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Open Thread………………………………………Friday, October 31

October 31st, 2014 4 comments

pumpkins manyeyes3

BOOOOOOOOO!  Happy Halloween!

What are you going to be?  Do you have enough candy for all those kiddies who might be coming to the door?

I get trick or treaters of all ages.  Some of mine have been clearly high school kids.  I don’t mind as long as they have good manners.  Most of my visitors do have good manners.  All of them say thank you.

I don’t get huge numbers of kids.  Too much work to work my street, would be my guess.  Most self-respecting kids know that the smartest Halloween kids work the townhouse communities.   You can get a pillowcase full of candy running through a townhouse community.

Most of my visitors, except the teenagers, have parents with them who are carrying flashlights.  I think that is important.  Kids shouldn’t be out on their own.  Even though I live in an older, established community, parents just can’t be too careful.  It’s reassuring to look out from the porch and see that a group of kids have a parent or two watching what’s going on.  I feel safer and I know those parents feel their kids are safer.

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Redskins: Where the source of pride is real

October 27th, 2014 26 comments

I used to travel a lot more than I do now. I used to love to go to the west and whenever I did, I visited Indian reservations when possible. I looked at the schools and checked out the mascots. Up and down the west coast, from Washington State to New Mexico (I know New Mexico isn’t ON the coast line), I saw school after school with that dreaded name for a mascot–Redskins.

I thought it was sort of neat. That settled the local issue here in D. C. for me. Obviously the term “Redskin” as a mascot certainly didn’t offend Native American kids. As shown in the video, the Redskin mascot is a great source of pride.

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Open Thread……………………………………………..Sunday, October 12

October 25th, 2014 184 comments

halloween housesfall-leaves-th

Fall here.  Most of us have a yard-full of leaves that have fallen much earlier than usual.  29 and 66 are lined with leaf watchers, many headed to the skyline drive to observe Mother Nature at her very best.

Its time to plant bulbs.  Iris, daffodils and tulips all get planted in the fall.  In spring we are always surprised and treated to the joy of our efforts.

Where are you leaf-watching?  What are you planting?


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Major cheating at UNC: NO Class

October 23rd, 2014 10 comments

no class unc

According to

The University of North Carolina on Wednesday admitted its academic-fraud-for-athletes scandal was worse than the public has previously been told. That’s saying something. After all, the practice at Chapel Hill of steering football and basketball players into fake classes had already made North Carolina the epicenter of a national debate about the corrupting effects of the $16 billion college athletics industry.

Several considerations regarding this widespread

1.  The deceit was widespread and aimed at keeping athletes eligible. For years, UNC officials have resisted the obvious indications that academics were compromised to promote sports. That resistance has finally collapsed. The latest in a series of university-sponsored investigations revealed that over 18 years—from 1993 through 2011—some 3,100 students took “paper classes” with no faculty oversight and no actual class attendance. Almost half the students enrolled in the phony courses were athletes. Many of the basketball and football players “were directed to the classes by academic counselors” assigned to advise athletes, UNC said in a written statement. “These counselors saw the paper classes and the artificially high grades they yielded as key to helping some student-athletes remain eligible.”

In other words, to keep members of UNC’s top-rated basketball team on the court, professional “counselors” encouraged flat-out academic fraud.
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Party with the Palins

October 21st, 2014 68 comments

Let’s party with the Palins, redneck style. Has there been a more common candidate in recent memory?

Andrew Jackson apparently led a fairly rough and tumble life. Perhaps the Palins are the incarnation of Old Hickory.

We came too close to having Sarah Palin in the White House. Where is Billy Carter when we need him?

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Ebola conspiracy theories and the village idiot

October 18th, 2014 42 comments

ebola white house;

Along with the onslaught of news stories about Ebola have come the inevitable conspiracy theories, some half-baked and nonsensical and others thoroughly researched—laid out to reel in even reasonable folks.

 In one corner of the Internet, we learn that President Obama created the Ebola virus—or Obama-Ebola—to “infect the DNA of Christians and to destroy Jesus so that a New Age of Liberal Darkness can rise in America.” Obamacare, we are told, is the cover organization to find the cure, and the virus will infect all Americans in the next month.

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Meet the new Ebola Czar

October 18th, 2014 2 comments

Everyone else had other jobs to do. Klain has a reputation for getting things done and being able to network. He understands policy.

