More PWC citizens for the sex offenders registry

May 8th, 2015 15 comments


Every once in a while I just have to be cruel.  But take a look at these toads.  Do any of us want our children associating with these creeps in any way?


According to

A joint proactive operation between April and May 2015, targeting individuals soliciting minors for sexual acts online, concluded with the arrest of seven individuals, one from Gainesville.

This operation, conducted by members of the Northern Virginia/DC Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, including detectives from the Prince William County and Manassas City Police Departments, was not in response to any specific incident and did not involve actual children.

“Undercover detectives used an undisclosed online site and posed as underage juvenile females,” police spokesperson Officer Jonathan Perok said. “As a result of the investigation, multiple men contacted the undercover detectives and, during the course of communications, solicited sexual acts.”

Perok said these conversations took place through electronic means over the course of multiple days.

“In each of the incidents, the suspect made arrangements to meet the undercover detective at a public location in Prince William County,” he said. “Once there, members of the task force arrested the individual without incident.

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Republican House considers altering birthright citizenship

May 8th, 2015 15 comments

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution doesn’t leave much in the way of wiggle room: the rights of American citizenship are given to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States.” It’s a principle generally known as “birthright citizenship,” and after its enactment following the Civil War, the Supreme Court has protected the tenet many times.
But as Republican politics moved sharply to the right, and anti-immigration sentiments within the GOP became more extreme, the party’s “constitutional conservatives” decided the principle, championed by Republicans nearly 150 years ago, needs to go. Shortly after the “Tea Party” gains in 2010, ending birthright citizenship was added to the far-right’s to-do list.

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70th anniversary of V-E Day May 8, 2015

May 8th, 2015 3 comments


Meet the 19 WWII planes of the D.C. flyover – Washington Post

During the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover on Friday, a wide array of legendary World War II aircraft will be seen over the Mall. Here’s a guide to recognizing them. The aircraft will depart from Culpeper and Manassas regional airports around 11:30 a.m. and will fly in fifteen flyover formations. The first formation is estimated to be over the Lincoln Memorial at 12:10 p.m.

This absolutely should be an impressive flyover.  I would love to be on the Mall but other obligations prevent me from going.

It’s hard to believe that war has been over 70 years.  I grew up in its shadow.  Every other sentence out of the mouths of the adults around me included “during the war.”  It was omnipresent.

Have we moved past WWII?   I am going to suggest that many of the world events we are dealing with today are a direct result of actions taken during or after WWII.  Most of the middle east issues date back to that time.  (some even go back to WWI)  Asian issues also still exist.  Look no further than North Korea.

Do wars ever really end or do we just have a lull in the fighting, only to have entanglements and conflict crop up in another form?

Happy V-E Day.  My father came home 2 days after V-E Day.  He landed in New York.  It was another time.  I always felt like I had been deprived of great excitement.  My mother thought I was nuts and told me I had no idea how much that war had impacted their lives.

Check out the neat planes in the Washington Post.

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RIP Officer Brian Moore

May 5th, 2015 2 comments


Officer Brian Moore followed his father into the New York Police Department, rose to the ranks of an elite plainclothes unit tasked with confronting the city’s most dangerous street crime and died on Monday, two days after a gunman opened fire on him in Queens.

At the time that Officer Moore, 25, was shot on Saturday evening, he was still young enough to be living in the Long Island home of his father, Raymond. Yet he was seasoned enough in the job he had been drawn to since childhood to have earned accolades from superiors and departmental medals for “meritorious” police work. He had made over 150 arrests since joining the department in July 2010.

“In his very brief career, he already proved himself to be an exceptional young officer,” the police commissioner, William J. Bratton, said in announcing Officer Moore’s death, outside Jamaica Hospital Medical Center on Monday.

“I did not know this officer in person in life,” Mr. Bratton added. “I’ve only come to know him in death.”

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Ding Dong! TRAP laws are dead

May 5th, 2015 8 comments

RICHMOND — Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) ­sided Monday with abortion rights advocates seeking to free clinics from strict, hospital-style building standards, issuing a legal opinion that whipped up those on both sides of the polarizing issue.

Herring’s action reverses an opinion from his Republican predecessor, Ken Cuccinelli II, and put an issue that has long divided lawmakers back on the front burner.

The advisory opinion has no immediate effect on clinics currently operating, but it could influence the state Board of Health when members consider an overhaul of rules. On June 4, the board will review rules that require the commonwealth’s 18 existing abortion clinics to widen hallways, add parking spaces and make other costly building renovations.

Abortion rights groups say those changes are a blatant attempt to close clinics and reduce access to abortion in Virginia, while abortion opponents say the rules are needed to ensure safety for women and access for emergency personnel.

