Prince William County, A cheap one night stand for the state?

Standing room only for many county residents
Standing room only for many county residents

Apparently many Prince William County residents are extremely concerned about the negative impact of the proposed North/South Corridor, also called the Tri-County Parkway.  This roadway will pick up at Dumfries Road and run down the western end of Prince William Parkway.  The new road will begin and  follow Pageland to Route 50 in Loudoun County.  The actual details are still murky.   Apparently Supervisor Candland was only expecting a small crowd. Well, instead of around 50, there were 250, at least– standing room only in the cafeteria.

Residents were forced to look at maps that had little information, vague descriptions of how the road will function, and little to no firm dates of when the road will be built.  The VDOT segment of the meeting was incredibly boring, of little value and frustrating to say the least.

What was made abundantly clear, was the intent of the road  to “move traffic from 95 through to the Dulles Corridor because that is where the state has its priority in the economic engine of  Dulles Airport.”  Additionally there is a need “to move cargo trucks to Dulles”.

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