Brexit: The masses are asses

union jack

The whole world is reeling after a milestone referendum in Britain to leave the European Union. And although leaders of the campaign to exit Europe are crowing over their victory, it seems many Britons may not even know what they had actually voted for.

Awakening to a stock market plunge and a precipitous decline in the value of the pound that Britain hasn’t seen in more than 30 years, voters now face a series of economic shocks that analysts say will only worsen before they improve. The consequences of the leave vote will be felt worldwide, even here in the United States, and some British voters say they now regret casting a ballot in favor of Brexit.

“Even though I voted to leave, this morning I woke up and I just — the reality did actually hit me,” one woman told the news channel ITV News. “If I’d had the opportunity to vote again, it would be to stay.”

Apparently many Brits who voted to leave really didn’t think it through.  The financial implications of leaving the European Union are going to be disastrous for them.  Great Britain had its own currency.  They were allowed to secure their own borders.  Now their currency is devalued, their stock markets have plummeted and no one knows what the future holds.

I fear many Americans will jump on this feel good bandwagon also.  How many have fallen for Trump’s bullshit?  How many people will wake up the next morning with severe voter’s regret in November?  How many voters are beguiled by big mouthes’ stupidity?

I really wish the Brits hadn’t been dumb asses.  I lost 5 figures today…that’s 5 figures in one day.  I would hope that things will straighten themselves out in the next few weeks but we have no way of knowing what the future holds as more countries are emboldened to leave the EU.  In a global world, issues ricochet right off each other.

We live in uncertain times.  Meanwhile, Scotland voted to remain with the EU.  Where do they go from here?




The FOIA Wars–PWC style

I got texts about last night’s BOCS meeting.  No, I didnt see it.  I got up at the crack of dawn and watched it and I was disgusted–totally disgusted.  Was I disgusted at Corey?  Oh hell no.  I sent him a congratulatory text.  NO, I didnt think he was vulgar.  I thought he was forceful and at the end of his rope with the whining and interrupting.

What did not fall on deaf ears was the fact that Pete Candland admitted that he was bullying (my words, not his) Supervisors Jenkins and Principi because he felt like he was being bullied with FOIA requests by the Democratic school board chairman and the chairman of the Democratic party.  Well, that makes perfect sense in the world of two wrongs make a right. Except two wrongs don’t make a right.  Two wrongs are still wrong, by people with standards of decency.

What the hell did Jenkins or Principi do to Candland?  Nothing.  They are Democrats.  That’s their sin.  Candland and crew have squandered thousands of county man-hours on meting out his revenge.  According to Mrs. Caddigan, Mac Haddow was signing off on these FOIA requests.  Was that to keep Candland’s hands squeaky clean?

What Candland is overlooking or refusing to admit is that it is his close affiliation with the attack blog, The Sheriff of Nottingham blog that has brought all this about.  Throw in his mentor, Mac Haddow, who is seen by many Prince William residents as a bully and as having far too much influence in the Gainesville District.  It appears that he is calling the shots, through Candland.

Pete tried to bleat out that Mrs. Haddow was attacked.  By whom?  I have heard no one attack Mrs. Haddow.  I saw that her salary was discussed.  That was not an attack on her personally.   I feel certain that Mrs. Haddow wasn’t given the luxury of setting her own salary.  Besides, I hardly think she was getting wealthy from working in Candland’s office.  (nor is her son-in-law who took her place)

Perhaps the problem here is that the Gainesville Magisterial District office is simply too close to a family that is wielding too much power through Pete.  That is what needs to stop.

Pete, spin it any way you want.  The real issue is the attacks on others emanating from that blog, the former blog that was run by Haddow and the disruption in other areas (committees, etc).  Both my blog and its former co-partner, Elena were attacked by the Gainesville Truth Squad.  What kind of impression do you think we have?   That is just a blip on the radar of those who have been attacked.  Many others have also suffered with the half-truths and the vitriol.  When do you think people are going to get mad and fight back?

When Pete was running for office the first time, I put up a cartoon with Corey as puppet master, dangling a Petey puppet.  I was wrong.  Corey wasn’t the puppet master.  Today, if I ran that same cartoon, I would commission my cartoonist to draw a different puppet master.  3 guesses who it might be.

Pete, knock it off.  Chose less contentious people to mentor you and stop picking at and bullying your colleagues.  You embarrass the Gainesville District.  Call off your attack dog.

This piece on Moon-howlings is simply my opinion based on personal experience and what I have just viewed.  I have no “birdies” or other gossips chirping in my ear.

If anyone calls me from Candland’s office, don’t.  It’s happened before and I don’t want it to happen again.

The link is working sporadically.  If you need to go to the county website, the “show” begins at 3:17 into the meeting and ends around 4:02


Corey, Corey, Corey….NO! Walk this one back, please!


