Chairman Stewart has difficulty with moral equivalence and manners

GOP Virginia Senate candidate Corey Stewart defends President Trump’s comments blaming both sides of the protest in Charlottesville for violence.

Corey has humiliated Prince William County with his behavior.  His tough guy persona is simply rude, crude and socially unattractive.     His bad manners on TV are an embarrassment.  His convoluted logic has turned him into a mental midget rather than the chairman of the 2nd most populated county in the State of Virginia.

I am uncomfortable with any politician who is in such denial that even he or she cannot see their own lies.  Apparently Corey missed seeing that torch walk that went on for almost a mile.  Apparently he didn’t hear the aggression used by young men sporting swastika arm bands.  Apparently he didn’t hear the anti-semitic remarks being made and by-standers being called “faggots.” Apparently he didn’t see torch fuel being thrown on college students.  He must not have seen the students circling the statue of Mr. Jefferson being surrounded by Nazis and beaten with torches and clubs.

I saw these things.  Corey, educate yourself.  I will send you the information.  Look outside yourself and what you want to be true for your own political gain.

Corey has 2 fine young sons who are rapidly growing up.  I feel almost positive he would be horrified if his sons joined any white nationalist group.  I was horrified to see how young the boys/men were in the torch procession.

Yes, there are violent groups out there who are not White Nationalists, Nazis, or KKK.  There are militia groups and Antifa.  Here is the difference, Corey:  Redneck Revolt, Antifa and BLM have not killed millions of people, or even thousands.  The Nazis and KKK have.  That fact alone ends the discussion.

His behavior with Chris Cuamo was no better:

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Corey Stewart announces the “most vicious, ruthless campaign” against Tim Kaine for the Senate

Corey Stewart announced his run for senate, July 13, at his Prince William home, saying “I’m going to run the most vicious, ruthless campaign against Tim Kaine.”

Corey Stewart, Chairman At-large for the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, who just recently completed a fairly successful run to be the Republican candidate for Virginia Governor, used fighting words to announce his run for the U.S. Senate, challenging Democrat Tim Kaine.

Stewart proposed he would not be “holding back any punches” and said he was “disgusted” when George H. W. Bush had promised “a kinder, gentler nation.”

Corey does not disappoint.   Emboldened by a near-successful primary bid for the governorship, Corey will continue with his mini-me Trump-like behavior as the Trump administration circles the drain daily.  As more and more is uncovered in the various Russia-gate capers,  the Trump administration appears to be headed for a crash-and-burn scenario that will ultimately end in impeachment and removal from office.

Stewart is a seasoned local politician who could overcome the set-backs, on a local level, that a politically naive Trump will have trouble extricating himself from.  Unfortunately for Stewart, he now plans on swimming in shark-infested political waters that might just be a little more than he bargained for.

I can’t see Corey driving “old Dixie down” this go-round.  The primary is over.  Corey won’t be running for governor.  Corey will run for the Senate.

Will Corey seriously run on keeping Robert E. Lee while waving the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia?   On a national level, that stuff just won’t fly.  There has to be substance about issues most Virginians care about like jobs, health care, threats from foreign invaders. etc.    Those who turn out for a primary simply aren’t the same folks who turn out for a general election. v

RPV Chairman rebukes Corey Stewart for racialist slurs

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued a release this afternoon condemning PWC Chairman Corey Stewart’s racialist slur.

From the press statement:

The term “cuckservative” is racist and its use is not acceptable in political discourse under any circumstance. I condemn the use of the term unequivocally and without exception.  No Republican should ever use this type of language in a campaign.

Would someone please tell me what a “cuckservative” is.

The Jeffersoniad has an article explaining the situation.  I am not sure  I understand a bit better. This must be Republican-speak.

The Jeffersoniad also reprinted what Corey originally said and also a few of his more vulgar remarks.

Supposedly Prince William County leaders have called for his resignation.

Why does Corey insist on embarrassing us all here in Prince William County?  I was embarrassed by his antics in Charlottesville also.

Meanwhile, good for responsible Republicans for calling Corey out.  I feel their pain.


Virginia Republican Convention: WTF?


 Supporters of Ted Cruz dominated a slate of delegates that Virginia Republicans chose Saturday at their state convention, further demonstrating the Texas senator’s mastery of the delegate-selection process.

