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The Crusades boss, the crusades!

September 16th, 2014 4 comments

Mike Huckabee closed out his remarks at last night’s “Star Spangled Sunday” event by recounting how, many years ago, he used to watch Arkansas Razorbacks basketball games when they were re-broadcast late at night, especially when he already knew that they had won the game when it was played live earlier in the day because, no matter what the score was at any point, he knew that his team would ultimately win.

Huckabee urged those in attendance to apply this same lesson in response to the threat from radical Islam, saying that they should read the Bible in order to realize that the Christians will defeat the Muslims in the end

The sons of Ishmael? Come on, Huckabee, these aren’t the crusades.

I actually hope that most of the Muslims agree with us and want to get rid of terrorists who insist that only one brand of Islam is practiced. Why would he try to pit the entire Islamic world against Christians!! That really isn’t what this is about.

First he throws down the gauntlet by dividing us clearly into Christians vs Muslim. Then he declares us the victors. Next thing he will be wondering why there are religious wars. What a dumb ass.


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Adrian Peterson: Was it just a “good switching?”

September 15th, 2014 47 comments

Was the Adrian Peterson case overkill? Minnesota Viking Peterson was arrested for supposedly beating his 4 year old kid with a tree branch.  Let’s walk this one back a bit.  Could some of these charges be hyperbole?

The classic switching is well known to many kids and adults. Many kids even had to go select their own switch.  Could a switch be also called a “tree branch?”  Of course.  Forsythia probably makes the best switches, especially if you let the shrub grow freely.

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Holy Batman! Border Vigilantes Confront Scientists

September 14th, 2014 44 comments

A frequent message among anti-immigrant activists is that the federal government is refusing to do its job in guarding the border, and therefore civilians should consider joining border patrol militias to stop the purported massive flood of immigrants, sometimes with tragic results. Calls to join such vigilante groups only increased with the rise of unaccompanied minors fleeing drug violence in Central America, even though the minors were actually seeking out border patrol officers.


This week, one of these armed groups ambushed a group of geologists who were “counting bats in a local cave” for a wildlife survey. One of the researchers told the Huffington Post, “We didn’t know what they were doing. We started hiding behind rocks. We’re not doing what they’re saying, and they’re acting kind of jumpy. … We had them yelling at us with spotlights, acting like they have some kind of authority.” Of course, that led actual Border Patrol officers to come to the scene of the (non)crime…taking time away from their, well, actual job that they are supposedly not doing -

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After Ray Rice: What’s the new standard

September 10th, 2014 10 comments

There are all sorts of defining moments where the rules all change.  The press will never turn the other way after the Senator Hart and the Monkey Business.  Behavior between men and women in the work place will be forever changed after Anita Hill.  Lots of things changed post Watergate.  Sports figures will never get by with domestic violence after Ray Rice was banished from football after a video was released of him coldcocking his soon-to-be wife in a elevator, knocking her unconscious.

Many folks were already upset that the NFL had such lightweight sanctions on players who were involved in violent acts against others.  Penalties were longer for those who were arrested for drug use than for beating one’s wife to a bloody pulp.  All that is going to change now and it should.

Hopefully these kinds of sanctions will carry over to other sports and to other career fields.  Domestic violence has to have sanctions. Now, here is the question.  Would we feel differently if the roles were reversed?  What if the perpetrator was not a well-know athlete?  Would we have the same abhorrent reaction?  Is this about size difference?  Gender?  Would we be as upset if a wife or girl friend flew into a rage and pummeled an athlete?  No one seemed to care that Mrs. Woods broke up tiger’s golf clubs. Speak to the issue of domestic violence please and do we cut slack to women to beat on their husbands?

So what do we do about ISIS?

September 8th, 2014 47 comments


Basically, we don’t have that many choices about ISIS.  We can ignore them, we can attack them from the air, we can form a world coalition to destroy them, or we can put boots on the ground to go to war with them.

What should we do, given we have been at war in this area off and on for 25 years.

The U.S. State Department has made a video advising young people to “Think again, Turn away.”   U. S. officials want to discourage all recruitment.

Is the video too crude?  Too graphic?  Will some see it as free advertising for this terrorist group?


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Bill Nye on Common Core

September 6th, 2014 21 comments

I would throw in over regulation by government as a reason not to do Common Core.  I opposed it early on because of the mess that was made with No Child Left Behind.  Of course, Common Core dictates what to teach nationally.  We have the SOLs.  Those are a more rigorous curriculum.

So enough on what I think.  Do you agree or disagree with Bill Nye?  I do think he is spot on about killing one’s passion for learning.  The SOLs have been doing that for years.  Why the same token, there should be some standards in Virginia’s schools.

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McDonnells found guilty of conspiracy

September 4th, 2014 74 comments

verdict in

Both McDonnells have been found guilty of conspiracy.  They were found guilty of most of the 14 counts.

The courtroom became the scene of many emotional outbursts and a flood of tears as the verdict was read.

The media is describing this  situation   as a dramatic fall from grace.  At one point, he was being courted as a vice presidential candidate.


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Open Thread………………………………………………Wednesday, September 3

September 3rd, 2014 62 comments

queen anneQueen Anne’s Lace in all its simple elegance fills the Virginia landscape in mid-summer and fall.  Queen Anne’s Lace is actually a relative of the lowly carrot.  In fact, you can smell carrot when you pick this plant which grows wild pretty much everywhere.

When I was a kid, I used to stick a bloom or two in ink or food coloring to dye the lace.  I have long forgotten all the plant part names but I think I did learn a little something about how nutrients travel in the plant world by doing this simply kid trick.

Queen Anne’s Lace has other companions that hang out this time of year.  Black Eyed Susans are one such road-side wild flower.  What are other Virginia favorites?

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Devil worshippers in Greece? No atheists need apply

September 3rd, 2014 20 comments

When last we left the town of Greece, New York, the Supreme Court had just blessed its legislative prayer policy, announcing that expressly sectarian prayer, which persisted over many years, prior to town council meetings does not violate the storied tradition of nonsectarian  legislative prayer and is therefore acceptable under the First Amendment. Since that sunny week in May, the town of Greece has been confronted by many well-meaning applicants from across the country, seeking a chance to be the legislative chaplain. This list of supplicants evidently included “someone who wanted to sacrifice a small animal, a man identifying himself as the devil, and a representative of a movement calling itself the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.” So great was the clamor to lead worship in Greece that the town decided last week to enact a formal, written prayer policy to determine who could lead prayers and who could not.

The Supreme Court has handed down some real bone-headed in the past view years.  The Greece decision is one such really stupid decisions, in my humble opinion.  Regardless of intent, when you must pray to participate in government, the government IS establishing a religion, albeit for a brief period of time.

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Chris Christie: No retreat, no surrender?

August 23rd, 2014 Comments off

I am no Chris Christie fan. I neither like nor dislike him. However, this unseen woman is simply being a pain in the ass. Good for Chris Christie for coming back at her.

I am a Bruce Springsteen fan, as is the New Jersey governor. Christie is known for his support for New Jersey artists, in particular, The Boss.

How do you cut the mic on people who just want to be obnoxious pains in the ass like this woman apparently wants to be?

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