George Mason rebrands its science and tech center in PWC

March 20th, 2015 1 comment

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It looks like the George Mason University will drop the Prince William part of its name in the very near future.  This rebranding will take place in order to expand the  science and technology center of GMU.  According to the Potomac Local:

In a matter of weeks, the campus will soon be known as the George Mason University Center for Science and Technology. The school will drop the Prince William moniker used since the campus opened in 1997.

“We want to send a strong message that every time people talk about this campus that is it known fro [sic] the cutting edge work that is being done here,” George Mason University President Angel Cabrera told Potomac Local. “It will always be our location in Prince William, outside of Manassas for sure, but is sending a message on what we do here, and it’s part of our strategic plan where we are going to make our science and technology programs grow.”

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Black UVA student sustains head injury at The Corner during ABC arrest

March 19th, 2015 15 comments


Racial tensions flared at the University of Virginia after a black student sustained head injuries while white police officers arrested him outside of a popular Irish pub early Wednesday morning.

The injuries, captured in cell phone videos and photographs from a crowd of students nearby, left the student with bloody streaks down his face, an image that quickly spread on social media. In one of the videos, obtained by The Washington Post, the student calls three officers from the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control “racists” as they try to handcuff his hands behind his back.

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March 19th, 2015 2 comments

The tax assessments are in for tax year 2015.  What on earth has all the hype been over.  I was expecting to have to take out a second mortgage just to be able to afford the increase.  I had been eyeing the cat food for months now, figuring I was going to have to substitute at least a couple meals a week with the stuff because of PWC’s oppressive tax burden, imposed by all those “tax and spend” supervisors.

Such is not the case.  Back to hamburger and chicken.  The sky is not falling.  My tax bill increase, if it stays at the advertised rate hovers in right around $300 per year.  That’s about $25 a month.  I think I can afford that.  Oddly enough,  the tax amounts have gone down.   The assessment statement was much more detailed this year.

2013    $1.2562

2014    $1.2212

2015    $1.1936 (advertised)

Its pretty obvious that our tax amounts have decreased.  The actual housing assessments have increased which shows growth in the county.  You always want your house to be appreciating.  PWC housing assessments have always been low, compared to what you can get on the real estate market so things are even better.

The bottom line is, my taxes will go up a little bit more than they did last year.  My house is worth more.  My taxes were fairly flat for several years after the great recession so I am really not going to complain.

However, the tea party mentality people of the county will have you believe that our current supervisors have been fleecing us for the past 8 years.  That is simply a lie.

I live in an older neighborhood, Sudley, to be specific.  My house is about 45 years old.  Sudley has held its value fairly well and most streets still look presentable.  It’s not grand living though.  If you want granite countertops you have to remodel your kitchen.  If you want 10 foot ceilings you are pretty much out of luck.   If you want mature trees, you are in tree heaven.   Some of the people squawking the most about taxes live in much fancier digs than I do.  Perhaps some of them need to return to normal living if their taxes are too high.

I have lived here a long time.  I expected my taxes to go up over the years.  They have not disappointed me.  They have.  This yearly occurrence is normal.  It is what happens.  If your taxes are too high, you either bought too much house for your income or you really shouldn’t be living in Northern Virginia.


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Something is rotten in the County of Prince William

March 17th, 2015 9 comments

The Prince William County court case over whether primary elections should be held for board of supervisors chairman Corey Stewart and three GOP colleagues has a hearing scheduled for Friday, officials announced on Monday.

Stewart (R-At Large,) county Sheriff Glenn Hill and supervisors Martin E. Nohe (Coles) and Maureen S. Caddigan (Dumfries) filed the lawsuit last week to overturn a county electoral board decision against staging primary elections after a local party official missed a state deadline requesting that they be held.

The incumbents hope to avoid a less predictable firehouse canvass or caucus nomination that would draw fewer voters and more likely favor lesser-known opponents.

One might want to stop right here and ask one’s self who has been behind shaking all the challengers out of the woodwork.  There has been some pretty active recruiting going on for about the past year.   The three board supervisors have also been the object of picking, mimicry, cheap shots  and down-right lies for several years.

