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Absentee ballot leaks

October 5th, 2015 No comments

I blew my knee out last July.   It still is problematic and I reinjured it at the gym.   Why am I telling this info on a blog….well…stay tuned.  There really is a point.

I got to wondering if it was going to be better or worse in November.  What if it is worse?  How can I stand in line to vote?   So I did what I thought was the logical thing to do, I registered to vote absentee.

Now I find out that everyone in the world has access to this information.  I have already gotten one personalized letter from a candidate.   Why is the fact that I am voting absentee a matter of public record?

Is nothing private?  I am surprised they didn’t have bad knee written on the form.



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Open Thread…………………………………………………………..October 1

October 1st, 2015 18 comments



My favorite month is finally here.  Good things happen in October.  Leaves change, the air gets crisp,  mosquitoes go away, and fire pits get used.

Today, October 1, we are wondering if we are going to get struck by a late hurricane named Joaquin.  It’s warm, humid and rainy today, nothing like the beautiful October to arrive in the next week or so.

It’s time for wineries, farmers markets, and leaf watching.  After this summer, I am more than ready!



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Immigrant Catholics: How things once were

September 24th, 2015 6 comments

It hasn’t been that many decades since there was real prejudice towards the Irish and central Europeans immigrants, mainly because they were Catholic.    Remember the days of WASP and what it stood for:  White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.


What a difference a few decades can make. Today, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these Catholic immigrants occupy the halls of Congress, governors’ mansions and state legislatures. One of them currently resides in the Naval Observatory. And when the head of the Catholic Church comes to visit, he will be warmly welcomed and hailed by politicians of all parties and all faiths.
Indeed, America has traveled a long road since the days when many native-born Americans regarded Catholic immigrants as an ideological and racial threat.

But it’s also a fitting time to recall how things once were. Pope Francis arrives amid a political season rife with violent rhetoric directed at millions of Catholic immigrants and their American-born children. Much like an earlier generation of newcomers who faced a toxic blend of racial and nativist backlash, today’s Catholic immigrants have found themselves the unwitting subject of an intense debate about the very meaning of what it means to be an American.

Are we still revisiting the same old prejudices, just from other countries?  It seems so.

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Open Thread………………………………………Wednesday, September 2

September 20th, 2015 22 comments

hello september


The leaves won’t be changing for a while.  Right now August is in September.  Soo the skies will turn bright blue and the air will be crisp.  The nights will be cool and at times chilly.

The crickets and jarflies are loud–loud enough to drown you out if you are sitting on your deck.  In the evening, the frogs try to outsing the crickets.  Ants are marching many by many trying to store up food for the winter.

Everything is alive in fall, hurrying to get the last of the warmth and light in before the cold winter sets in.

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The CNN Republican Debate: Cheers and Jeers

September 16th, 2015 8 comments

Let’s keep this short.

A. Name who you think did the best job.

B.  the worst job.

C.  Who gave the best one liner?

D.  Who made the most irresponsible statement?

E.  Who is your least favorite candidate?

No hi-jacking allowed.



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Never Forget: 9-11-2001

September 11th, 2015 73 comments

never forget

There doesn’t seem to be much on TV this year about 9-11.  I suppose 14 years does make a difference.  However, I want to see live footage.  I want to feel the rage and the resolve I felt that day.  I fear that if I don’t use this day, 9-11-15 and every 9-11 moving forward, I will grow complacent and sloppy.

I don’t want to get over it.  I need my refresher course of outrage dished out yearly.  I will never forget watching TV that night, after being sequestered away from TV that entire day, and thinking out loud, of all the gall!  the nerve! the effrontery!   Then a slow anger came over me that I don’t want to dissipate over the years.

9-11-2001 changed how Americans do business forever.  Our travel will never be the same.  Just getting a driver’s license is different.  Our entire way of proving who we are will never go back to the way we did things on 9-10-2001.  We are a nation now on our guard against terrorism in everything we do.  I so resent that disturbance.

The day before yesterday our house mate came in and told me he saw a woman who was wearing a full burqa strolling her baby down the street.  I didn’t see her but I was outraged over his sighting.  I don’t like the lack of security–I want to know who is walking up and down my street.  I don’t like people hiding their faces.  I see no difference in wearing a burqa and wearing a stocking mask.  If I saw someone walking down the street in a stocking mask, I would call the police.  Why should my risk assessment be different in this case?

Please share your feelings.  Mine aren’t particularly rational but they don’t have to be.  9-11 wasn’t a rational day and no, those of us alive on 9-11-2001 will never forget!

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Bernie Sanders to Hold Manassas Rally Monday 9/14/15

September 10th, 2015 7 comments


Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will hold a rally Monday, September 14 8 p.m. at the fairgrounds, 10624 Dumfries Road.  The gates will open at 6 p.m. and admission is on a first come, first serve basis.

Earlier in the day, Sanders will give the convocation at Liberty University in Lynchburg, then travel to Manassas.

Senator Bernie Sanders is an Independent from Vermont.  He is running as a Democrat.


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Palin, the perpetual dumb-ass

September 7th, 2015 28 comments

According to Sarah Palin, immigrants need to speak “American.”  I have never heard of “American.”  I have heard of American English but not the language “American.”

It stands to reason that “Spanish”  and “French”  and Navajo would all be considered American since Mexico, and all of Central America are part of America.  Perhaps Sarah Palin doesn’t realize that the United States of America is a country within North America.  There is also a South America. I would wager that they speak “American” also.

According to

Immigrants to the United States should “speak American,” former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said on Sunday, adding her voice to a controversy triggered by Donald Trump’s criticism of fellow Republican White House hopeful Jeb Bush’s use of Spanish.

“It’s a benefit of Jeb Bush to be able to be so fluent in Spanish, because we have a large and wonderful Hispanic population that is helping to build America,” Palin said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“On the other hand, you know, I think we can send a message and say: ‘You want to be in America? A, you better be here legally, or you’re out of here. B, when you’re here, let’s speak American.’ I mean, that’s just, that’s – let’s speak English,” added Palin, Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

Palin, who is popular among some U.S. conservatives, said that “a unifying aspect of a nation is the language that is understood by all.” Most of the illegal immigrants in the United States come from Mexico and other Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.

When will she ever stop speaking?  She now wants to be Secretary of Energy so she can do away with the Department.  I think she might have to involve Congress for that maneuver.


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Migrant crisis, part 2

September 4th, 2015 14 comments


The humanitarian crisis in Europe continues to grow each day.  I believe these people are more than migrants. They aren’t moving for jobs or education or even new cultural experiences.  They are moving to save their lives.  The longer these people are denied refugee status, the longer Europe can put off accepting the inevitable.

The pictures we see now on TV must be the modern day version of what it looked like (see picture above) some  75 year ago, give or take,  when  Europeans, many of them Jews, left their homes and headed to anywhere they presumed they would be safe.  How many of those people were turned away?  How many people were not given sanctuary?  How many of those people and their descendants would be alive today if some town or country had give them safe harbor.

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Kim Davis: Hypocrite or Christian or both?

September 2nd, 2015 26 comments

Kim Davis has gained nation notoriety for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.  Most people feel she should simply resign her  elected position of Rowan Kentucky County clerk.  To date, she has not done so and has said it is a Heaven or Hell decision.

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