Moon-Howler is out of sorts…for a while

November 10th, 2014 16 comments

I am having some major repair/remodeling work done and it has turned me into a crazy person.  Right now I don’t even have a bathroom.  Well, I have a bathroom, I just don’t have a door on it.  Now, that might not bother some people.  Me?  Yea, I like a little privacy.  I felt like I was brushing my teeth in the middle of Grand Central Station.  Right now, the doors are out on a tree in front of the house.

door tree


This is so bizarre.  I feel like nothing will ever be the same again.  Now I know why I put up with the filth, dust and dated look.  I knew that if I did anything about it my entire life would be turned upside down.

The dogs are protesting also.  The two boys are lifting their legs on everything.  I think they think if they mark their territory nothing will be moved.  That nasty habit will have to be broken.   Today, Day 1 of the remodel,  saw both boys outside, bright and early.  I double dog dare one to lift a leg when this is all done.

Any advice on how to survive this?

What restaurants are open for Thanksgiving?

Bear with me,  this week.  My muse is keeping time to a circular saw and nail gun.

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The Leonids: Fauquier kicks Prince William’s booty

November 8th, 2014 4 comments


Prince William Times:

When:: Nov. 15, 7 to 11 p.m.
Where: C.M. Crockett Park, 10066 Rogues Road, outside Nokesville
Fee: $6 per car
What to bring: Warm clothes

Grab a warm coat and get ready to enjoy the excellent horizons from C.M. Crockett Park outside Nokesville, the perfect stage for the 2014 Leonid Meteor Shower.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac forecast expects 10 comets per hour this year, and a new moon allows for the best visibility of the annual shower, which has been a true crowd-pleaser since 1833.

The park, set away from bright lights, competes only with the lights of Manassas, and a little disruption from the Warrenton-Fauquier Airport.

The park is just across the Fauquier border, about 10 minutes from Nokesville.

The moon factors into a viewer’s ability to glimpse the meteors, and last year the full moon ruined the visibility. This November, however, the new moon provides ultimate viewing conditions. However, the forecast remains the wild card.

The Leonids show up annually and seem to emanate from the constellation Leo. No howling over the cost even from these quarters.  At least Fauquier is doing SOMETHING.  I had asked for years to have an event like this in Prince William County, specifically at Silver Lake.  I was told that I would have to pay for security.   That cost is a deal breaker.  $6 looks like a real bargain.

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Gordon Klingenschmitt (Dr. Chaps) performs exorcism on Obama

November 7th, 2014 11 comments
Obama Is Possessed By Demons, Requires Exorcism

“Dr. Chaps” is so convinced that President Obama is possessed by demonic forces that he wrote actually wrote a book called “ The Demons of Barack H. Obama.”

In the book, Klingenschmitt claims to have uncovered fifty demons “ruling” Obama , including the dark spirits of “sexual abuse,” “genocide,” “paganism,” “witchcraft” and “homosexual lust.”

On his TV show, Klingenschmitt once performed an exorcism “against the demon of tyranny who is using the White House occupant” to “oppress us.”

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Lower court upholds same sex marriage ban in 4 states

November 7th, 2014 2 comments

A federal appeals court panel upheld bans on same-sex marriage in four states Thursday, a break with other federal courts that makes it almost certain the Supreme Court must take up the issue of whether gay couples have a constitutional right to marry.

A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit in Cincinnati ruled 2 to 1 that although same-sex marriage across the nation is practically inevitable, in the words of U.S. Circuit Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton, it should be settled through the democratic process and not the judicial one.

The decision overturned lower-court rulings in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky and makes the 6th Circuit the first appeals court to uphold state bans since the Supreme Court struck down part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act in 2013.

The Supreme Court began its term last month by declining to hear appeals of decisions that had gone the other way, and that move to let the rulings stand greatly expanded the number of states in which same-sex couples may marry.

The court did not explain its reasoning at the time, but Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has said in interviews that there was no reason for the court to jump in to settle a controversy unless there was disagreement among the lower courts.


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Candland’s Knight in Shining Armor “Writes” to His Rescue….Again

November 6th, 2014 21 comments

Oy Vey, who would have thought that commenting on high jacking constituents emails addresses would provide so much blog fodder!

First, Moonhowler penned a thread regarding the misuse of her email for electioneering purposes by Pete Candland, of which, by the way, I agreed with entirely with her premise.  I have often castigated Corey Stewart for the exact same “violation”.  However, at least I once openly supported Corey, even hosted a fundraiser for him in my home.  There is a reason he has my personal email address, I supported him at one ,albeit many years ago. Probably the Sheriff would not know that history as he miraculously materialized on the PWC political scene as soon as Pete was elected.  What an interesting coincidence!

