Guidelines for Discussing Individuals

These guidelines would pertain to people who are not elected officials

1. Describe the behavior or decision specifically and say what it is you don’t like.
2. Steer away from names and name-calling please.
3. Keep it professional
4. Put yourself in that person’s shoes

Blog owners can be jackasses, just not Elena and me.

Politicians can be jackasses. They knew they would be called that before they ran for office.

We are particularly sensitive to remarks made about County employees. No, they are not exempt from criticism but they also aren’t elected officials. cannot be seen as a place where employees are sliced and diced. Too many of our friends work for the county and know where we live……. 😉

Guidelines for everything else:

5.  Please choose a moniker.  Anon and Anonymous will not be approved as of Nov.  21, 2010.  It gets too confusing.    Stand behind your pseudonym!

6.  It really isn’t wise to be rude to Elena and me.  We get even.

7.  The Golden Rule is in effect here.

8.  #1-4 really aren’t a bad idea in general.  Apply them to everyone.

9.  No bathroom humor.  It will come down.  No discussion.

10.  We never promised anyone an uncensored blog.  It definitely is a censored blog as are all blogs.