Colbert “Trumps up” Jon Stewart over Zadroga Act

Stewart made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and continued to push Congress to do the right thing, and pass a permanent extension of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.

Colbert opened his show by having a bit of fun at Donald Trump’s expense and treating his audience to some footage of Trump having a some trouble with a bald eagle in a photo shoot (which we discussed here) and was interrupted by Stewart who explained he was there to draw attention to the cause of the 9-11 first responders and to get Congress to vote yes to extend their health benefits.
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The Starbucks cup late night laughs

It seems that Donald Trump jumped on the wrong horse for this one! He looks even more like a fool. Meanwhile, those who don’t think red and green is Christmasy enough…well, most of America is not with you. Suggestion, write Merry Christmas on your own cup. Problem solved.

Starbucks has gotten a huge boost out of someone’s stupidity.  The local stores are slammed with customers.  Their Christmas merchandise is flying off the shelves in all the Starbucks lobbies.  I need to get up there this afternoon before it is all picked over.

Do you all this some marketing genius at Corporate thought this one up?   Meanwhile, ho ho ho.


Migrant crisis, part 2


The humanitarian crisis in Europe continues to grow each day.  I believe these people are more than migrants. They aren’t moving for jobs or education or even new cultural experiences.  They are moving to save their lives.  The longer these people are denied refugee status, the longer Europe can put off accepting the inevitable.

The pictures we see now on TV must be the modern day version of what it looked like (see picture above) some  75 year ago, give or take,  when  Europeans, many of them Jews, left their homes and headed to anywhere they presumed they would be safe.  How many of those people were turned away?  How many people were not given sanctuary?  How many of those people and their descendants would be alive today if some town or country had give them safe harbor.

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He’ll huff and he’ll puff and he’ll blow the House down

Sesame Street, it seems, is just as excited for this Friday’s release of Season 3 of “House of Cards” as all of Washington.

The storied children’s show released a parody Monday called “House of Bricks” modeled after Netflix’s hit series. The video takes David Fincher’s theme music and anti-hero Frank Underwood’s Charleston-inflected accent in a version of the “Three Little Pigs” fairy tale adapted to Washington.

Frank Underwolf, a muppet version of the “House of Cards” protagonist, aims to huff and puff and blow down the straw and stick houses on the block so he can get to the White (Brick) House.

It’s almost here!  House of Cards!  Frank Underwood!  Don’t mess with me or talk to me on Friday.  I will be very busy–binge-watching.  I have waited all year.  Settle your own blog issues.  I will check in, once, half-heartedly.  If the blog blows up, settle it yourselves.

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Transparent KKK or Condom Men?


I am a bad person.  I simply could not resist. Once I saw this picture which was taken of the Virginia General Assembly at the Inauguration yesterday, a SNL skit went running through my bad head.

What a horrible picture.  I can’t decide if the Virginia General Assembly looked more like Condom Men or if they looked more like a transparent KKK rally with their pointy  hoods.  At any rate, it is a horrible, unforgivable picture.   I am scarred for life just from seeing this photo op which was in the Washington Post.

“Carry me back, to Ole Virginny….das where our assemblymen …”  oh, never mind.  If there are assembly women in there, I simply cannot tell.  No, no women.  No woman would come out in public in a condom costume.

Surely there could have been other contingent plans for rain other than matching KKK condom costumes.

**NC Republican precinct chairman resigns after Daily Show interview**

No, it isn’t a spoof!!!!

Yes, its a spoof, but why have I known people who talk just like this southern dude? In fairness, do you find this kind of ignorance north of the Mason-Dixon line? I say yes.  Just not in this skit.

The new voting laws in North Carolina go beyond getting an ID.  At Appalachian State, the polls are often several miles from the campus and off the beaten path.  It appears that the new laws are  more against democrats than against any minority.  The changings have come from republican controlled state legislatures.

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SNL: Winners and Losers

In fairness to the website at, different companies had different sections contracted out to them. then the contractors had to make all the different components talk to each other. I believe my friend who was one of the managers for the Medicaid end of it told me, 150+ different parts had to all communicate. Then when the website got slammed with 2.8 million inquiries, it’s no wonder things were a little iffy there for a while.

Jon Stewart: Sodomy! Zygotes! Welfare! (Virginia is for Lovers?)


Jon Stewart has the Cooch’s number.  He also shows clips from the Cycle with Krystal Ball’s commentary.  Meanwhile, Virginia is again the laughing stock of the nation. Stewart says Virginia is for Lovers (of the missionary position).

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Bill Maher trashes libertarians

Fair or not, Bill Maher makes funny fun of libertarians. Casting satire aside, is Maher on to something?

Maher says “the conservatives whose obsessions with Ayn Rand have “ruined” the political philosophy for him.”

According to

Once a supporter of Libertarianism and its views on government intervention, Maher explained why he thinks politicians such as Paul Ryan and Rand Paul are “intellectually stuck in their teen years” and have turned a once promising movement into a free market-obsessed, “nanny state”-fearing delusion.

Maher went on to defend his new views on Libertarianism by mocking the party’s tendency to reject government services even when they are arguably very useful:

“To everyone who keeps trying to shame me about abandoning my Libertarian moorings, my message is this: I didn’t go nuts, this movement did. Like when you see a stop light, your reaction should be ‘Great, an easy way to ensure we don’t all crash into each other,’ not, ‘How dare the government tell me when I can and cannot go!”

Maher strongly implies that libertarianism is akin to being in an arrested stage of development

Jon Stewart takes Iran to Camera 3

In light of an Iranian nuclear scientist being killed in a car bombing, it seems only right to call attention to Jon Stewart’s dire warning to Iran.  He sternly takes the errant country to Camera 3, Jon’s serious camera.  There, he kicks their booty and warns them of what might be coming down the pike:


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Jon tells them to stop pulling on the great Satan’s beard.  Scarey that Rick Santorum just said he hoped we were involved in killing their scientists.  Does anyone thing maybe someone should tell Santorum just to shut up?  Real pro life, Rick.