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Greg Reynolds gets it right!

April 15th, 2015 9 comments

Greg Reynolds called out Pete Candland and Jeanine Lawson over their budget machanations. How many more times are they going to waste valuable staff time by “tweaking” the budget?

The majority of people in PWC approve of the 3.88% budget. Pete and Jeanine, give it up. Listen to Greg. He has been around a long time and is a very wise man.

The BOCS needs to pass the 3.88% budget without further ado.

April 25: Citizens beware! Hostile take-over!

April 13th, 2015 23 comments


If anyone out there in Prince William County  land really believes that the fire-house primary scheduled for April 25 is an accident, I have a bridge for sale.  Life isn’t that random.  The harbingers of hostile-grab have been out there for months.  The plans have been in the process of being laid for  several years.  We have been warned time and time again.  I am just not sure who was really listening.  Some of us were.

Even if no one was listening, we should have all sat up and taken notice when a GOP candidate was eliminated from his primary because he filed his paperwork late.   Now what is the likelihood of 2 different late filings disqualifying people within the same two months in the same county?  I am just not buying it.  Essence of rat comes wafting in once again.

Look no further than the Gainesville Cartel.  Let’s face it, the contenders for supervisor wouldn’t have a ghost of a chance in a general primary.  The Gainesville Cartel has been recruiting and building its contenders over the past year or so.  It starts with tearing down others and building up little-known people into something they are not.   Recruitment has been heavy handed at times.  The tearing down and destroying has been going on for quite some time.  Just follow the internet ink.

The ultimate goal is to party-bust and rid the local party of all Republicans who might be not only too moderate but also might not be under the influence as those who would see themselves as king makers.  Yes, there is some definite royal ego involved in all this political chicanery.

It’s very safe to say that voters will not be getting an independent thinker if any of the supervisor contenders are elected on April 25.  The puppetmaster will be ever-present, not far behind the candidate contenders, speaking in their ear.  Should the contenders win the fire house primary, it will almost surely end up a sweep for Democrats.  That’s just what happens when those with tea-party mentality try to take over a county.  Prince William would become a former image of itself, with  even more drastically reduced services and a leaner educational system.

I can hear the Democrats doing the heavy breathing thing, smacking their lips and salivating over the thoughts of their win.  If the supervisor-contenders pull this off, and they very well might, because of the nature of fire house primaries, then they will face a general election where all bets are off.  The Democrats  see the shady business going on with the bat-snot crazy side of the local GOP and are sitting back chuckling, waiting for the fall-out to settle.  They won’t even have to soften the  Republicans up after the hostile take over.  The local GOP will have already handled that end of things.   This election is ripe for the picking by lucky Democrats.

Meanwhile, I understand that concerned citizens have contacted the DOJ over election ….errrr…irregularities.  They should.  Something is rotten in Prince William County.


Judge denies the incumbents a primary

March 20th, 2015 47 comments

A judge refused Friday to overturn the Prince William County electoral board’s decision to block Republican efforts to hold primary nominating contests for several incumbent members of the Board of Supervisors.

After a court hearing, Judge Paul Sheridan said he doesn’t believe he has the authority to tell the county electoral board to reverse its position on the matter, which began when Republican party officials missed the state deadline for requesting primary elections for Prince William County board of supervisors chair Corey Stewart and three other Republican incumbents who wanted them.

“It’s not for a judge, in light of all this, to tell a political party or state and local agencies how to proceed,” said Sheridan, a retired Arlington County judge brought in to hear the case, which has roiled political waters in Prince William County.

So the incumbents have been screwed.  Perhaps just as important is the fact that the voters have been screwed. For example, I cannot vote for anyone in the fire house primary.  I don’t pass the Republican purity test.  I voted in a Democratic primary in the past 5 years.   I also voted in a Republican primary, being an Independent.  I also cannot vote because I vote absentee.  You cannot vote absentee in a firehouse primary.

It’s a sad day for both incumbents and voters.  I have no idea why the deadline was missed but it just isn’t right.  To the general public, it looks like there is some voter fraud going on.  I am not sure how, but eventually something will leak out.  I just find it incredibly strange and non-random that the targeted people have been boxed in to this situation.  I expect there will be a lot of “pew packing” at the firehouse primaries to make sure that the incumbents are ousted.

I hope if that happens that the incumbents run as independents.  I will set aside a little money to donate to their campaigns should that happen.  Fair is fair.  And this situation wasn’t fair.  I still smell a rat…a big one.

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March 19th, 2015 2 comments

The tax assessments are in for tax year 2015.  What on earth has all the hype been over.  I was expecting to have to take out a second mortgage just to be able to afford the increase.  I had been eyeing the cat food for months now, figuring I was going to have to substitute at least a couple meals a week with the stuff because of PWC’s oppressive tax burden, imposed by all those “tax and spend” supervisors.

Such is not the case.  Back to hamburger and chicken.  The sky is not falling.  My tax bill increase, if it stays at the advertised rate hovers in right around $300 per year.  That’s about $25 a month.  I think I can afford that.  Oddly enough,  the tax amounts have gone down.   The assessment statement was much more detailed this year.

2013    $1.2562

2014    $1.2212

2015    $1.1936 (advertised)

Its pretty obvious that our tax amounts have decreased.  The actual housing assessments have increased which shows growth in the county.  You always want your house to be appreciating.  PWC housing assessments have always been low, compared to what you can get on the real estate market so things are even better.

The bottom line is, my taxes will go up a little bit more than they did last year.  My house is worth more.  My taxes were fairly flat for several years after the great recession so I am really not going to complain.

However, the tea party mentality people of the county will have you believe that our current supervisors have been fleecing us for the past 8 years.  That is simply a lie.

