Flags of Many Colors

Very few people on this blog have been as critical of the antics of Guardencio Fernandez as I have.  Today I am happy to announce that has changed.   Earlier in the week  I got an email telling  me that 39 flag poles were being planted over at 9500 Liberty Street.   The possibilities were endless.  Then one of the roving reporters told me flags of many nations had gone up.  Our contributors wrote out descriptions of what had been erected. My curiosity was killing me.  Finally the rains were over and the sun was shining so I drifted on over to the City, stopping to vote first, visited KK’s and then rolled on around to 9500.

I love flags.  They are beautiful.  They provide lots and lots of color and texture without ever being gaudy.  They wave and float in the wind.  They catch the sun and they ride the wind, like a colorful seagull.  They own the skies around them.  Even at night, flags, if properly lit, still cast their color magic, perhaps with a little less gusto but they still let you know they are there.

If Mr. Fernandez planted all those flag poles and adorned them with flags of many nations, just to poke a stick in the eye of the City, it backfired.  The flags are truly beautiful and adorn that part of the historic district with a wonderful  splash of color.  The American flag is the crown jewel of his colonnade of flags. 

I am going to look at the better part of human nature and declare that the war is over.  Everyone wins.  Mr. F gets the final word but in such a wonderful way.  He has beautified the City and sent a reminder that we are really a people from everywhere.  I never thought I would say it but….Good Job, Mr. Fernandez.

Old Town Merchants pt 2

Let’s see if this second post on the subject brings out the wrath of the christian right [lower case intentional]  like the first one did.  If that happens, we can always rename the thread “Greg Letiecq fights pornography with pornography.”  But I digress…..

News & Messenger  reporter Keith Walker has up-to-date coverage of the latest plan for the City of Manassas during Fall Festival, which is one of the city’s biggest events.  About 50 people are expected to gather in protest at City Hall sometime during the Fall Festival. 

Apparently the plan to coerce merchants into closing their doors between noon and 1 pm didn’t pan out.  I know of 1 merchant who ran off the visitor who came to garner support for her cause.  Picture a restaurant owner telling everyone to stop eating and to get up and leave right at noon.  Sort of makes one chuckle, if some idealistic person didn’t take it seriously.  What shopkeeper closes down during the busiest time of the biggest sale day of the year?

The leader of this pack was quoted in the News and Messenger:


Jennifer Basinger said she’s expecting about 50 people to show up at Manassas City Hall on Saturday to rally against an adult store set to open Oct. 20 on Battle Street in Old Town.

She said KK’s Temptations won’t fit in with the historic nature of the area.

“The shop I feel — and many do — is just not consistent with what Old Town is about,” Basinger said.

However, she doesn’t have anything against Kim and Kristina Skokan, the mother-and-daughter team who plan to open the store.

“It’s not a personal vendetta against the owner. It’s not an ugly, self-righteous march at all,” the 39-year-old Basinger said. “It’s really just wanting to keep Old Town the way it is.”
Basinger said the group will restrict itself to the area around City Hall between noon and 2 p.m. to avoid disrupting the Fall Jubilee that is also taking place Saturday.

“It’s peaceful. It’s non-confrontational. It’s not meant to take any thunder away from the fall festival,” she said. “It’s not going to be a bunch of people marching into Old Town.”

Reality check!  I saw an email or 2 and I don’t think you say some of that stuff to someone you don’t have a vendetta against.  Perhaps I just have different values.   Ms. Basinger needs to be more honest and forthright about that one. 

Another reality check involves the image you want to create for your city.  Do you want to stage a protest of any sort on your biggest tourism day of the year?  Why not just bring Mr. Fernandez back with a few native Americans to parade around.  I am sure he would be glad to accommodate.  Anything to embarrass the City.  How is this different?  At least if Mr. F paraded around with Native Americans you could tell the guests coming in from other areas that it was just the Tea Party, getting ready to dump a few barrels of tea overboard. 

Furthermore, what is it that these people want the City of Manassas to do?  The City  has caved in to every demand.  Many people I know are so disgusted with the City for acquiescing to this group of christian conservatives  [lower case intentional] that they are simply not going to spend money in the City.  In trying to please everyone, you please no one. 

Most of the City Councilpersons are nice people who take their elected position seriously.  They try to represent their constituents, rather than advance their own agendas.  What I don’t think they realize is that many people find KK Temptations a welcome addition to the City.  It breaks up the ho hum and the restaurants.  An even bigger number don’t care one way or the other. 

Kim Skokan and her daughter have postponed their grand opening out of deference to the City merchants who will be their new neighbors.  They didn’t want to draw attention away from a big sales day. They have dotted every i and crossed every t.  Perhaps they, too, have been just a little too accommodating to those who are all about control and bullying.  (and elections)


Manassas Old Town Merchants Asked to Close up Shop for an Hour

It has come to our attention that the merchants of  Old Town Manassas are being asked by the anti-KK zealots to close up shop for 1 hour during the middle of Fall Festival, between 12:00 and 1:00 pm.  Are they nuts? 

Fall Festival and the other events held in the City are to promote fun, highlight the city, and bring in folks to spend money in the City of Manassas.  Localities all over America do this and each place tries to add its own unique touch to an event; something that makes the festival special. 

What kind of a self-serving, narcissistic, selfish person would ask merchants in this economic crunch to turn away potential business for an hour?  Why?  Are they going to pay each merchant their lost revenue?  Are they going to replace the BPOL tax loss for the  City?  Are they going to replace the sales tax to the state?  Are they going to pay the salaries of the worker bees who might get put on unpaid ‘break’ for an hour? 