Of the 13 national delegates picked by party activists here, 10 are Cruz supporters and three support Donald Trump. The tally represents the biggest chunk up for grabs of the 49 total delegates who will represent the state at the national convention in Cleveland this summer.

Despite bruising primary ­losses around the country, Cruz is betting that Trump will not make it to the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the party’s nomination, and he is working to woo delegates who would be loyal to him at a brokered convention.

Cruz came in a distant third in Virginia in the March 1 primary but had enough supporters among the 2,610 party activists who filled an arena at James Madison University on Saturday to win critical delegates.


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Corey Stewart, patron saint of the animals

Click here to sign the petition
Click here to sign the petition

It seems that we have a new St. Francis of Assisi on the BOCS and this is a good thing!  On Tuesday, Corey announced that it was time to build a new animal shelter.  It’s about time.  The older shelter is around 40 years old  and was obviously built when the county had a much smaller people population.  As the people population grew, so did the pet population.

The PWC animal shelter has also become a no-kill shelter.  More space is needed.  According to Bristow Beat:

Corey Stewart (R), Prince William County Supervisors’ Chairman At-large, directed county staff to create a detailed proposal that would look into building a new Prince William Animal Shelter using FY2015 savings.

“When [the Prince William Animal Shelter] was constructed our county was a lot smaller than it is today. Anyone who has visited the shelter, you know that it is absolutely needed, and we have got to do something about the situation,” Stewart said, adding that the shelter does provide excellent service, “but it’s a critical unmet need here in Prince William County that must be addressed.”

Stewart said he believes the county could afford to spend roughly $10-12 million on building a new shelter from FY2015 without affecting the county’s AAA bond rating. However, it would be best to wait until after the December audit.

Nonetheless, he is directing county staff to act swiftly, creating a proposal that the supervisors could then discuss and debate, and then a new shelter could be built “outright.”

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Chairman Stewart prioritizes quality of life issues and education


Saying Prince William County residents are more concerned about overcrowded classrooms than their annual real-estate taxes, Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart proposed a change in local tax policy Tuesday that would focus more on raising needed revenue for schools and county services and less on capping tax hikes.

Stewart, R-At Large, floated the idea during a joint meeting of the county Board of Supervisors and School Board held at the Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center.

Pointing to the recent two-year county survey, as well as a separate survey his office conducted for political purposes, Stewart said increasing traffic congestion and school overcrowding are more immediate concerns for many residents than taxes.

“Regardless of your political stripes, people are more concerned about their quality of life at home than they are about keeping tax bills so low, I mean 30 percent lower than in Fairfax and Loudoun counties,” Stewart said. “There’s a price we are paying for that.”

Thanks goodness Corey Stewart sees that going on the cheap just isn’t a winning ticket for Prince William County.  He is correct.  Quality of life issues and education are important to the people of Prince William County.  People want more parks and open space, smaller classrooms, better roads, and  responsive public safety.

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Corey Stewart: A view from Prince William County–how they really see you

dark ages3

On another blog, in a time not so long ago, a little supervisor contacted all the dark masters to see what could be done to help him win an election.  This time became known as The Dark Ages of Prince William County.

Yes, Corey Stewart, we are talking about YOU.  Remember when you jumped on the Rule of Law bandwagon and went after everyone Latino?  You didn’t just go after criminal illegal aliens.  You went after everybody.  You actions tore at the very fabric of our community.  You rubber stamped thousands of  homes to be built  while targetting those who came to our community seeking work in the building industry.   You  meanwhile lined  your war chest with developer money.

You used  immigration to your own political gain, inciting a county rather than seeking sensible solutions.  You made promises that could not be kept, knowing that what you said could not be implemented.  You back-stabbed your colleagues on the Board of Supervisors by giving their emails to local bloggers.  You allowed the police chief to be called a traitor by your blogger buddies.  His “sin” was meeting with immigrants and Latino community leaders to explain the new changes and to reassure them that they would not be profiled.  The BOCS had directed him to do this.  Chief Deane deserved better.