I live in an older neighborhood, Sudley, to be specific.  My house is about 45 years old.  Sudley has held its value fairly well and most streets still look presentable.  It’s not grand living though.  If you want granite countertops you have to remodel your kitchen.  If you want 10 foot ceilings you are pretty much out of luck.   If you want mature trees, you are in tree heaven.   Some of the people squawking the most about taxes live in much fancier digs than I do.  Perhaps some of them need to return to normal living if their taxes are too high.

I have lived here a long time.  I expected my taxes to go up over the years.  They have not disappointed me.  They have.  This yearly occurrence is normal.  It is what happens.  If your taxes are too high, you either bought too much house for your income or you really shouldn’t be living in Northern Virginia.


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Something is rotten in the County of Prince William

March 17th, 2015 9 comments

The Prince William County court case over whether primary elections should be held for board of supervisors chairman Corey Stewart and three GOP colleagues has a hearing scheduled for Friday, officials announced on Monday.

Stewart (R-At Large,) county Sheriff Glenn Hill and supervisors Martin E. Nohe (Coles) and Maureen S. Caddigan (Dumfries) filed the lawsuit last week to overturn a county electoral board decision against staging primary elections after a local party official missed a state deadline requesting that they be held.

The incumbents hope to avoid a less predictable firehouse canvass or caucus nomination that would draw fewer voters and more likely favor lesser-known opponents.

One might want to stop right here and ask one’s self who has been behind shaking all the challengers out of the woodwork.  There has been some pretty active recruiting going on for about the past year.   The three board supervisors have also been the object of picking, mimicry, cheap shots  and down-right lies for several years.

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PWC Incumbents denied a primary

March 13th, 2015 14 comments

The Prince William County Board of Elections, which recently switched to Democratic control, has denied a request to allow several local Republicans – including Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart and Sheriff Glen Hill – to defend their seats in the June 9 primary.

In an emergency meeting Wednesday, the three-member board met to consider whether Stewart, Hill and supervisors Maureen Caddigan, Potomac; Pete Candland, Gainesville; and Marty Nohe, Coles, could defend their seats in the state-run primary — even though the local GOP committee missed a Feb. 24 deadline to make that request to the Virginia State Board of Elections.

The three-member board, which switched from Republican to Democratic control March 1, denied the request in a 2-to-1 party line vote.

This might not sound like a big deal if you are one of the folks who isn’t part of the party faithful, but I can assure you, it is.

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Pre-election prognostications

February 25th, 2015 34 comments

This upcoming supervisors race is getting increasingly amusing.  Some of it is very predictable.  Some of it, not so much.

I hear things. I never tell names and tales in the same breath.  It cuts off your source of information.  Information is gold to a blogger.  You can use it wisely and prudently or you can shot-gun it all over the place and blow folks out of the water.  I have seen both.  I try to follow the former rather than the latter path.

I find it laughable that the same person ran his own strong-arm candidate acquisition scam.   I think about 20 people got strong armed.  Not many people have the stomach for this game so many just said no.

It appeared that there would be one Republican candidate and one Democratic candidate for the BOCS chair.  Then along came a rival, yapping at Corey heels.  I question the wisdom of  Candland support so early in the game.  That sends a clear message to the current chairman that Pete Candland is an adversary and doesn’t plan to work with Corey at all.  Candland might as well have declared war.  Why would you want to send that message, just out of curiosity?  Is that smart to show your cards that early in the game to someone of the same party, sitting on the same board?

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Budget work session part 2: untelevised at Buckhall Fire Department

February 24th, 2015 19 comments


The next budget work session will be this coming Saturday at the Buckhall Fire Department on Yates Ford Road.  It will probably be a  lot more comfortable and a lot more homelike for the supervisors and staff.  I am not so sure it will reach more people.  In fact, I am betting it reaches fewer.

The session cannot be broadcast.  The only possible broadcast must be from the board chambers.  The meeting cannot be changed back to the chambers because it has already been advertised for the Buckhall Fire Department.

I felt the session last Saturday was very informative.  Even though the session ended early because of the horrible weather, I felt like I was coming away with a lot better knowledge of how the county worked.  I am so sorry the decision was made to hold part 2 in another location.

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Who’s the wealthiest of them all?

February 17th, 2015 18 comments

From Forbes:

Rank County State Median Household Income
1 Loudoun County Virginia
2 Howard County Maryland
3 Fairfax County Virginia
4 Hunterdon County New Jersey
5 Arlington County Virginia
6 Stafford County Virginia
7 Putnam County New York
8 Somerset County New Jersey
9 Douglas County Colorado
10 Morris County New Jersey
11 Montgomery County Maryland
12 Prince William County Virginia
13 Nassau County New York
14 Santa Clara County California
15 Charles County Maryland

Prince William County is #12. That’s not too shabby. Half the households make more than $93,744 annually and half make less. Loudoun, of course, puts us to shame with a top median household income of nearly $118,000 per year.

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School Board needs to hold BOCS’ feet to the fire

February 6th, 2015 54 comments


The Prince William County School Board gave the Superintendent guidance on preparing a budget that would explore cuts to discretionary programs, Wednesday, but would fund teacher salary increases and class size reductions across one grade level in the district.

In discussion, the proposal to eliminate full-day kindergarten proved to be unpopular amongst board members. School Board members were also unhappy about eliminating specialty programs, but nonetheless agreed to review them along with other discretionary programs. 

Back in December, the Board of County Supervisor’s provided its own budget guidance to the County Executive. They asked her to create the county’s Fiscal Year 16 [FY16] budget based on a tax increase of 1.3 percent, rather than the 4 percent tax increase prescribed by the board’s five-year plan.

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