Do these people think that the average shopper coming from outside Old Town Manassas gives a fig about KK Temptations, which by the way,  isn’t even open for business yet?   The Moonhowlings roving reporters will be taking note of which businesses were bullied into closing.  We will publish those names.  Our readers and contributors may handle the situation as they feel best. 

[Clarification:  People may chose to spend their money in establishments opposing KK Temptations or instead they may choose to withhold their money from said establishments.]

One has to ask what on earth these people are trying to do to the City.  This proposed behavior is illogical.  What people boycott themselves?  The object of the boycott won’t even be open for business. 

Knowledge is power.  This boycott is all about bullying and power.  Some of us will not allow ourselves to be bullied.



Upscale Adult Boutique Criticized by Old Town Concerned Citizens

Once again Manassas gets media attention.  This time it isn’t Mr. Fernandez:

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcwashington.com/video.

K K Temptations, an adult boutique, will be opening next month in Old Town Manassas.

Perhaps the first thing people need to do is clarify in their own minds what really constitues ‘porn.’ I have a sneaking suspicious we wouldn’t all agree, especially if some people thought others were watching.

I am curious if a boutique that featured magic, the occult, and earth centered religions would be greeted the same way? Would the Old Guard try to run it off also? 13 Magickal Moons is in historic Occoquan and has been for many years.

I am continually amazed at people who want free enterprize and less government until it is something a little off the beaten, non-vanilla path. Then there is great howling for the government to fix things. I guess that is better than burning people at the stake, however.

Mr. F Strikes Again

Yup, you heard it hear first. The roving reporter just returned from the Manassas City fireworks display and emailed me that Mr. F has struck again with more messages. According to RR:

He hung a banner that was the Star of David with “Jude” in the middle of it. He had two signs. One talked about zoning ordinances against political free speech and the other said that PWC and Manassas City were treating “brown” people the way the Nazi’s treated the Jews. He had a shirt with the Star of David on the back and he walked through the crowd several times. There was also a tee shirt on his fence that said “Freedom of speech in Manassas City-hahahahaha…The White Supremacists still rule here”.

He will not get free advertisement on this blog. I won’t post his pictures. He needs to touch up his roots and go back to Arizona if he wants to start that Nazi nonsense. He had his day in court…several of them as a matter of fact. He kept postponing his day in court. That’s more than any Jew in Nazi Germany got and someone needs to tell Mr. F that. The City of Manassas has been more than patient with Mr. F’s shenanigans.

Meanwhile, he and Corey Stewart will each go around, each other’s ying and yang, both strutting attention-seeking behaviors to enhance their own egos.

Mayfield Intermediate Alternatives in the Works

The City of Manassas is frantically trying to make arrangements to house its 5th and 6th graders for the rest of the year.  The roof on the 4 year old school has been declared compromised and has been deemed unsafe even for teachers to re-enter the building to get supplies and personal belongings. 

School  superintendent Gail Pope is trying to open school in 9 days with no supplies, no phones, and at this point, no classrooms.  So far, plans are to use old Marstellar that was bought from Prince William County by Manassas Baptist Church.  The City is also looking at renting space from Manassas Assemblies of God Church that has classroom space.  Additionally, there is some limited space at Round and Weems, according to Pope. 

Who will bear the cost of this major roof repair that has structurally harmed part of the building?  This is a 4 year old school.  How could this have happened?  Was it not built to code?  Are other schools compromised because of flat roofs?  How will this temporary situation affect SOL scores of the 5th and 6th graders?  They will have missed more school than their counterparts not living in the City.  Will the state make them make up the time?  If yes, those poor kids will be in school until the 4th of July.

Further information:  Manassas News & Messenger

Owners of Property at 9500 Liberty Street Fined


Prince William Circuit Court Judge Wenda Travers found Delia Alvarez, owner of the property at 9500 Liberty Street, guilty of three zoning ordinance violations and fined her $1200. The on-going saga of the various Liberty Street signs goes back to fall of 2007, around the time Prince William County passed a resolution dealing with illegal immigration.

Each sign erected at the Liberty Street property was addressed by the City of Manassas. Thursday’s court case resulted from a sign tied to a tree on October 29, 2009. City inspector James Gillie told the court that he first saw the sign on this date. Ms. Alvarez was sent a letter advising her that the sign was out of compliance with city zoning code regarding signage. She was directed, in writing, to remove the sign by 9 am on November 2. Ms. Alvarez did not respond nor did she take down her sign.

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Fernandez Taunts the City…Again

More signs from our local gadfly, Mr. Fernandez.  

Pwc and mans. City

stop your racism. Ag

ainst native Americans

287g, another law by

white supremacists to

get rid of people of color

stop 287g…no more chains

on working people

equality & justice 4 all


The above was dictated to me and supposedly it is color coded as shown. The sign is roughly a 7 x 10.

The paragraph below is my opinion only. M-H

I expect the good people of Manassas and its surrounding areas have long been out of patience with this type of signage and with the gentleman who is allowing it to happen. Mr. F stands in the way of any healing our community might want to transpire. He continues to throw gasoline on a fire that is trying to go out. I suspect it is because if the fire goes out, he loses the attention he so desperately seeks. His 15 minute walk of fame is growing dimmer and dimmer.