Greg Letiecq distorts the truth again and spreads misinformation


In a failed attempt to paint me as a liberal open borders advocate, Greg Letiecq, blog owner of, has made quite a laundry list of incendiary charges against me in order to deflect voter attention away from    the important issues of the upcoming primary on August 23.   His ad hominem  attack  on me attempted  to turn the focus off the importance of signing the Rural Crescent pledge and on to other issues. 

 This deflection becomes obvious  when one realizes his candidate of choice,  Peter Candland, did not sign the pledge and is one of only two candidates in the Gainesville Magisterial District who did not commit to the tenants of the comprehensive plan.   Letiecq’s weak efforts  to  intimidate those candidates who did sign the commitment to guard the Rural Crescent will not go unchallenged.  Greg also wants  to down-play the fact that Chairman Corey Stewart not only signed the pledge in the past but also violated it.  Therefore he was intentionally excluded from an opporunity to reaffirm his commitment. 

Please allow me to provide background information on Advocates for the Rural Crescent.   Advocates for the Rural Crescent  (ARC) was started in a small community in Haymarket.  Dominion Valley subdivision had proposed to put their water tank in the Rural Crescent rather than on their property.   Thunder Oak community fought the water tank proposal because  the water tank was intended to serve Dominion Valley    and not any homes  in the Rural Crescent.    Irving Spitzberg, the founder of ARC, asked if I would be willing to take over the leadership role of the organization.  I happily said yes because I felt it was one of the most important issues I could support as a resident of PWC.  

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4 Supervisors Sign Rural Crescent Pledge in 2007

4 of our current supervisors signed a pledge to protect the Rural Crescent by

1. voting to support the Rural Crescent current minimum 10 acre residential zoning and

2. opposing the expansion of sewer within the border of the Rural Crescent as outlined in the Prince William    County Comprehensive Plan.

The 4 supervisors are:  Corey Stewart, John Stirrup, Mike May, and Frank Principi

Corey Stewart took the opportunity to enclose a letter with his pledge.  In the letter he sent along with the pledge, Chairman Stewart said:

I have been an active and passionate advocate for protecting the rural crescent since day 1 of my entry into Prince William County politics.

Here are the links:

Corey’s letter is online here.

The main pledge page is here.

Supervisor Stirrup’s office sent out a very detailed letter to constituents this afternoon.  He asked very probing questions at the BOCS meeting tonight.  I suspect his vote will reflect those feelings.


Corey Stewart Throws John Stirrup Under the Bus

In  5 to 3 vote, the BOCS approved the comprehensive plan amendment to turn 12 homes into several hundred.  Stewart, Covington, Nohe, Caddigan, and Jenkins voted in favor of the change.  In an astounding move of hypocrisy, these 5 supervisors voted to “reaffirm ” their commit to preserving the Rural Crescent.  What a joke.

Full recap of the BOCS Meeting  at

And the Best Hypocrisy Award:

After the vote on the comp plan amendment and rezoning, the board approved a resolution stating its commitment to keeping the rest of the Rural Crescent rural in character. Board Chairman Corey Stewart said Tuesday’s vote on Avendale does not set a precedent for future high impact development in the Rural Crescent.


Zoning Map of Prince William County