Your Rule of Law Resolution that you chest thumped so hard about allowed probable cause to be used to intimidate immigrants.  Even though you declared probable cause would change over ‘your dead body,’ it did change and you tried to obfuscate the situation and claim that you supported the new Rule of Law all along.  This new rule was ushed in by supervisors who had had time to think about what was being done.  In the end, anyone arrested had their status checked, a far cry from random checks that happen when ‘probable cause’ is the law of the land.

Now local Republicans have turned on you.  I expect they see you as a candidate who lacks convictions.  Your code of ethics seems to stop at anything that isn’t self-serving.

Corey, you divided a county for political gain.   It seems now that much of the community has turned on you simply because you have made poor decisions.  You pledged to keep part of our county rural, yet the minute you were in office you approved thousands of acres to be exempt from the rural crescent restrictions.

You really have kept your promises to no one.  Good luck tomorrow.  I doubt if you will get much support from those of us in the ‘hood.  I hope you aren’t counting on the Latino vote.  The people of Prince William County  have long memories.  Virginians don’t take to betrayals real well.

Corey, you could have fooled me!

No Latino voters for Core-man
No Latino voters for Core-man

I got another beg letter from Corey.  He wanted money.  I am not sure why he thinks I am his friend.  Part of his  email contained the following:

The media is at it again. Just two days ago, a columnist from the Richmond Times Dispatch labeled me “an immigrant basher”.

It is no doubt this statement arises from my leadership of the nation’s toughest crackdown on criminal illegal immigration

In Prince William County, if you are arrested for a crime and it is determined that you are here illegally, then our law enforcement officers hand you over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

I need your help in this fight to combat the never ending liberal media attacking our conservative values.  A donation of $25, $50, $100 would go a long way to help me spread my message of conservative governance.

Every person who is being arrested is checked, regardless of age, sex, race, etc. If upholding the Rule of Law makes me “an immigrant basher” than let them name call, I am willing to deal with such petty insults for the safety of Prince William County’s 425,000+ residents. Since we enacted our illegal immigration policy, there has been a 47.8% drop in violent crime and we have handed over more than 6,000 criminal illegal aliens to ICE.

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Corey goes to Cirque du CPAC: the model of just “hanging out with the bros”

It seems that when Cirque du CPAC came to town, Corey bought a ring side seat as well as setting up his own p[rivate sideshow.

I hope this is a do as I say, not as I do lesson from Mr. Stewart.  I really want to know where he goes to hang out with the bros and the hombres here in Prince William County.


I simply don’t believe it has happened.  He doesn’t hang out with minorities.  Now just what would he tell them?  Would he tell them about how he “led the charge” to run illegal immigrants out of the county?  Would he tell them how he has bragged everywhere there is a mic about how forceful he is?  Would he share with them how he has manipulated [read LIED] crime facts and figures to indicate how much crime was diminished since he, Corey Stewart, ran off all the ” illegals?”  I just bet they were all impressed.  NOT!

PWC Board of Supervisors for Sale to Highest Bidder

Guest Post by Not Surprised

Disclaimer: The content of the guest contribution is the opinion of the guest and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the management of


The “News and Messenger” reported Tuesday that Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart and another unnamed supervisor are “concerned” about a ruling of the Zoning Administrator.

 According to the N&M article, the Army has awarded a contract to the firm Spectrum, which is constructing a facility in an office park near Dumfries to provide healthcare services for members of the military and their families. Healthcare services for our men and women in uniform and their families, and additional facilities to serve the needs of the new military families relocating to Eastern Prince William County because of BRAC sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Not to everyone.

 A competing firm with facilities already located in the area, CRAssociates (CRA), is objecting on the basis that Spectrum will have a dispensary in its facility, which CRA characterizes as a retail pharmacy. Retail pharmacies are prohibited in the proffers for the office park where Spectrum is constructing its facility. The County Zoning Administrator has already ruled that Spectrum’s dispensary will be an allowed ancillary use at its facility and will not be a retail pharmacy, along the lines of a Rite-Aid or CVS. Thus, the facility Spectrum is constructing and plans to open next summer complies with County zoning and proffers for the area.

 So why are Chairman Stewart and another unnamed supervisor “concerned” about the Zoning Administrator’s ruling and going to bat for CRA?

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Unfunded Mandates

There will always be people who want to put their own spin on things.  Actually the BOCS meeting last Tuesday and the legislative action taken really wasn’t about illegal immigration.  It was about good governance.  And our BOCS failed the test. 