Do we need an Ebola Czar? It probably wouldn’t hurt. Meanwhile, the jury is still out.

If I were a betting woman, I would bet that we temporarily suspend commercial air travel between Western African countries and the USA. What do you think?

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Pete Candland Attempts to Retread the Immigration Issue

October 14th, 2014 33 comments

Dear Pete,

I would never have guessed that you too would have fallen so quickly into using children to propel you into the “immigration” spotlight.  I realize that you were probably not paying attention back in 2007 when this now, recycled tactic, was originally used and abused.

So allow me to take this public opportunity to educate you.  Back in 2007 John Stirrup, along with Corey, focused much of their attention on the “invasion” of children from South America into our public schools system.  They also wanted reimbursement for the supposed “free” education.  Only here is the problem, it wasn’t free (if you live in the county, in a house or apartment)there is a real estate tax being paid on that dwelling.  In case you weren’t aware, THAT is what pays for our schools.

Also, now pay attention, this is another critical piece of information, there is this pesky Supreme Court ruling, Plyler v Doe.  We HAVE to educate all children, I know, so irritating, but hey, I guess we could live in Afghanistan where no one has to be educated.

HHS is providing funds to house and educate these kids while we determine if sending them back home is a death sentence.  It may be, ultimately, this is the critical difference between you and me, you see, I see them as refugees.

You can’t claim “compassion” for children and yet have your actions be self-serving while possibly inciting another chapter of Help Save Manassas.

You are going down a dangerous moral path,  my friend, and I sincerely hope you rethink this journey you have chosen to embark upon.


Climate change: a new pro-life position?

October 9th, 2014 53 comments


A group of evangelical Christians is taking to the airwaves in Florida to urge Republican Gov. Rick Scott to take action on climate change, arguing that it, too, is a “pro-life” issue.

“I’m pro-life, and I’m pro-family,” says one female voice featured in the ad, sponsored by the Evangelical Environmental Network. “And I do believe we should do all we can to protect our environment. It was given to us by God.”

“Climate change is real. It endangers the health of our children, worsens poverty throughout the world, and threatens our economy,” says a male voiceover. “Call Governor Rick Scott and tell him as pro-life Christians we believe care for God’s creation is one of the greatest moral challenges of our time. Tell Governor Scott now is the time to act to curb climate change.”

Scott has been a target of a number of campaigns asking him to acknowledge the reality of climate change. Earlier this year, Scott avoided a question from a reporter about whether he believes climate change is happening, after previously saying he did not believe it was. A group of climate scientists recently organized a meeting with Scott to encourage him to take action on climate, and billionaire investor Tom Steyer’s group NextGen Climate Action recently launched an ark tour to call him out on the issue. Scott is currently up for reelection in the state, and is facing former Gov. Charlie Crist in a close race.

Evangelical Christians have also been working to convince Scott. The latest ad is running on Christian radio stations throughout the state.

If we are  directed to be stewards of the earth, what these Christians are saying makes a great deal of sense.   If climate change is real, and many folks believe it very much is,  then shouldn’t we all concern ourselves with making the earth as habitable as possible?

All too often, some of those on the right snicker and carry on over any suggestion that we do anything pro-environment.  They act like “tree hugging” is a nasty word and those who do want to conserve the Earth are a batch of sissies.  This mentality needs to be extinguished.


Okra plant seized in raid

October 7th, 2014 11 comments

Good old boys with two much time on their hands or what? You would think in Georgia that law enforcement should know what okra looks like.   Someone needs to serve a lot of desk duty over this one.   Is there any way that a simple “I am sorry” makes up for this blunder?

Georgia police raided a retired Atlanta man’s garden last Wednesday after a helicopter crew with the Governor’s Task Force for Drug Suppression spotted suspicious-looking plants on the man’s property. A heavily-armed K9 unit arrived and discovered that the plants were, in fact, okra bushes.

The officers eventually apologized and left, but they took some of the suspicious okra leaves with them for analysis. Georgia state patrol told WSB-TV in Atlanta that “we’ve not been able to identify it as of yet. But it did have quite a number of characteristics that were similar to a cannabis plant.”

Indeed! Like cannabis, okra is green and it has leaves.

Let the stupidity continue….


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