling her companion (at the top of her lungs) how she wanted that mother charged with criminal neglect and arrested.  She went on and on until I wrapped up the back-turkey bravo I was trying to eat and just took it home.  Obviously the woman had never had children.

Kids are fast.  Three year olds are faster than most kids and can give you the slip in a New York second.  Furthermore, we weren’t there.  What we do know is that gorillas are wild animals and they are unpredictable.  That gorilla could have turned on that kid and in an instant, killed him deader than a doornail.

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In defense of Cecil

Zimbabwean hunter Theo Bronkhorst leaves court in Hwange, October 15, 2015. Bronkhorst is facing charges for breaching hunting rules which led to the killing of the country’s most famous lion, Cecil, by US Dentist Walter Palmer…A Zimbabwean hunter accused of failing to stop the killing of Cecil the lion said on Thursday his family and business had been destroyed amid the outcry that followed the lion’s death and that charges against him should be dropped.
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Corey Stewart, patron saint of the animals

Click here to sign the petition
Click here to sign the petition

It seems that we have a new St. Francis of Assisi on the BOCS and this is a good thing!  On Tuesday, Corey announced that it was time to build a new animal shelter.  It’s about time.  The older shelter is around 40 years old  and was obviously built when the county had a much smaller people population.  As the people population grew, so did the pet population.

The PWC animal shelter has also become a no-kill shelter.  More space is needed.  According to Bristow Beat:

Corey Stewart (R), Prince William County Supervisors’ Chairman At-large, directed county staff to create a detailed proposal that would look into building a new Prince William Animal Shelter using FY2015 savings.

“When [the Prince William Animal Shelter] was constructed our county was a lot smaller than it is today. Anyone who has visited the shelter, you know that it is absolutely needed, and we have got to do something about the situation,” Stewart said, adding that the shelter does provide excellent service, “but it’s a critical unmet need here in Prince William County that must be addressed.”

Stewart said he believes the county could afford to spend roughly $10-12 million on building a new shelter from FY2015 without affecting the county’s AAA bond rating. However, it would be best to wait until after the December audit.

Nonetheless, he is directing county staff to act swiftly, creating a proposal that the supervisors could then discuss and debate, and then a new shelter could be built “outright.”

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Skeeters and critters in PWC

raccoon                                 skeeter

Animal control in PWC is almost non-existent if you aren’t a dog.  If  a raccoon or skunk moves in and decides to live under your porch or in your shed, you are on your own.  If a rattlesnake takes over your patio, you had better hope you can outrun it or knock it in the head with a big stick.  You had better not shoot it, that would be illegal in some parts of the county.

Mosquito control is really sketchy if you live in my neighborhood.   I have been told again and again that the spray truck cannot come on my street because the speed limit is 35 mph.  In the first place, the  speed limit hasn’t been 35 for at least 20 years.  Secondly, if it comes to cars going to Splashdown or me getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, I am going to vote for my own personal comfort first.  They can just follow the mosquito truck that is going 25 mph.

Mosquitoes are horrible in Sudley and Westgate.  It is impossible to go outside in warm weather without spraying up  with Deep Woods OFF.  We live very close to Bull Run, as the crow flies.  News flash, Prince William County:  Rivers and creeks attract and breed mosquitoes–millions of them!

Memorial Day marks the beginning of my annual fight with the country over mosquito control.   Once more I will insist that my street get sprayed.  I expect I will get told no, once again.   Maybe this is an area where my supervisor can help.  Maybe the county will be commanded to spray my street.   I am not counting on it, however.

While they are at it, the County  can start providing animal control services again, especially for wild animals.  During the recession, it was decided that the citizens were on their own.  Animal services other than for dogs was simply not affordable.  I think it’s time to provide some assistance with larger animals that are places they shouldn’t be, especially as the danger of rabies increases.

What services do other localities provide with skeeters and trespassing critters?

Wish me luck!  I will be reporting back.



Rep. Don Young: races to the bottom with homeless remark

Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) suggested Thursday that the solution to homelessness is wolves. Young made the comment during a House Natural Resources Committee hearing during an exchange with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell. He was arguing that gray wolves should be taken off the endangered species list, criticizing the National Park Service and his congressional colleagues who seek to protect the animals.

“How many of you have got wolves in your district? None. None. Not one,” Young said, calling the gray wolf “a predator.”

“We’ve got 79 congressmen sending you a letter, they haven’t got a damn wolf in their whole district,” Young added. “I’d like to introduce them in your district. If I introduced them in your district, you wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.”

Why do people make remarks that savage the weakest and helpless of our society. I think Congressman Young has hit a new low. I thought that suggesting that immigrants should be dog food was low.(See our beginnings tab)

In the race to the bottom a new nadir has been reached by Congressman Young who suggested that he would introduce wolves into someone’s district to thin out the homeless population. Does Congress not censure these people? What an ignorant, grotesque, evil suggestion. Decent human beings don’t think like this man does.

What will they pick at next?

Apparently the time-honored tradition of not picking at presidential kids is over.  According to the Washington Post:

The communications director for a Republican member of Congress ignited a firestorm this weekend after she criticized President Obama’s teenage daughters in a Facebook post that touched a nerve even for Americans accustomed to political mudslinging.