TRAP laws are meant for one thing–to restrict access to abortion. Any concern about women’s safety and health is bogus and disingenuous. People need to educate themselves about what is really involved with some of these TRAP laws.

Unless all outpatient medical facilities have to undergo the same renovations, TRAP laws directly target reproductive care only. Reproductive health care is extremely safe, especially when compared to some other types of outpatient care. Perhaps if vasectomy centers had the same regulations, people would understand how incredibly stupid these laws are. Clinics aren’t hospitals, nor should they be.

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Ben Carson enters the presidential race–seeing is believing

May 5th, 2015 65 comments

Now here is an enlightened kinda guy. When are the Republicans going to tell clowns like this to go away?

Surely Ben Carson isn’t a serious candidate?

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Manassas City: Parrish joins the anti-reproductive rights crew

May 3rd, 2015 37 comments

Against a backdrop of election-year politics, the Manassas City Council moved this week to enact new hurdles for hospitals, outpatient surgery centers and women’s health clinics that want to expand or open new facilities within the city limits.

Residents on both sides of the abortion debate packed the Manassas City Hall chambers April 27 to watch the council update its 69-year-old zoning ordinance to include new rules for “medical care facilities,” which will likely require special use permits to locate anywhere in the city.

Introducing the measure, Mayor Harry J. “Hal” Parrish II sought to frame the issue as “reasonable land-use regulations” intended to allow the council to consider things like parking lot size, hours of operation and access for emergency vehicles before approving the permits, which are also subject to public hearings.

Parrish, who is the GOP nominee in the hotly contested race to replace retiring Sen. Charles J. Colgan, cast the tie-breaking vote on the issue, joining fellow Republicans Marc Aveni, Vice Mayor Jonathan Way and Councilman Ian Lovejoy in supporting the changes.

Republican Council Members Mark Wolfe and Sheryl Bass joined the panel’s only Democrat, Ken Elston, in opposing the measure. A second reading and vote on the zoning ordinance is scheduled for May 11.

All three of the Democrats competing in the upcoming June 9 primary to run against Parrish in November – Del. Michael Futrell, 2nd, Atif Qarni and Jeremy McPike — were present for the vote and quick to criticize Parrish’s decision.

“He’s created this façade that he’s moderate and he really isn’t,” Qarni said. “And this vote is just an example of that.”

Hal Parrish needs to understand that he just lost himself a lot of votes in the 29th Senate District.  He needs to understand that he aided and abetted people who are pushing their own religious agenda down the throats of others.  Parrish needs to understand that his gentlemanly ways that have made people like him will not sweet talk voters out of making him pay at the ballot box.   I cannot vote for him now.

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DC area moulage at Dulles this Saturday prepares first responders for emergencies

May 2nd, 2015 Comments off

If you see smoke and flames at Dulles International Airport on Saturday, don’t panic.

It’s only a drill.

The airport is holding an emergency preparedness exercise to give personnel from across the region a chance to practice their response to a large-scale plane crash. More than 125 volunteers will pose as victims, moulaged to simulate injuries, including broken bones.

As part of the elaborate drill, participants will battle a fire. Others will rescue, treat and transport injured passengers.

The drill will run from 8:30 a.m. to approximately noon. The exercise is being held on a closed runway at the airport and is not expected to impact regular airport operations. Airport officials, however, note that people in nearby communities, particularly those near Routes 606 and 28, and the Dulles Access Road, may see elements of the exercise and should not be alarmed.

Hanging eyeballs, shattered bones, burns, you name it. The “actors” will represent various injuries from a plane crash.  This drill will help emergency first responders react to various types of situations that might present themselves should there be a plane crash.

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6 Baltimore police officers arrested, 1 charged with murder

May 2nd, 2015 31 comments

6 officers arrested. 3 are black. 1 of those black officers is a woman. The other three appear to be white men.

Why do I believe that their guilt has already been determined, regardless of facts?  I hope I am wrong.

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Mother in yellow beats son

April 29th, 2015 55 comments

Go woman in yellow, go! She did what a parent should do when they catch their kid being a thug. That was tough love. When interviewed, she said he was her only son and she didn’t want him to become a Freddie. Sometimes that’s what it takes.

Now, when will so bleeding heart do-gooder start whining because she beat her kid about the head and shoulders? Don’t worry. It is coming. It’s about time people stand up and applaud parents for a good whack here and a good whack there rather than parent-shaming that goes on nowadays.

That kid had it coming. I think that woman was a good mother. She did what needed to be done. Get your ass off the street. She might have saved his life.

This is a discussion America needs to have. What she did was not child abuse in my world.

Confession: yes I have done that to both of mine–not regularly but in extreme times.

Mothers, don’t let your sons grow up to be thugs.  The mother in yellow was a hero.