No one I am aware of is arguing that the current process of checking immigration status after one is arrested is a bad thing.  Most people I know feel that this is a fair, workable solution to a troublesome problem.  No one wants criminals on the street. 

The problem Tuesday began with lack of transparency.  The final UVA Report was unavailable for preview before the presentation.  For $385,000, this just should not be happening.  The agenda had irregularities.  The posted agenda showed  recess was scheduled and a press conference planned during the recess.  Again, this was highly irregular behavior and there was no explanation given.  Should citizens be suspicious?  To add to the confusion and obfuscation, 2 supervisors left during the business meeting and met with the press.  Why did the press have to be spoken to before the meeting was adjourned?

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Want to get sued like Arizona?

Sometimes it isn’t a real good idea to draw negative attention to one’s self.  Now that the UVA Report on Illegal Immigration has been finalized, it will somehow be interpreted and reinterpreted as the Chairman feels necessary. 

First off, YOUR UVA report that YOU, the taxpayers of PWC paid almost $400,000 for is now residing on the Chairman’s Virginia Rule of Law Act website.  You can even download it from there.  I suggest that the Corey Stewart  read the report cover to cover because he is getting some of the information wrong–dead wrong.



Here is what the report actually say about serous crime: 

Crime and arrest statistics reported by PWCPD do not, on the whole, show reductions that might be associated with the immigration policy, but they do show that serious violence, particularly aggravated assault, has dropped sharply in recent years. Considering that illegal immigrants account for only 3% of offenders currently arrested for aggravated assault, it seems unlikely that the policy was a major cause behind this trend, but it could have been a contributor. Finally, the views of officers, as measured in interviews and surveys, are somewhat mixed. Most feel that the policy has been effective in controlling crime and disorder related to illegal immigrants, but they are split as to whether the policy has reduced crime overall, and their general view is that immigrants do not contribute heavily to serious crime in PWC.

Additionally upon inspection of the crime statistics from the Prince William County Police website:

in 2007, there were 310 aggravated assaults committed by both adults and juveniles.  In 2008 there were 197 aggravated assaults committed by both adults and juveniles.  That is a reduction of 113 aggravated assaults or  a  36.5% decrease.  Yet the chair tells us there was a 47% decrease. 

Mr. Stewart needs to tell the truth and stop reworking the numbers to suit his own personal goals and agenda. 

Finally, in the BOCS meeting yesterday, Mr. Stewart and the other supervisors who voted in the affirmative seem to want the state to adopt PWC”s illegal immigration policy of status check post arrest.  The model legislation bill  (click to download) tells another story.  It is an IRLI form with Virginia Rule of Law Act written on it also.  It goes much further than the Prince William current  model and has the thumb print of F.A.I.R. and Mike Hethmon all over it.   It permits probable cause stops to check for immigration status as well as other things that just might get the state sued. 

I think most of us don’t want to end up like Arizona.  If Corey Stewart, Ken Cuccinelli  and F.A.I.R. have their way, that is exactly where the state of Virginia will end up. 

We commend the Prince William County police for the job they do, under the leadership of Chief Deane.  The PWC model that questions status of all people post arrest is a workable solution to the problem.  What works for our community might not work for another.  Let’s not dictate what others should do.  Millions of dollars were spent to get to where we are now.  Its time to move on without going through all of this again. And Virginians  certainly don’t need to be F.A.I.R. lab rats again.



Corey Stewart didn’t leave us in suspense long….

That’s one thing you can count on.  Corey didn’t leave us in suspense for long.  Here’s what it was all about:

Dear Subscriber,
I will appear on Fox & Friends this Thursday morning at 6:20 a.m. to discuss exciting developments in our fight to curb illegal immigration in Virginia. I need your help. Please let me know if you have any stories of how illegal immigration has hurt your community by replying to this email.