 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks about the “Mexican” judge presiding over a fraud case against him has drawn condemnation from many Republicans.

Corey A. Stewart is not among them.

Stewart, the chairman of Trump’s Virginia campaign and a GOP contender for Virginia governor in 2017, turned to Facebook to offer Trump his full-throated support.

When Trump travels to Richmond on Friday for an evening rally at the Richmond Coliseum, Stewart will welcome him to the commonwealth. Stewart has warned that if there are any illegal immigrants protesting at the Richmond event, “we’re going to kick their asses out of the country.”

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More than a Name on a Wall

All our fallen warriors are important.  However, some hold a special place in our hearts, as individuals.  We cherish them not just for who they are but for their families and friends.

This past year I had my XX high school reunion and touched base with many old friends from Charlottesville.  I talked with Brenda, a high school friend.  We somehow got on the subject of Charlie Milton, who was killed in Vietnam.  Charlie was a high school chum of mine and a little more than that to her.  We both had a good cry and promised to go to The Wall together.  I had already located Charlie a number of years ago.  It still breaks my heart.

Did I mention that this song in the video, was written by another classmate, John Rimel.  He and Jimmy Fortune co-wrote More than a Name on a Wall together.  One of their friends had been killed in Vietnam.  It was so good to see John and he had changed so much.  He was tall, distinguished, and still so very talented.

As I close, I think of my friend Mark and his wife who lost their son in Iraq.  Colin was certainly more than a name on a wall to his family and friends.

Maybe its time for us as a nation to start thinking about the cost of war in human terms.   I have gotten so I can barely stand to go to The Wall any more.  That’s my generation.   My mother felt that way about the WWII Memorial.  She never went.  Perhaps neither of us has the stomach for war.


Tribute: Some Gave All

Some have given all since before we even were a country.  There have been approximately 1.1 million American casualties in all our wars.

Those numbers do not reflect the number of Americans who have been maimed by war.


Something to consider:

When men talk about war, the stories and terminology vary – it’s this battle, these weapons, this terrain. But no matter where you go in the world, women use the same language to speak of war. They speak of fire, they speak of death, and they speak of starvation.

Abigail Disney


Memorial Day Weekend, 2016: A Tribute to Warriors

Over the Memorial Day weekend, will pay tribute to those who have fallen. I hope you will drop by to help us remember those who gave all. On Memorial Day proper, Monday, George Harris will share his thoughts with us.

So, as we move into the holiday weekend, let’s remember that many, many warriors have not returned and that some who have will never be as they were.

Freedom has a huge price tag.

If you see a vet, I have never met one yet who doesn’t beam when you thank them for their service.  Rolling Thunder is usually a big giveaway.

Thanks to all our special vets here at Moonhowlings!  Thanks for your service!

Kelly**, George, Steve, BS, Moe, Starry,  Ivan, Cargo….Roll call!  Who have I left out?



** a special shout out!!!!

Trump trashes Republican Governor Martinez of NM

ALBUQUERQUE — Donald J. Trump is unlikely to win the general election unless he improves his dismal standing among Hispanics and women. But his efforts to win over those two crucial constituencies is off to a rocky start.

On Tuesday night, Mr. Trump purposefully attacked Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico, who in addition to being the most prominent Hispanic woman in American politics, also happens to be the chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association.

Appearing at a campaign rally in Albuquerque, the largest city in Ms. Martinez’s state, Mr. Trump unleashed a blistering assault on the governor, who skipped the event, by saying she was “not doing the job.”

He faulted her by falsely asserting she was allowing Syrian refugees to settle in the state, and blamed her for Albuquerque’s unemployment numbers as well as the increase in the number of New Mexico residents on food stamps.

“It’s your governor’s fault,” Mr. Trump told thousands of booing supporters. “We have to get your governor and get going. She’s got to do a better job, O.K.? Your governor has got to do a better job.”

The swipes at Ms. Martinez, delivered in two separate instances during his speech, seemed designed to send a message: If the presumptive Republican nominee is attacked, critics can expect Mr. Trump to hit them back far harder.

What is this guy’s problem?  Ms. Martinez is highly respected.  Trump gets low marks with both women and Latinos.  These kinds of unprovoked attacks certainly will harm him politically with these two groups.

Hopefully those who must say they support Trump to stay in good graces with their party will just go behind the curtain on election day and write in Mickey Mouse or some other more deserving candidate.

Meanwhile Trump continues to try to buy his ticket to the White House.  I simply will have no respect for any Republican who caves and supports this man.  There is just something evil about him.

Bearded student barred from his own graduation

beard 2

“I refused to shave because I felt as if that was ridiculous being that I went the whole school year with my facial hair,” he told The Post in a text message. “Plus, students from other schools in the district who graduated earlier that week marched with their facial hair, so why couldn’t I?”

