Soooo, has everyone calmed down from the latest Biden gaff?  I listen to Joe now with my ears perked…waiting for him to put his foot in his mouth.  I used to do the same thing with George Bush and Dan Quayle.  The media has made too much out of mocking these three  and they never let us down. 

However on Monday when VP Biden blurted out that the new health care legislation was a BFD, I didn’t blink.  I was waiting for a different type of gaff.  I even heard it and it didn’t even make me blink.  Or maybe I didn’t care.  Maybe my own mouth has deteriorated to the point I don’t notice.  I have a 4 year old granddaughter who slaps her thighs and roars with laughter, screaming WHAT THE HELL, when those hamsters drive their rat wheels down the street.  I guess someone  has reinforced negative behavior. And yes, at age 4, saying ‘what the hell’ IS potty mouth.

I have heard all sorts of moaning and groaning over bad Biden being in the East Room of the White House and dropping the F-Bomb.  These same people  I heard gasping over Biden’s potty mouth   defended the other V-P, Cheney, for telling Senator Leahy to go ‘f-bomb himself on the floor of the Senate.  I don’t really think one area is more sacred than the other.  Either both need their respective mouths washed out with soap (Lifebouy was one of the soaps of choice)  or we suck it up and move on, barely noticing. 

When the term ‘douche bag’ is used with great regularity on TV on 10 PM shows, there really is no where to go but up.   I am of the opinion that people can talk any way they want in their own homes.  However, clean it up when they go out in public.  That includes in bars, malls, schools, at other drivers on the road, and on TV.

So where have we come as a nation with our profanity? Did Biden just make BFD (and the fact that the acronym needs no explanation in the first place speaks volumes) a household word or perhaps he reflected the norm? Who sets the tone for our language  being  considered acceptable? ‘Our Mothers’ is not the right answer.

We have seen enough of Joe Biden at the open mic. For a change of pace, here is what brings out the potty tongue in my house these days:

(warning: bad grammar in this song)