I’m going on Fox & Friends on Thursday because I have exciting news for the Virginia Rule of Law Campaign. For the first time, a neutral third party has confirmed that states and localities can combat illegal immigration through law enforcement. I’ve included some highlights from the report for you below. It is important we start telling our local and state elected officials about this report. You can click here to read the report that was presented to the citizens of Prince William County.
Highlights from the Report:
  • Aggravated assault declined 46.7% as a result of the policy (while increasingly dramatically in neighboring counties, 75% in Loudoun, and 37.5% in Spotsylvania)
  • Hit-and-run accidents declined 41% as a result of the policy
  • Substantial numbers of illegal immigrants did leave the County
  • Prince William County is viewed by its residents, regardless of race or ethnicity, as inclusive and as a great place to live

That neutral third party he is speaking of is the  UVA Report that our supervisors willingly allowed to be attached to our legislative package.  We, the taxpayers of Prince William County,  paid almost $400,000 for that report, according to news sources,. 

I rest my case.  He was sure in an all-fired hurry to have that press conference  and to vote on that attachment to the legislative package.  How does it feel to have contributed almost $400,000  towards Corey’s Virginia Rule of Law Act? 

I hope everyone writes to John Stirrup, Maureen Caddigan, Mike May, John Jenkins and Wally Covington to thank them for giving it all away.  Expect county supplies, technology and personnel to  follow suit and be spent on this initiative.  He can now use his office and OUR resources to pursue his own personal goals. 

I am totally disgusted.   Corey couldn’t even give it 24 hours, could he?  Any time someone needs immediate need fulfillment like was exhibited yesterday by Corey, be suspicious.

You might also want to ask who Corey’s Faux News link is.  I guess he had to speed things along locally so he could make his date with destiny on Faux News Thursday morning. 




News & Messenger says Study: Prince William policy drove away illegal immigrants

From News & Messenger:


Since the Board of County Supervisors’ controversial illegal immigration resolution was passed, thousands of illegals have left Prince William.

However, crime, for the most part, has not changed significantly.

So says a two-year study conducted by the University of Virginia’s Center for Survey Research and presented to supervisors Tuesday.

Originally passed in October 2007 and revamped in April 2008, the resolution states: “Officers shall investigate the citizenship or immigration status of all persons who are arrested for a violation of a state law or county ordinance when such arrest results in a physical custodial arrest.”

Overall crime — with the exception of a near 30 percent drop in aggravated assault cases — has not changed significantly since the resolution was adopted. Partly because of the police department’s efforts to quell robberies before the resolution, violent crime has been trending downward in the county for the past decade.

The News & Messenger  further reports:

On the other hand, based on several statistical analyses, the study showed between 2,000 and 6,000 illegal immigrants left Prince William after the resolution’s approval.

From 2006 to 2009, the Hispanic population (which accounts for nearly three-fourths of all non-citizens in the county) increased 18.8 percent in Northern Virginia but just 3.6 percent in Prince William

I am fairly flummoxed by the report on the report, found in Then I read the Washington Post report and it took a similar stance:

The county’s police and elected officials requested the study to look at the implementation and effects of a policy – adopted in 2007 and modified in 2008 – that requires police officers to check the immigration status of all people arrested on suspicion of violating state or federal law.

The original policy directed officers to check the immigration status of people only if there was probable cause to believe that they were in the country illegally.

The study indicates that some changes in the Hispanic population can be attributed to the policy, but the researchers make it clear that the policy’s implementation coincided with the economic downturn, the mortgage crisis and the decline of the construction industry.

Because of those factors and others – for instance, the county’s having modified its policy to be less controversial and the county’s having a well-funded police department – the lessons of Prince William’s experience should be applied with “great caution” in other places and other times, said Thomas Guterbock, director of U-Va.’s Center for Survey Research.

Walking away, it looks like there was a great deal of angst and money spent.  Perhaps now I see why the great rush to vote on attaching the Prince William model to the legislative package to the state.  See bold above.  Lucy once again pulls the football out from under Charlie Brown.  Tsk Tsk.  They were warned.  Did Frank and Marty know something the others didn’t? 

Perhaps the best move would be to take our report, cut our losses, thank our lucky stars that cooler heads prevailed in 2008, hope our house values return, encourage businesses to come to the county, and move on.  Perhaps we shouldn’t advise others to do what we did here in Prince William.  But of course, it was all about an election.  And unless leopards have changed their spots, todays legislative action was all about an election also, we just aren’t sure which one. 

Just out of curiosity, does this now mean that Corey can work on his Virginia Rule of Law Campaign on company time using company employees?