Mr. F Strikes Again

Yup, you heard it hear first. The roving reporter just returned from the Manassas City fireworks display and emailed me that Mr. F has struck again with more messages. According to RR:

He hung a banner that was the Star of David with “Jude” in the middle of it. He had two signs. One talked about zoning ordinances against political free speech and the other said that PWC and Manassas City were treating “brown” people the way the Nazi’s treated the Jews. He had a shirt with the Star of David on the back and he walked through the crowd several times. There was also a tee shirt on his fence that said “Freedom of speech in Manassas City-hahahahaha…The White Supremacists still rule here”.

He will not get free advertisement on this blog. I won’t post his pictures. He needs to touch up his roots and go back to Arizona if he wants to start that Nazi nonsense. He had his day in court…several of them as a matter of fact. He kept postponing his day in court. That’s more than any Jew in Nazi Germany got and someone needs to tell Mr. F that. The City of Manassas has been more than patient with Mr. F’s shenanigans.

Meanwhile, he and Corey Stewart will each go around, each other’s ying and yang, both strutting attention-seeking behaviors to enhance their own egos.

Owners of Property at 9500 Liberty Street Fined


Prince William Circuit Court Judge Wenda Travers found Delia Alvarez, owner of the property at 9500 Liberty Street, guilty of three zoning ordinance violations and fined her $1200. The on-going saga of the various Liberty Street signs goes back to fall of 2007, around the time Prince William County passed a resolution dealing with illegal immigration.

Each sign erected at the Liberty Street property was addressed by the City of Manassas. Thursday’s court case resulted from a sign tied to a tree on October 29, 2009. City inspector James Gillie told the court that he first saw the sign on this date. Ms. Alvarez was sent a letter advising her that the sign was out of compliance with city zoning code regarding signage. She was directed, in writing, to remove the sign by 9 am on November 2. Ms. Alvarez did not respond nor did she take down her sign.

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Fernandez Taunts the City…Again

More signs from our local gadfly, Mr. Fernandez.  

Pwc and mans. City

stop your racism. Ag

ainst native Americans

287g, another law by

white supremacists to

get rid of people of color

stop 287g…no more chains

on working people

equality & justice 4 all


The above was dictated to me and supposedly it is color coded as shown. The sign is roughly a 7 x 10.

The paragraph below is my opinion only. M-H

I expect the good people of Manassas and its surrounding areas have long been out of patience with this type of signage and with the gentleman who is allowing it to happen. Mr. F stands in the way of any healing our community might want to transpire. He continues to throw gasoline on a fire that is trying to go out. I suspect it is because if the fire goes out, he loses the attention he so desperately seeks. His 15 minute walk of fame is growing dimmer and dimmer.