Richard Leakey predicts the end of the evolution debate–soon


Richard Leakey, son of world renown anthropologists Louis and  Mary Leaky,  tells us that fairly soon, the topic of evolution will be indisputable, even to its strongest critics.  Discoveries in anthropology and science are progressing along at such a clip that soon sceptics will have no choice but to accept.

Sometime in the next 15 to 30 years, the Kenyan-born paleoanthropologist expects scientific discoveries will have accelerated to the point that “even the skeptics can accept it.”

“If you get to the stage where you can persuade people on the evidence, that it’s solid, that we are all African, that color is superficial, that stages of development of culture are all interactive,” Leakey says, “then I think we have a chance of a world that will respond better to global challenges.”

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