Zika prompts intense abortion debate in Latin America

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Across Latin America, calls to loosen some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world in the face of the Zika virus outbreak are gaining momentum but encountering strong and entrenched opposition.

In El Salvador, where abortions are banned under any circumstance, the health minister has argued for a revision of the law because of the dangers the virus poses to fetal development.

In Colombia, an organized movement to lift restrictions on abortion has gained allies in the government but has run into determined opposition from religious authorities. The same is happening in Brazil — and some doctors say that as a consequence, illegal, back-alley abortions are on the rise.

Nearly everywhere in Latin America, including in those countries hit hardest by Zika, women who wish to terminate their pregnancies have few legal options. But as U.N. health officials have projected as many as 4 million infections in the Americas this year, activists are pressing lawmakers to act as swiftly as possible to ease rigid restrictions.

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No Macaca moment for Ryan


The sacrificial lamb?


If you want the most personal decisions made by government, by all means, vote for the Republican ticket.  That’s really what the week-long hoopla is all about.  Right now Not-Republicans are sitting back and watching the Republicans implode and duke it out internally.  It should have happened a long time ago.  The Democrats don’t need to throw rocks.  The Republicans are taking care of that nasty little task.  Every party needs a fall guy.

The attack on Todd Akin by Republicans is totally bat crap crazy.  If you look at the voting records of say..oh…Paul Ryan, and Todd Akin on reproductive rights, they will match, vote for vote.  Many of the movers and shakers of the “pro-life” movement also match Ryan and Akin.  Yet Akin is being painted as the  party bad boy?  Why?

Because he talked in public.  Every last one of those uber-extremists wants to get rid of all exceptions to abortion.  They don’t want to just get rid of the exceptions where Medicaid is concerned.  They want abortion illegal for every reason.  Some might make an exception for life of the mother…might.  Most will not.

Don’t be sweet talked into thinking Akin is the only extremist out there.  He is not.  Paul Ryan and many others are right there with him.  They just didn’t have a Macaca moment like Akin did. 

Anti-Choice crusaders mandate an ultra sound

The Richmond Times Dispatch:

A bill that would require a woman seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound took another step toward passage in the Virginia Senate Monday — but not before outnumbered Democrats rose to express their opposition in clinical terms.

Sen. Janet D. Howell, D-Fairfax proposed an amendment — that any man seeking prescription medication for erectile dysfunction must first submit to a digital rectal exam and cardiac stress test.

Howell told colleagues on the Senate floor that she was proposing the amendment because Senate Bill 484 requires women “to have an unnecessary medical procedure, it’s adding to the cost and it’s opening them up for emotional blackmail.”

“I think we should just have a little gender equity here,” Howell added.

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