“Try showing a little class,” Elizabeth Lauten, communications director for Rep. Stephen Lee Fincher (Tenn.), wrote Friday in a Facebook posting addressed to Sasha, 13, and Malia, 16, chastising them for their comportment during last week’s annual turkey pardoning event at the White House.

“Rise to the occasion. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar,” Lauten wrote. “And certainly don’t make faces during televised, public events.”

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Pepe le Pew invades MY habitat


A freaking skunk must live under my front porch.  I can always smell it.  When it snowed all last winter, something would dig out no matter how much we blocked the entrance.  We could see the track leading to under the porch.

My neighbor told me he saw a skunk go under there.  I thought he was daft.  Now my nose confirms that my neighbor must have been right.

We used to have pest control here in Prince William County.  I have had them pull sick raccoons out of my shed, and investigate invading pests of other kinds.  Now I am told they will not come and remove the skunk.

Private pest control wants a fortune to even come out.  I am not even sure my unwanted guest is there during the day.  I suspect he sleeps during the day and prowls at night.

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Tara the cat saves her young master

Absolutely its a cat eat dog world. Tara the family cat saves her 4-year-old master from a vicious attack by an 8-month-old dog who lives next door. Tara is described as a very friendly cat who even comes when she is called.

The attack dog is currently on death row and will probably be euthanized.

I generally hate cute cat videos. However, I like this one. Tara hands out a mighty can of whoop-ass! The video was taken from the family surveillance camera.

It’s Shark Week!!!


It’s the  week all of the shark lovers eagerly await.  It’s the week all the elasmobranchologists strut their stuff.  Kids love it and so do adults.  The Discovery Channel is where you will find the tales of these prehistoric monsters.

Check out the Discovery Channel and the Washington Post to see what shark delights are in store for us this week.  We can all give it up and just admit we love watching them.

shark swimming


Sgt. Reckless honored by Marines

With thousands expected in Washington today to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean War, scores of Marines – both retired and active duty – gathered Friday to honor an unlikely, little-known hero from the conflict.

In a ceremony where tears were shed and old comrades shook hands for the first time in more than half a century, they dedicated a life-size bronze statue of a horse.

But not just any horse, say many men who served alongside her during a desperate firefight in the last year of the war. This was Reckless – a Korean-born mare that the old leathernecks say was a comrade in arms who saved their lives.

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Ewwwwwwwwwwwww! Coming to a neighbor near you soon


Oh gross me out!  200 vultures have taken up residence in a Leesburg neighborhood.  Nothing could be uglier or nastier than a vulture.  I am assuming these are what we call “buzzrds.”  (Tom Jackman)

Monday was Day One of the effort by Leesburg, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to remove the committee of vultures who have made the Mayfair neighborhood near Edwards Ferry Road their winter home. As always on this job, it was fun and educational — a group of vultures is known as a committee, you know — and from the outset, it seemed to work. Except that the promised, much anticipated “pyrotechnics and lasers” weren’t really needed much.

To recap, the 200 or so vultures need to go because their excrement is extremely acidic and they can destroy both trees and important stuff on houses and cars. They are a protected species, so you can’t shoot them.

What amazes me is that buzzards are a protected species.  Why?  How stupid is that?  Who do we write  to about this?  The vulture is no more endangered than kittens.

The first trick to remove the vultures was to hang an effigy–not a toy vulture but a real dead vulture, upside down from a rope in “their” tree.  Apparently vultures do not like effigies, considering their personal eating habits.

Be sure to read the rest of Tom Jackman’ article to see the outcome.  Meanwhile, why are we protecting vultures?  They are nasty and ugly.  They serve on purpose.  They clean up road kill.  They are too lazy to kill their own food.  Ewwwwwwww!

Keep your fingers crossed that the “committee” doesn’t decide to reside in the fun place to live, work and play.



The Department of Homeland Security: Perspective

homeland security

Many people feel more comfortable with canine support rather than guns.

Take my house, for example.   When the mailman or other delivery people approach my porch, the hounds of hell cut loose.  They make one hell of a racket.  You can often hear me hollering and cussing at them.  I sound demented and crazed.   What person would want to break in my house.  There is no warm fuzzy feeling.

I can’t have a gun now.  I would shoot the “homeland security.”  I have already threatened to buy a shock collar for one of them.

Your response to canine security?


PilotsNPaws: DOG is their co-pilot September 28-29


More than 125 dogs are being flown from a North Carolina airport to Virginia to save the animals from kill shelters.

Officials with the PilotsNPaws program say more than 80 pilots are participating in the single-day airlift of more than 300 dogs on Saturday.

The dogs are being flown from the Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport in Monroe, N.C. to seven states, including Virginia.

About 100 of the dogs are set to be flown to Middle Peninsula Regional Airport in West Point, with others going to Warrenton.

Hats off to these pilots.  Dogs will also go to other states.  In all, 300 dogs will be airlifted today.  Even if you can’t take a rescued dog, you can give a small donation on the website to help this initiative.

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