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Tom Cotton: Imaging himself as Churchill?

March 16th, 2015 78 comments

You sir, are no Winston Churchill.

What is Tom Cotton afraid of? All this drama queen talk seems ridiculous. You would think that all of the Soviet Union was marching towards DC.

Are people really listening to Tom Cotton? He did not disappoint. He evoked Hitler within one minute. That’s quite a record.

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Happy Pi Day

March 14th, 2015 10 comments

March 14 (3/14) is celebrated annually as Pi Day because the date resembles the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter — 3.14 for short. And this year’s date syncs up with the first four digits after the decimal point, so 3.14.15 looks a lot like 3.14159265359 (etc). That won’t happen again until 2115. In case you don’t remember from math class, Pi is an “irrational and transcendental number” with decimals that “continue infinitely without repetition or pattern,” according to, the official website for the holiday.

π   is made in Windows using the Alt key and on a numerical  pad, typing 227.

Have a great day.  Measure some circles.  Bake a π…err…pie.  Go out for some pie.

π π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π π π  π π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π  π

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PWC Incumbents denied a primary

March 13th, 2015 14 comments

The Prince William County Board of Elections, which recently switched to Democratic control, has denied a request to allow several local Republicans – including Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart and Sheriff Glen Hill – to defend their seats in the June 9 primary.

In an emergency meeting Wednesday, the three-member board met to consider whether Stewart, Hill and supervisors Maureen Caddigan, Potomac; Pete Candland, Gainesville; and Marty Nohe, Coles, could defend their seats in the state-run primary — even though the local GOP committee missed a Feb. 24 deadline to make that request to the Virginia State Board of Elections.

The three-member board, which switched from Republican to Democratic control March 1, denied the request in a 2-to-1 party line vote.

This might not sound like a big deal if you are one of the folks who isn’t part of the party faithful, but I can assure you, it is.

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More violence towards law enforcement

March 12th, 2015 12 comments

Last night, shortly after midnight, 2 Ferguson policemen were shot and seriously wounded.  The shooter is still at bay and a manhunt is underway.

Black leadership is denouncing the violence as is the Obama administration.  No person of decency accepts this horrible behavior towards people who were just standing there in front of their station  at the end of their shift.

So where does it end?  The violence  really needs to stop.  We can’t have crazies picking off cops.  We also can’t have cops and municipalities committing acts like those cited in the Ferguson investigation.  That time has passed.   The protestors have gotten pretty much all they have asked for.  Maybe its time to work towards better relations in another way that exposes our officers to less violence.

What people forget is that cops don’t always see the best of society.  Perhaps its a natural thing to start developing stereotypes when dealing with people who aren’t behaving themselves according to the laws of society.  Cops have to resist the urge to categorize individuals.  They have to rise above it.  If they can’t, then they shouldn’t be cops.

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Jon Stewart: Under miner

March 11th, 2015 15 comments

Well, that’s a new twist. The letter was condescending and arrogant. The response from the Iranian Foreign Minister points out the how ridiculous the Senators have made themselves look.

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Iranian Foreign Minister educates US Republican Senators

March 11th, 2015 19 comments

Republican senators’ letter to Iran about ongoing nuclear talks has prompted a lengthy response from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who delivered an overview of international law as he critiqued the letter.

Zarif said he was astonished by the letter, saying it suggests the U.S. lawmakers “not only do not understand international law” — a subject in which he is a professor — “but are not fully cognizant of the nuances of their own Constitution when it comes to presidential powers in the conduct of foreign policy,” according to Iran’s Foreign Ministry.

The Iranian minister said that “in our view, this letter has no legal value and is mostly a propaganda ploy.”

His response (we have more of it below) came after it was announced Monday that 47 Senate Republicans who oppose a potential deal with Iran over its nuclear program had signed a letter to the country’s leaders.

Coming two weeks before the deadline for envoys to reach general terms with Iran, the signatories wrote that they had been observing the negotiations over potentially relaxing economic sanctions — and told Iran’s leaders they were concerned “that you may not fully understand our constitutional system.”

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