So I will, once again, attempt to be concise in my explanation so that the “sheriff” may understand why elected officials should NOT misuse constituents personal email addresses’.  Let me say that I did not receive any e-mails from any elected official telling who to vote for, I am simply defending the principal of Moonhowler.

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Republican wave? Who rode in… and who didn’t bother to saddle up

November 6th, 2014 20 comments

Shown  are a few of the facts as the Washington Post sees them.  Here on Moonhowlings, some of the men have particularly enjoyed chiding me about the war on women, as if a Republican win not only ended the war, but also proved it never existed in the first place.

Let’s not get too carried away with disproving “war on women.”  It’s been going on since man was first placed on this earth and will continue to rumble far after I am dead and gone.  It’s not an idea that is going to quickly be resolved and it’s not going to be resolved by electing women to office or giving them their own Senate bathroom.

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City Council results: special election vs general election

November 5th, 2014 12 comments
MANASSAS CITY – Member City Council
Candidate Votes Percent Graph
Marc T. Aveni
4,185 24.22%
Sheryl L. Bass
5,243 30.34%
Ken D. Elston
4,028 23.31%
Patricia E. Richie-Folks
3,704 21.43%
Write-in 122 0.71%

Yesterday’s election for local office was a first for the City. Heretofore, the council and school board elections were held in the spring in a special election. Last year, the citizens voted to have this election during the regular time in November. Did this change affect the results?

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Mark Warner squeaks by Ed Gillespie

November 5th, 2014 63 comments


As of 12:30 am, incumbent Senator Mark Warner seemed to be the apparent winner of the senate election.  No one really expected this election to be so close.   Prince William County, included cities, and Fairfax seemed to save the day for Warner.  Northern Virginia prevailed, once again.  Albemarle, Charlottesville and Nelson County also helped pull off a Warner win, as did some of the southside counties.  At last glimpse, Warner was ahead by about 18,000 votes.

The Republicans will take over the Senate. That fact changes the dynamics of the country a great deal, although it isn’t really apparent how it will change things.  The different factions in the Republican party may decide to battle each other rather than to continue sparring with the President.  Who knows.  They also probably will not have a super majority so bills wont just go sailing through.  then there is also the presidential veto.  I feel certain that President Obama will enjoy using that presidential option quite a bit.  I know I sure would.

This is the first time that the Republicans have controlled the Senate in 8 years.  Will we move forward or will we revisit all the social issues?  That’s what the Republicans seem to concentrate on most of the time these days.  Abortion, personhood, same sex marriage, Planned Parenthood funding, school prayer…the list goes on.

What do you predict?


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Pete Candland: Don’t tell us who to vote for

November 4th, 2014 14 comments

I guess I am just getting grouchy.  I got an email from my supervisor Pete Candland around 6 pm telling me I still had time to vote.  I was ok with that.  It’s a good thing for our elected officials to remind us to vote.  It is NOT OK,  however,  for them to tell me WHO to vote for.  Here is the email:

There is still time to vote!
With polling locations closing at 7:00pm, there is still time to cast your vote for Barbara Comstock and Ed Gillespie.  We need your help to elect good, honest, hard-working people to represent us in Washington.

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know both of these individuals and can tell you they are committed to moving our country in the right direction.

I hope to see you at the polls this evening.

There was still time to cast your vote for Mark Warner and John Faust also.  Pete can remind us to vote but he needs to drop the partisan crap when speaking to me, the constituent.  Now, if he is at a Republican meeting, or with his R buds, he can say whatever he wants.
Sorry, I have just had too many folks telling me how to vote lately.  I don’t need a last minute reminder from Pete.  what really grated is that the Gainesville District has at least 2, maybe 3 U. S. Congressional races going on.  I had a choice of Mosher and Wittman.   Is Pete not even aware that HIS party aligned his district so it is chopped up like a tomato?  I couldn’t vote for Barbara Comstock if I wanted to.  I am not in her district.  (I would never support any candidate who voted yes for that ultra-sound bill.)
Have the political messages just driven you crazy this election cycle?
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Manassas City Council Trifecta

November 3rd, 2014 20 comments


If you drive around the City of Manassas, most yards with political signs have the same three signs–Bass/Elston/Richie-Folks.  So what, you might ask? 4  individuals are running for City Council–2 Republicans and 2 Democrats. This trifecta is 1 Republican and 2 Democrats.   It seems that most folks, by an overwhelming majority, like this bi-partisan combination of leaders to represent them.

It appears, if yard signs and talk tell the story, that most City folk reject extremist views and penny-pinching  when it comes to public safety, schools and overall quality-of-life issues.  The people of Manassas want some  of their money going to the arts and those things that make living in Manassas fun.  They want their leaves scooped up at the curb, their pot holes filled, their schools to attract and maintain quality teachers, and their  Old Town activities to enhance their lives.

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