Megyn Kelly Upbraids Rachel Maddow

Oh Megyn, give me a break.  Rachel Maddow called it as she saw it, trying to explain why Justice Scalia would make such an offensive remark. It was Maddow’s right to call him a troll, as it was his right to have made offensive remarks.

Megan can be all offended if she wants. Her last line did bother me though. She said that the justices vote their consciences? Shouldn’t they be voting according to their understanding of the law? I know they are only human but surely interpreting according to the constitution has to be the goal.

McDonnell gets a reality check on the debt ceiling

Rachel Maddow has given us a little history on Bob McDonnell’s tenure in Virginia and how he has gravitated towards the centrist position on raising the debt ceiling:

 It isn’t so much that McDonnell is a centrist. It is that he got kicked in the teeth with the reality of what will happen to Virginia should August 2 happen without legislation. 

Are you prepared for Virginia, with its pride in fiscal responsibility, to be one of the first off the cliff and lose its Triple A bond rating?  I, for one, am not. 

Tea-jaddists are not winning the war of words with anyone but their base and I hear that is getting a little shakey.  There is a certain arrogance in assuming that one knows all the answers to not just the US economy but also to the global economy. 

“How’s that leave me alone personal liberty thing working out for you?”

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Rachel Maddow finds herself in the middle of an over-reach by a conservative group.  She has found that she is the subject of a FOIA request at 3 state universities. 

Maddow is quoted in the  Huffington Post:

The latest incarnation of this breed of conservatism weirdly involves this show,” Maddow said. As she described it, a conservative think tank in Michigan called the Mackinac Center submitted a FOIA request seeking any emails from labor professors at the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University. The center demanded any email that includes the words “Scott Walker,” “Wisconsin,” “Madison,” and “Maddow.”

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Mr. Walker cost former county nearly a half million

Rachel Maddow connects the dots between 2 seemingly unrelated stories. It seems that MR. Walker made a few real bad decision in his other union busting life, fired the union security people in his county, hired some Wakkenhut Security jockeys and had a security chief who had been in jail. He had to hire back the union security and pay back pay to the tune of nearly a half million dollars.

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Mr. Walker’s union busting doesn’t have a real good track record.

We haven’t had Rachel around for a long time. Enjoy. We will bring Jon in on the subject also.

Feeding a Dog from the Table: Stop falling for it!

I would think that Rachel Maddow was madder than a bat, except Elena and I have been talking about this same theory for over a year. Nothing that happened with Shirley Sherrod was random. It was all part of political theater being played out to accomplish a political goal.

Maddow gets it. Here is her analysis:

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Rachel goes through what has happened this week, step by step. This video was from her show on Tuesday.

Pay careful attention to the dates in the video. Notice that Fox News was all over the story, vilifying Sherrod for her racism. By Wednesday, everyone else was wrong except Fox News.

This video was recorded on Tuesday, July 20, 2010. Maddow links up several stories that link ACORN, Sherrod, NAACP, and other ‘scandals.’ All go back to That would be Andrew Breitbart’s less than reputable website.

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Maddow continues to ask, whose next? Whose next in the Fox/Breitbart sites? We all know what the object is.

Papers Please Legislation: FAIR’s Influence In AZ

Rachel Maddow takes a look at founder John Taunton and the organization FAIR. John Taunton still sits on the board of FAIR. Maddow interviews a rather hostile Stein who is the president of FAIR.

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Dan Stein is most defensive about some of the views associated with FAIR.

FAIR: The organization

John Taunton write up at SPLC

Rachel Maddow on Climate-gate and Acorn-gate


Maddow debunks much bull being floated about.  She says much of what we have heard about all sorts of scandals are mostly ‘bull pucky.  She lambastes the ‘unmooring of facts from politics’ and decries the ‘triumph of fake politics.’

What ever became of the thousands of data entries in England that were supposedly contrived? You know, the ones disproving climate change theories? The British Parliament investigated and found no falsified information.  

Acorn has shut down (imagine that with no money).   However, the California AG got unedited information and it seems that much of the truth lay on the editing floor.  Gov. Schwarzenegger apparently became unhinged over the pimp stories morning, noon and night so he called on his AG to investigate. It seems there was much ado over nothing, but mission accomplished.  I understand the politics of personal destruction.  One doesn’t even have to leave Prince William County to witness them.

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