Libya No-fly Zone

Washington Post:

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen provided an update regarding the military situation in Libya. “I would say that the no-fly zone is effectively in place,” said Mullen, outlining the ultimate goal as being threefold: successfully establishing the no-fly zone, arresting Gaddafi’s ability to massacre his own people, and making possible the entry of humanitarian assistance into Libya.  “While the United States leads this right now,” said Mullen, “we expect in the next few days to hand that leadership off to a coalition-led operation, and the United States recede somewhat to the background in support.”

So where do we stand?  What do we hope to achieve?  Are we leading the pack or are we part of a coalition?  Who is the boss?  Who pays the bills? Humanitarian assistance sort of says ‘boots on the ground’ doesn’t it?  Are we trying to take Gaddafi out or not?  If not, then why are we bombing his compound?

All of this is very confusing.  Don’t we think most wars will be over in a week or 2? 

Senators demand investigating BP’s oil deal with Libya

Remember the dude who was released from Scottish prison back in August of 2009 and sent home to Libya?  He wasn’t just your run of the mill thug.  Megrahi had received a life sentence for his involvement in the Lockerbie bombing.  189 Americans lost their life on Pan Am Flight 103.   290 lives were lost in all. 

The public was told that Megrahi had only weeks to live and he was being released for  humanitarian reasons.  Americans were outraged at the time, but this guy just seemed to float off the radar.  Did I mention that Megrahi is still alive?   So much for days, weeks, or months left.

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