Fire!!!! The new Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon released a fleet of new Kindles today.  The reader is now $79, and the new Cadillac of the line is the Kindle Fire for $199.  It isn’t quite an ipad but it appears to be a pretty impressive device.  It is a reader, a web surfer, has its own email client, it has Flash, brings in thousands of Netflix and TV shows, performs other miracles.  It is 7 inches and weighs in around 14 oz. 

Techies don’t expect it to give the ipad much competition.  However, Nook and the rest of the readers out there need to hold on to their wares because the Kindle Fire will be out Novemeber 15.  It does not have 3G but what do you want for $199?   Jeff Bezos announced the new productsWednesday and made it sound like something everyone wanted.  Kindle’s prices are looking good,  I might have to trade in my old ancient dinosaur Kindle on one of these new babies. I always said I would resist, but then again, I haven’t met a new gaget I didn’t like.  On the other hand, the new iphone 5 is being announced next week.   That is where the real dilemma will be.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will have swype or something similar. 

Features, Advantages Benefits of Kindle Fire

Are you being tempted by a Kindle?  Can a person justify a new Kindle Fire if they already have an ipad, a Kindle 2 and a Droid x phone?


Nook vs Kindle: What it is and what it ain’t

There has been great controversy on the blog over the various strengths and weaknesses of the 2 most popular e-readers: Nook and Kindle.  Kindle was the first major e-reader and it is Amazon’s baby.  Nook, of course, is the Barnes and Noble version. 

The main difference in Kindle and Nook Color is Kindle is e-ink.  E-ink can be read outside without the blindness associated with glare and it is easier on the eyes, especially compared to the LCD screen of Color Nook.  Kindle also has more titles and the books are somewhat less expensive.  Both Kindle and Nook can be used on the Ipad and on a regular computer.


The Nook



And now the Kindle:


There is a comparison chart on CNET for Kindle and Nook.  Scroll down when you get to the page. 

Additionally, there is an excellent video on Nook in the Washington Post.  I can’t get it to embed.  (iframes issue)

The ipad has not been compared.  There is  no comparison.  An ipad will serve as an e-reader.  I am aware of ibooks, Kindle and Nook.  It may have apps for other e-readers also.  An ipad is much heavier, larger, and most importantly, costs at a minimum, twice as much.  If all you want is a reader, don’t get an ipad.  Now if you want a really neat device…well…that’s another post for another day.