Jones said he refused several times — then they asked for his gown.

“My parents came down and had a conversation with the school board members, discussing why they weren’t letting me march,” he said, “but it seemed as the superintendent wasn’t trying to hear anything they had to say.”

He added: “I just watched my graduation from the stands.”

Davis said Jones, a teenage father, worked hard in school, earning a 4.0 GPA and excelling in sports — track, football and basketball.

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Erickson accuses Republicans of hypocrisy

RedState Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson makes comments to attendees at the 2014 Red State Gathering, Friday, Aug. 8, 2014, in Fort Worth, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Conservative activist and radio host Erick Erickson, distraught at Republican voters choosing Donald Trump as their nominee, wants the GOP to officially apologize to former president Bill Clinton.

In a Friday blog post, Erickson accused Republicans of hypocrisy for having impeached Clinton in the 1990s for his conduct toward women, while now backing a “womanizer” in their own party.

“Republicans owe Bill Clinton an apology for impeaching him over lies and affairs while now embracing a pathological liar and womanizer,” said Erickson. “That apology will not be forthcoming. In fact, for years Republicans have accused the Democrats of gutter politics and shamelessness. Now the Republicans themselves have lost their sense of shame.”

Erickson has long been a Trump critic and recently admitted that he will not support the presumptive GOP nominee, nor will he support Hillary Clinton, who is likely to win the Democratic nomination.

“On the campaign trail, Trump was more a pathological liar than Bill Clinton ever was,” said Erickson. “He smeared his opponents, their wives, and their families. He embraced 9/11 trutherisms that George Bush was to blame for the attacks, he peddled malignant, false stories about Ted Cruz’s father, and few Republicans ever called on him to account. Many gave him passes on the lies they would never give to Bill Clinton.”

I absolutely agree with with Erick Erickson.   (Gasp)  How can anyone criticize any other politician for lying and morals if that person defends or supports Donald Trump.  Hypocrisy is at an all time high in elephant-villa for those who criticize anyone other than Trump.  If Erick Erickson thinks someone is sexist and repugnant, then geez, it must be true.

Isn’t he the guy who constantly demands that women get back to the kitchen and cook his dinner?

The world has turned upside down.

Trump becomes presumptive nominee of the GOP

Trump has won Indiana.  Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race. Kasich is still in but has no chance of winning.

Where does that leave the Republican Party?  Has Trump changed the face of the traditional GOP?

The pundits and talking heads have gone wild.  The Trumpites have been seen as the usurpers and the new face of what defines a Republican.  Supposedly they want change and feel that ‘the establishment” has been unresponsive to them.

I don’t have an opinion at this point.  I am just sitting back and watching the circus.

Your opinion, por favor.  What is this phenomena?  Has Trump replaced what we normally think of as the GOP?

Israeli killer goes to prison for life

ben david

 The ringleader of a group that kidnapped and burned alive a Palestinian teenager two years ago — a revenge killing that shocked many here because of its savagery — was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison plus 20 years.

Yosef Haim Ben-David was convicted of murder and kidnapping last month. Ben-David, 32, the owner of an eyewear shop in Jerusalem, lived in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. He is married with a young daughter and is the son of an ultra-
Orthodox rabbi.

The killing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir in 2014 was part of a summer of violence that contributed to the war between Israel and the Islamist militant movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Before his sentence was read in court Tuesday evening, Ben-David made a brief statement. “I apologize for what happened,” he said. “I ask forgiveness of the family for all that happened.”

Ben-David said he had served as a volunteer for one of the emergency response teams that assist ambulance crews at the scenes of accidents and attacks. “I attended to both Jewish and Arab bodies,” he said. “I always considered the human form and respect for the dead to be holy.”

Good.  Ben-David did a horrible, evil deed.  His country, Israel,  found him, tried him,  found him guilty and sentenced him to prison for killing a Palestinian youth.   He is getting what he deserves.   Can we safely assume that when Palestinians  kill Jews their country will hunt them down, prosecute and sentence them to prison with equal vigor?  That doesn’t seem to be happening.


Open Thread………………………………..May 1

Glastonbury Tor at sunrise on Beltane
Glastonbury Tor at sunrise on Beltane

May 1 is significant to people in and around the United Kingdom because  of Celtic folk lore.  Many people celebrate Beltane, or a spring fertility ritual.   Americans tend to celebrate May Day.  That custom has sort of gone the way of the high button shoes.

Regardless, May 1 is a time of great merry-making, especially among the young.

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 30: Beltane Fire Society performers celebrate the coming of summer by participating in the Beltane Fire Festival on Calton Hill April 30, 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The event celebrates the ending of winter and is a revival of the ancient Celtic and Pagan festival of Beltane, the Gaelic name for the month of May. The festival was first organized in the mid 1980's. (Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images)
Young stags romp